Tuesday, June 18, 2019


This month marks 19 years doing radio in the San Francisco Bay Area. It all started at KSCU 103.3 FM Santa Clara. I still can remember how I became a radio DJ. I just applied. Really. HA!

band   track   album   label
(intro)   Revolting Cocks   Get Down   Beers, Steers & Qveers   Wax Trax!
Friendship    Punishment    Undercurrent    Daymare Recordings
Facility Men     I Forgot You Were My Enemy    It's Fun To Disappear    Self-Release
Berthold City    What Time Takes    What Time Takes    WAR Records
Roadsaw    Final Phase    Tinnitus the Night    Ripple Music
Pestis Inferos    From Throne To Funeral    Beyond The Veil of Light    Self-Release
The Candy Snatchers    No Time To Waste    Moronic Pleasures: The Lost Album    Hound Gawd! RecordsNebula    Witching Hour    Holy Shit    Heavy Psych Sounds
Ribspreader    Horrid Ascension    Crawl And Slither    Horror Pain Gore Death
Model Zero    Japanese Death Poem    Model Zero LP    Slovenly Recordings
the Derelicts   Life Of Strife    Life Of Strife    Digital Warfare Records
Martyrdöd    Rännilar    Hexhammaren    Southern Lord Recordings
Phobia    Imbecile    Generation Coward    Willowtip Records
Irata    Tower    Tower    Small Stone Records
Full of Hell    Haunted Arches    Weeping Choir    Relapse
Atala    Desolate Lands    The Bearer Of Light    Salt Of The Earth Records
Fixation    The Role    Into The Pain    WAR Records
Gorilla    Ringo Dingo    Treecreeper    Heavy Psych Sounds
Possessed    No More Room In Hell    Revelations of Oblivion    Nuclear Blast
ZED    The Other Kind    Volume    Ripple Music
Hell Bent    Welcome To The Dirt    Apocalyptic Lamentations    Horror Pain Gore Death
The Drowns    The Sound    The Sound    Pirates Press Records
Death Angel    I Came For Blood    Humanicide    Nuclear Blast
The Vicious Cycles    Hot Dogs In The City    Motorcycho    Pirates Press Records
Darkthrone    Old Star    Old Star    Peaceville
Various Artists    Antagonizers ATL - Marching On    4 Way Split    Pirates Press Records
Lightning Born    Renegade    Lightning Born    Ripple Music
Wolftooth    Sword Of My Father    Wolftooth    Ripple Music
Faerie Ring    Bite The Ash    The Clearing    King Volume Records
Imperial Wax    Saying Nothing    Gastwerk Saboteurs    Saustex Records
The Jackets    Deeper Way    Queen of the Pill    Voodoo Rhythm Records
These Beasts    Luke Warm at Best    s/t EP    Magnetic Eye Records
Tandoori Knights    Tandoori Dolly    Temple of Boom 7"    Slovenly Recordings
Hard Charger    Speed Beast    Vol.4: Take The Guff and Suffer    PRC Music
Rod Hamdallah    Carry You Home    Think About It EP    Hound Gawd! Records
Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders    The Ring, The Bottle & The Gun    The Past Came Callin    Hound Gawd! Records
Harrington Saints    Red State    1000 Pounds Of Oi!    Pirates Press Records

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