Tuesday, December 18, 2018


band  track  album  label
Witchcryer    Ricochet    Cry Witch    Ripple Music
Stunted    Wrath    Fault    Drwg Music
Handsome Prick    He's My Ex    Anonymityville    Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
The Devils    Put Your Devil Into My Ass    Iron Butt    Voodoo Rhythm
Fu Manchu    Dont Panic    Clone of the Universe    At The Dojo/Secret Service PR
Nomos 751    Sanja    Nomos 751    Slovenly Recordings
Mammoth Grinder    Divine Loss    Cosmic Crypt    Relapse
Blackwulf    Sunshine of Your Love    Sinister Sides    Ripple Music
Centuries    Bygones    The Lights Of This Earth Are Blinding    Southern Lord
Pissed Regardless    Feed The Birds    Feed The Birds    Creator-Destructor Records
Killer Boogie    Escape From Reality    Acid Cream    Heavy Psych Sounds Records
Easy Prey    Weak Knees    Teeth    Sel Release
ANMLS    Vamanos de la Ciudad    ANMLS LP    Slovenly Recordings
The Turin Horse    Blame me    The Turin Horse    Hell Comes Home Records
Neolithic    Rapacity    Cult Of Ignorance EP    Deep Six Records
Parasight ...as if there was hope To Live As If There Was Hope Indisciplinarian & Modstand Records
Hell To Pay    Smear    Bliss    GTR Records
Tongue Party    Clocktower    Looking For A Painful Death    Learning Curve Records
Zeke    Hellbender    Hellbender    Relapse
Reverend Beat-Man & Nicole Izobel Garcia | Viva La Figa | Baile Bruja Muerto Voodoo Rhythm
The Cavemen    Criminal Love    Nuke Earth LP    Slovenly Recordings
Ministry    We're Tired of It    AmeriKKKant    Nuclear Blast!
Take Offense    Trust    Tensions On High    Flatspot Records
Berthold City    Left For Dead    Moment Of Truth    WAR Records
Wrong    Crawl Instead    Feel Great    Relapse Records
Scumworm    Dios Oculto    EP    Self-Released from Spain
Haunting    Beyond Death    Sealed Shut    Boris Records
Peel    Teenage Rock & Roll Sinner    Never Not Dead    Self-Release
Monsternaut    Landslide    Enter The Storm    Heavy Psych Sounds Records
Vitamin X    Bounce Back    Age Of Paranoia    Southern Lord
Dopethrone     Planet Meth    Transcanadian Anger    Totem Cat Records
Moron's Morons    Rate Your Teacher    Indecent Exposure EP    Slovenly Recordings
Maniac    Subject to Change    Dead Dance Club    Dirt Cult Records
Madball    Evil Ways feat. Ice T    For The Cause    Nuclear Blast Records
Pink Mass    Hedonist's Lament    Necrosexual    Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Pious Levus    Hellsummoning    Beast of the Foulest Depths    Warfare Noise Productions
Deathgrave    You Can't Win    So Real It's Now    Tankcrimes
Suck Lords    Grinning Man    New Lords Music    Stucco Records
Comess    Vorkuta    Botched And Flailed     Self-Release
Blind Justice    No Matter The Cost    No Matter The Cost    Flatspot Records
Blight House    Moms Away    Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre    Nefarious Industries
Gulch    Flesh Pursuit    Burning Desire To Draw Last Breath    Creator-Destructor Records
The Cutthroat Brothers  Potions And Powders    The Cutthroat Brothers    Digital Warfare Records
Cliterati    Water Is Life    Split     Tankcrimes
Violation Wound    Worthless Figurehead   Split   Tankcrimes
Transient with Bastard Noise    Mandala    Sources Of Human Satisfaction    Six Weeks Records
Ex Youth    Mute    7”EP    Jawk Records
156/Silence    Fake It    Undercover Scumbag    Innerstrength Records
Retortion Terror    Hunt The Blind    Retortion Terror    Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Trappist    Waiting In Line – Second Stanza    Ancient Brewing Tactics    Relapse
Slok    Killer    Holy Motor    Voodoo Rhythm Records
Horsewhip    Dropping Out    Horsewhip    Financial Ruin
Puppy and the Hand Jobs    Insomnomaniac    I Eat Abortions 7"    Slovenly Recordings
The Primals    Hello Cruel World    All Love Is True Love  Southern Lord Recordings
Superthief    Woodchipper    Superthief    Reptillian Records
Archons    Transmission    Lords of Light and Thunder    Self Released
Netherlands    Arp Jam '74    Black Gaia    Records And Tapes Records
Funeral Chic    Baptized    Superstition    Prosthetic Records
Terrorizer    Caustic Attack    Caustic Attack    The End Records
Les Lullies    Bad Attitude    Les Lullies LP    Slovenly Recordings
Neighborhood Brats    Misery Parade    Claw Marks    Dirt Cult Records
Cripple Bastards    Suicidio Assistito    La Fine Cresce Da Dentro    Relapse
A Pony Named Olga    Work For Jerk    Ave Maria    Saustex Records
Bad Mojos    Police Car    I Hope You OD    Voodoo Rhythm Records
U-Nix    Hobby    Nuke Portland    Feel It Records
These Bastards    Into the Mosh    Old and Pissed 7"    Self Release


band     album     label
Earthless     Black Heaven    Nuclear Blast
The Goon Mat, Lord Benardo    Take off Your Clothes    Voodoo Rhythm Records
