Tuesday, April 23, 2019


artist   track   album   label
(intro) Revolting Cocks   Get Down    Beers, Steers & Qveers   Wax Trax!
Cavity    Blood Lexicon    Wraith    Valley King Records
Something Is Waiting  Lost In Space  Songs For The Sally Beauty Pavilion   Learning Curve Records
High On Fire    Bat Salad    Bat Salad    eOne
Protruders    Stabilizer    Poison Future    Feel It Records
Lord Dying    Envy The End    Mysterium Tremendum    EOne
Salem's Bend    Ride The Night    Supercluster    Ripple Music
Omenfilth    Seared By The Flames Of Bawo    Devourer of the Seven Moons    Eternal Death
Hands Of God    No Mercy    Blueprint For Self Destruction    Flatspot Records
Neolithic    Myopia    Neolithic    Self-Released
Gorilla     Scum Of The Earth    Treecreeper    Heavy Psych Sounds
These Beasts     Shirilla in a Tub    These Beasts     Magnetic Eye Records
The Progerians    Destitute    Crush The Wise Men Who Refuse To Submit    Mottow Soundz
Theories    Human Vessel Cell    Vessel    Corpse Flower Records
Beastwars    Wolves and Prey    IV    Destroy Records
Golden Pelicans    Stray Dogs    Grinding For Gruel     12XU
Coffins    Depraved From Within    Nine Cocoons Of Dens To F     Horror Pain Gore Death
Possessed    Shadowcult    Revelations Of Oblivion    Nuclear Blast
Irata     Weightless    Tower    Small Stone Records
Chainbreaker     Born Loud    Lethal Desire    Hells Headbangers
Nails    I Don't Want To Know You     7"    Nuclear Blast
Fried Egg    Confidence    Square One    Feel It Records
Full of Hell    Silmaril    Weeping Choir    Relapse
E.T. Explore Me    Onemanband    Shine    Voodoo Rhythm
Isotope    Dream Thief    Isotope   
Valley of the Sun    Firewalker    Old Gods    Fuzzorama Records
Asomvel    True Believer    World Shaker   
Jars    Man swiss knife    Jars II     Pogo Records
Skullsmasher    Negative Pressure Pulverization    Rocket Hammer Brain Surgery    Selfmadegod
The Cowboys    Open Sores    The Bottom of a Rotten Flower    Feel It Records
Req'd    Trash    Fall In Love On Hate Street    Wondertaker
Pandemix    Synthetix    In Condemnation    Dirt Cult Records
Lowest Creature    Sacrilegious Pain    Sacrilegious Pain    Isolation Records
Draghkar    Eternal Disintegration (Of The Body And Of The Mind)    Eternal Abyss    Horror Pain Gore Death

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