Tuesday, May 21, 2019


band   track   album   label
(intro) Revolting Cocks    Get Down    Beers, Steers & Qveers    Wax Trax!
These Beasts    End of the Whip    S/T EP    Magnetic Eye Records
Rod Hamdallah    Think About It    Think About It EP    Hound Gawd! Records
Death Angel    The Pack     Humanicide    Nuclear Blast
Ramoms    Rockaway Beach    Problem Child    Pirates Press Records
Ringworm    Carnivores    Death Becomes My Voice    Relapse
DiNOLA    Favourite Fallen Idol    I Wanna Die In New Orleans    Saustex
Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders    If Only I Could Fly Backwards In Time    The Past Came Callin    Hound Gawd! Records
Imperial Wax    The Art of Projection    Gastwerk Saboteurs    Saustex Records
Victims    The Horse and Sparrow Theory    The Horse and Sparrow Theory    Relapse
The Jackets    Be Myself    Queen of the Pill    Voodoo Rhythm Records
Vault Dweller    Ego Beast    Existence At A Distance    Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Tandoori Knights    Temple of Boom    Temple of Boom 7"    Slovenly Recordings
American Sharks    Let Me Go    11:11    The End Records
Harrington Saints    1000 lbs of Oi!    1000 Pounds Of Oi!    Pirates Press Records
Possessed    No More Room In Hell    Revelations Of The Oblivion    Nuclear Blast USA
Charger    Crackdown    S/T    Pirates Press Records
The Hip Priests    From Here To Adversity    Stand For Nothing    Gods Candy Records
Evil Angel    Necro Black Mass    Unholy Evil Metal     Hells Headbangers
Fleshies    Hold Me Up    Introducing The Fleshies    Dirt Cult Records
Hard Charger    Roadbound    Vol.4: Take The Guff and Suffer    PRC Music
Elbow Deep    Drink My Bathwater Or Die    Bodily Fluids    Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Something Is Waiting    Work Husband    Songs For The Sally Beauty Pavilion     Learning Curve Records
Hellgoat   Barren Eden    Death Conquers All (reissue)    Boris Records
Helms Alee    Beat Up    Noctiluca    Sargent House
Protruders    Hydrophytol    Poison Future    Feel It Records
Neolithic    Perdition Chaser    Neolithic    Self-Released
Salem's Bend    Show Me The Witch    Supercluster    Ripple Music
Theories    Lamprey    Vessel    Corpse Flower Records
Golden Pelicans    Grinding For Gruel    Grinding For Gruel     12XU
Asomvel    Runnin' The Gauntlet    World Shaker    Heavy Psych Sounds
Isotope    Godless Blade    Isotope    Carbonized Records
Fried Egg    Grin and Bear    Square One    Feel It Records
Jars    Killed    Jars II     Pogo Records
The Cowboys    The Second Shortcoming of Christ    The Bottom of a Rotten Flower    Feel It Records
Skullsmasher    Parasitic Apathy    Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery    Selfmadegod
Valley of the Sun    Means the Same    Old Gods    Fuzzorama Records

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