The Brass    2018 Sampler    Self-Release
Malformity    The Rapturous Unraveling    Boris Records
Future Virgins    Doomsday Raga    Recess Records
Against The Grain   Cheated Death    Ripple Music
Broken Cross   Militant Misanthrope    Apocalyptic Visions
Neolithic    Split 7"    Deep Six Records
Ilsa    Corpse Fortress    Relapse
Iron Reagan & Gatecreeper    Split LP    Relapse
Trixie and The Trainwrecks    3 Cheers To Nothing    Voodoo Rhythm Records
Black Rainbows    Pandaemonium    Heavy Psych Sounds Records
Ripped to Shreds   Mai-zang    Craneo Negro Records / Necrolatry Records
Green Druid    Ashen Blood    Earache Records
Cave Bastard The Bleak Shall Devour The Earth  Accident Prone Records
Septic Tank    Rotting Civilisation    Rise Above Records
Eagle Twin    A Thundering Heard    Southern Lord
Black Mare + Offret   Split album    Dark Operative
The Freeks   Crazy World    Heavy Psych Sounds Records
Crypt Trip    Rootstock    Heavy Psych Sounds Records
Heads    Collider    Corpse Flower Records
Destroyer of Light    Hopeless (EP)    Heavy Friends Records
Superstition    Surging Throng Of Evil’s Might    20 Buck Spin
Tons    Filthy Flowers Of Doom    Heavy Psych Sounds Records
Cleveland Steamers    Best Record Ever    Smog Veil Records
LLNN    Deads    Pelagic Records
Black Box Warning   Attendre La Mort    Self-Release
Aura Noir    Aura Noire    Indie Recordings
Maggot Casket    Maggot Casket    Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Mos Generator    Shadowlands    Listenable Records
Burn The Priest      Legion: XX    Epic Records
Space Chaser / Distillator   Split    This Charming Man Records
Torture Rack    Malefic Humiliation    20 Buck Spin
Baptists    Beacon Of Faith    Southern Lord Recordings
Caffeine    Serac    This Charming Man Records
Funeral Horse    Psalms For The Mourning    Artificial Head Records
Tomb Mold    Manor Of Infinite Forms    20 Buck Spin
Leeched   You Took The Sun When You Left    Prosthetic Records
Green Dragon    Green Dragon    Self-Released
Secret Cutter    Quantum Eraser    Deathwish Inc
Black Elephant    Cosmic Blues    Small Stone
Extremity    Coffin Birth    20 Buck Spin
Omenfilth    Hymns Of Diabolical Treachery    Eternal Death Records
Beerwolf    Planetfall    Ripple Music
Axis Of Despair    Contempt For Man    Southern Lord
The Morlocks  Bring On The Mesmeric Condition    Hound Gawd Records
Brant Bjork    Mankind Woman    Heavy Psych Sounds Records
Lifesick    Swept In Black     Isolation Records
Tile    Come On Home, Stranger    Limited Appeal Records
Unholy Two    The Pleasure To End All Pleasures    12XU
Pig Destroyer   Head Cage    Relapse
Missing Pages   Long Way Down    12XU
Castle    Deal Thy Fate    Ripple Music
The Dirtiest    Cento Shot 7"    Slovenly Recordings
Morne    To The Night Unknown    Earsplit PR
Suicidal Tendencies    Still Cyco Punk After All These Years    Suicidal Records
Terror    Total Retaliation    Pure Noise Records
Dead Now    Dead Now    Brutal Panda Records
Tommy and the Commies    Here Come LP    Slovenly Recordings
Mountain Tamer    Godfortune Dark Matters    Magnetic Eye Records
Zeni Geva & Steve Albini    Maximum Implosion    Cold Spring Records
High On Fire    Electric Messiah    Entertainment One
Desahuciados    Desahuciados LP    SlovenlyRecordings
Gino and the Goons   She Was Crushed EP    SlovenlyRecordings
No\Más    Raíz Del Mal    Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Dungeönhammer   Infernal Moon    Pulverised Records
The Fur Coats   Milkdromeda    Johann's Face Records
Windhand    Eternal Return    Relapse Records
Atrament    Scum Sect    Sentient Ruin Laboratories
Paranoid    Heavy Mental Fuck-Up!    The Sign Records
Thunder Horse   Thunder Horse    BC/TX Records
Silver Screams   Alive In The Afterlife    Voodoo Records
Blade Killer    High Risk    M-Theory Audio
Graven    Heirs Of Discord    Negative Grade Records
Deadpressure   Deadpressure    Carbonized Records
Tuskar    The Tide, Beneath, The Wall    Riff Rock Records
Hissing    Permanent Destitution    Profound Lore
The Casualties    Written In Blood    Cleopatra Records
Western Star   Any Way How    Saustex
Soulfly    Ritual    Nuclear Blast
Th' Losin Streaks  This Band Will Self-Destruct In T-Minus    Slovenly Recordings
Poughkeepsie   Macrocosmic Demise    Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Foghound    Awaken To Destroy    Ripple Music
Arcadian Child   Superfonica    Ripple Music
Woorms    Slake    Hospital Records / Sludgelord Records
Death Vanish   Cold Hammer Of Melancholy    Eternal Death
Young Skulls    Bomb Train Blues    Bomb Train Blues 7"    Slovenly Recordings
Violent Opposition    Utopia / Dystopia    Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Empress    Reminiscence    self-release
Corrosion Of Conformity    No Cross No Crown    Nuclear Blast!