Tuesday, July 23, 2019

#780 | PLAYLIST | RADIO | JULY 23, 2019

Guy Blackmore (19670. One of the many Australians to find a welcome on the British offshore stations, Guy was first heard on Radio 390.

band   track   album   label
(intro) Revolting Cocks   Get Down   Beers, Steers & Qveers   Wax Trax!
Enforced    Reckoning Force    At The Walls    WAR Records
Cherubs    Turista    Immaculada High    Relapse
Halshug    Fantasy    Dream    Southern Lord
Exhorder    My Time    Mourn The Southern Skies    Nuclear Blast
Multicult  Caterwaul    Simultaneity Now     Learning Curve/Reptilian Records
Crawler    Cold Moldy Bones    Womb    Horror Pain Gore Death
Fleshwold    The Map    The Essence Has Changed, But the Details Remain    This Charming Man
No\Más    Claustrophobia    Last Laugh    Horror Pain Gore Death
Temptress     Hot Rails    Temptress    Self-release/Mettle Media
Lifetime Shitlist    Bad Blood    Bad Blood    Grimoire Records
Balls Gone Wild    High Roller    High Roller    Metalville Records
Sons Of Famine    Lord Of The War Cry    As Razors Gnaw Like Wolves    Horror Pain Gore Death
Cold Curse    Clandestine    Violent Measure    Creator-Destructor Records
The Giraffes    Can't Do This In Your Head     Flower of the Cosmos    Silver Sleeve Records
Invidiosus   Mescal-Induced Psychotic Break    Split Album    Horror Pain Gore Death
Hoaries   Survivorable    Crudforms 1-3     Reptilian Records
Bleach Everything    Nazi Punch, Fuck Yes    So We Gnaw    Dark Operative
Electric Frankenstein    Speed Girl    How To Make A Monster (LP reissue)    Victory Records
Beige Eagle Boys   Are You Going With Me    Split     Reptilian Records
Victims    There's Blood On The Streets    The Horse And Sparrow Theory    Relapse
Cement Shoes    Unite the Right in Hell    Too    Feel It Records
Immortal Bird    House of Anhedonia    Thrive On Neglect    20 Buck Spin
The Re-Volts    Metropolis Or Bust    Leeches    Pirates Press Records
Torche     Slide    Admission     Relapse
Jack Oblivian and the Dream Killers    Boy in a Bubble    Lost Weekend    Beluga Records / Ghost Highway Recordings
Superstition    Torn in the Outer Lands    The Anatomy of Unholy Transformation    20 Buck Spin
USA Nails    Man Act    Life Cinema    Hex Records
Sekkusu    Possessed By Death    Satyrömania    Horror Pain Gore Death
Ladrones    Pulsión    Ladrones LP    Slovenly
Berthold City    Broken Foundation    What Time Takes    WAR Records
Xenu & the Thetans    Nadie por quién Morir    Xenu & the Thetans LP    Slovenly
Friendship    Fiend    Undercurrent    Daymare Recordings
Telekrimen    Somos los "Banderas Negras" Nacidos para Perder    Culto a lo Imbécil LP    Slovenly
Martyrdöd    Cashless Society    Hexhammaren    Southern Lord Recordings
The Candy Snatchers    You Make It Hard    Moronic Pleasures: The Lost Album    Hound Gawd! Records
Phobia   Cut Throat    Generation Coward    Willowtip Records
the Derelicts   Mr Fuckerman    Life Of Strife    Digital Warfare Records
Full of Hell    Downward    Weeping Choir    Relapse
Fixation    No Class    Into The Pain    WAR Records
The Vicious Cycles    If It Looks Like A Cop    Motorcycho    Pirates Press Records
Roadsaw    Find What You Need    Tinnitus the Night    Ripple Music

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