Tuesday, December 12, 2017

#725 | BEST OF 2017 part 1 + HONORABLE MENTIONS | DECEMBER 12, 2017

band | track | album
(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Sunlight's Bane | Praise The Venom Shield | The Blackest Volume: Like All The Earth Was Buried
The Revox    Sick of You    Talk About Her / Sick Of You 7"
Endorphins Lost    Zipper Gang    Choose Your Way
The Workhorse III    Nothin' From Me    Closer to Relevance
Biznaga    Una Nueva Época del Terror    Sentido del Espectáculo (Sense of the Show)
Atown Sluts    Triple Threat    I Hate The Atown Sluts
Sepultura    I Am The Enemy    Machine Messiah
Grandpa Death Experience    2nd Chance    The Unforgiving Shoe of the Future
Toke    Purging The Wax    Fifty Ton Nug
The Drip    Terror War Industry    The Haunting Fear of Inevitability
The Sex Organs    Earth Blues    Intergalactic Sex Tourists
Iron Reagan    Power Of The Skull    Crossover Ministry
T.S.O.L.    Give Me More    The Trigger Complex
Horseneck    Lester Vitalis    Heavy Trip
Brad Pot    Ms. Independant    Brad Pot
Moral Panic    Smoke / Drink    Moral Panic LP
PABST    Watching People Die    Skinwalker EP
The Clamps    Barracuda Outro    Blend, Shake, Swallow
Lecherous Gaze    Reptile Minds    One Fifteen
Career Suicide    Distractions    Machine Response
Crystal Fairy    Vampire X-Mas    Crystal Fairy
Power Trip    Ruination    Nightmare Logic
Borzoi     Surrender The Farm    Surrender The Farm EP
Deathwish    False Gods    Unleash Hell
Gary Wrong Group    Pollen Christ    Gary Wrong Group
Connoisseur    All Day Every Day    Over The Edge
Prisoner    Sycophant    Beyond The Infinite
Obituary    Brave    Obituary
Fuck You Pay Me    Opt Out    Dumbed Down
Xetas    The Open    The Tower
Wolfbrigade    War On Rules    Run With The Hunted
The Obsessed    Be The Night    Sacred
Power    Puppy    Electric Glitter Boogie
Foreseen    Suicide Bomber    Grave Danger
Futuro    O Outro Lado da Moeda    A Torre da Derrota
Destination Lonely    Dirt Preacher    Death Of An Angel
Control Freaks    Better Than You    "Mindless Entertainment"
Macho Boys    Pig Sweat    Macho Boys
Ides Of Gemini    The Dancer    Women
The Ghost Wolves    Noisy Neighbors (Yuppie Scum)    Texas Platinum
Obnox     Skywalker OG    Niggative Approach
Beastmaker    Sick Sick Demon    Inside The Skull
Meatwound    Fleshtag    Largo
Organ Dealer    Dilemmas Of The Blind    Split Album
The Cavemen    Killing Myself To Live    "Death Row"
Norska    Eostre    Too Many Winters
USA/MEXICO    Windsor Park Hardcore    Laredo
Cock Sparrer    Believe    Forever
Golden Pelicans    Corpse Abuser    Disciples of Blood
The Father Figures    Kennebago    Heavy Lifting
USA Nails    Interchangeable Sister    Shame Spiral
Wolves Attack!!    The Pizza Incident    Piss On Everything
Leisure World    Go Find Me Some Art    Paper-Thin Community
Piss Test    Talkin' Shit    Piss Test
The Fat Dukes Of Fuck    Where Assholes Come To Die    A Compendium Of Desperation, Morality And Dick Jokes
Mutoid Man   Melt Your Mind    War Moans
Gold    Be Good    Optimist
Tombs    Walk with Me in Nightmares    The Grand Annihilation

Xibalba | Diablo, Con Amor... Adios
Scumripper | Scumripper
Church Bats | Hypnotized
Bathsheba | Servus
Violent Opposition | Courage And Conviction
Unearthly Trance | Stalking The Ghost
Rebel Wizard | Triumph Of Gloom
Rozamov | This Mortal Road
Cursed Graves | Pseudoscience II
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs | Feed the Rats
Jim and the French Vanilla | Afraid of the House
Amyl and the Sniffers | Big Attraction
Feedtime | Gas
Gay Kiss | Rounded Down
Exit Order | Seed of Hysteria
Rixe | Baptême Du Feu 7"
Snapped Ankles | I Want My Minutes Back 7"
UV-TV | Glass
Legendary Divorce | Horizontal
Red Red Krovvy | Red Red Krovvy
Atavismo | Inerte
Les Lullies | Les Lullies
Hexis | Septem
Long Knife | Sewers Of Babylon EP
Fried Egg | Back and Forth EP
Crypt Rot | Embryonic Devils
Crooked Bangs | II
Attalla | Glacial Rule
Hot Ram | Hot Ram
White Dog | Sydney Limits
Scumripper | Scumripper
The Smart Dads | Bummer Summer LP
Dialysis | Dialysis
Assaulter | Meat Grinder
Joint D≠ | Intelligence
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard | Murder Of The Universe
Mind Dweller | Mind Dweller
Sacrificial Slaughter | Generation Of Terror
Mammoth Mammoth | Mount The Mountain
Silver Screams | Defective Machines
Protester | Hide From Reality
The Hip Priests | Those Fuckin' Boys - A Decade of Disdain
Nopes | Fun Limbo
Culture Shock | Culture Shock
Psychic Teens | Hex
Leisure World | Paper-Thin Community 7"
Wolves Attack!! | Piss On Everything
Danzig | Black Laden Crown
Ruby The Hatchet | Planetary Space Child
Eaten | S/T
Menstrual Parasite | No Lies
Venomous Maximus | No Warning
Dälek | Endangered Philosophies
Voight-Kampff | The Din Of Dying Youth
Body Void | Ruins
Poison Blood | Poison Blood EP
Qui | Qui w/Trevor Dunn
Agata | Grave Gatherings EP

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