Tuesday, June 25, 2019


(intro) Revolting Cocks | Get Down | Beers, Steers & Qveers
USA Nails    Creative Industries    Life Cinema    Hex Records
Ladrones    Tropimuerte    Ladrones LP    Slovenly
Sacred Reich     Awakening    Awakening    Metal Blade Records
Xenu & the Thetans    Amigos Muertos    Xenu & the Thetans LP    Slovenly
Superstition   Highly Attuned Beasts of the Dark   The Anatomy of Unholy Transformation  20 Buck Spin
Telekrimen    Ni Esperanza Ni Futuro    Culto a lo Imbécil LP    Slovenly
Sekkusu    Psywarfare    Satyrömania    Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Cherubs    18 the Number    Immaculada High    Relapse
United    Arise    Absurdity    Reaper Entertainment
The Candy Snatchers   Pissed Off, Ripped Off   Moronic Pleasures   Hound Gawd! Records
In For The Kill    Chaos    In For The Kill    Reaper Entertainment
Berthold City    No One to Blame    What Time Takes    WAR Records
The Drowns   The Bricks of Ol' Rainier    The Sound    Pirates Press Records
Friendship    Lack    Undercurrent    Daymare Recordings/Earsplit PR
Pestis Inferos    Within the Darkness, I Dwell    Beyond The Veil of Light    Self-Release
Roadsaw    Fat Rats    Tinnitus the Night    Ripple Music
Martyrdöd    War on Peace    Hexhammaren    Southern Lord Recordings
the Derelicts    Wrong With This    Life Of Strife    Digital Warfare Records
Phobia    Internet Tough Guy    Generation Coward    Willowtip Records
Model Zero    Modern Life    Model Zero LP    Slovenly Recordings
Full of Hell    Thundering Hammers    Weeping Choir    Relapse
Gorilla    Gorilla Time Rock n Roll    Treecreeper    Heavy Psych Sounds
Atala    Naive Demur    The Bearer Of Light    Salt Of The Earth Records
The Vicious Cycles    Truck Stop Nun    Motorcycho    Pirates Press Records
Fixation    Spare Me    Into The Pain    WAR Records
CRIM     Alerta, Alerta!    4 Way Split    Pirates Press Records
Possessed    Shadowcult    Revelations of Oblivion    Nuclear Blast
Charger    Pray For Light    S/T    Pirates Press Records
Imperial Wax    Plant the Seed    Gastwerk Saboteurs    Saustex Records
Lightning Born    Salvation    Lightning Born    Ripple Music
The Jackets    Losers Lullaby    Queen of the Pill    Voodoo Rhythm Records
Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders   A New Pair Of Eyes   The Past Came Callin   Hound Gawd! Records
Harrington Saints    Fremont Train    1000 Pounds Of Oi!    Pirates Press Records
ZED    The End    Volume    Ripple Music
Irata    Waking Eye    Tower    Small Stone Records
Hell Bent   Oppression, Enslavement, Coersion   Apocalyptic Lamentations   Horror Pain Gore Death

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