Thursday, October 8, 2015


ROCKTOBER IS HERE! This is a special month during the year. The season has changed, getting your Halloween costume ready, every band is touring and a lot of new albums (Kylesa & Clutch just to name a few) being dropped this month as well. Touring bands I'm hoping to see this month is as follows: Hammerhead, Flipper (w/David Yow), Radioactivity, Today Is The Day, Cuntz, Mudhoney, Fuzz, Wand, Windhand, Danava, Night Demon, Retox, Child Abuse and so much more. Like I said, October is the best month out of year and this just proves it. Hope your Rocktober is just as good. Let me know.

Here's my new TOP 5 for Razorcake Magazine #88. If you want new music to hear and impress your friends, check out the bands on my TOP 5 when you can. Also, make sure to check out Razorcake as well. Remember, Razorcake is a non-profit Punk Rock zine and they're always looking for good people to participate. Check them out

Thanks everybody for your time and support. Please keep sending those bands to me and spread the word to your friends new band, record label or even a promotional company. Our radio station is 24/7 and open format as well. Have a good Rocktober. Cheers! ~DJ Naked Rob, SFCA


***PLAYLIST | OCTOBER 6, 2015***
(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Saviours | Flesh Of Fire | Palace Of Vision
Ex-Breathers | Car | Past Tense
Fuck SS | Trend On | demo
Carved Up | We Built Riff City | Matador
Narcoleptics | Abolition Resolution | Second EP
Kowloon Walled City | Grievances | Grievances
Cold Sweats | Coney Island Cop | Social Coma
My Home On Trees | I Forgot Everything | How I Reached Home
Moloken | Subliminal Hymns | All Is Left To See
Kylesa | Crusher | Exhausting Fire
Clutch | Firebirds! | Psychic Warfare
Flowers Of Evil | Intervention | Flowers Of Evil
Battalion Of Saints | Darkness | Battalion Of Saints
Pronto | Implausible | Pronto
Integrity | Live it Down | Den Of Iniquity [reissue]
Sofy Major | Waste | Waste
All Hell | Venomous | The Red Sect
Cannibal Corpse | Sadistic Embodiment | A Skeletal Domain
Die Choking | Millirem | III
Dan Melchior's Broke Revue | The Defeat of JC Slug | Lords of the Manor
Germ Bomb | Black Mass | Under Fading Sun
The Intelligence | Whip My Valet | Vintage Future
PIGS | Amateur Hour In Dick City | Wronger
Wizard Eye | Flying Falling | Wizard Eye
Irata | Daisy | Sweet Loris
Solanum | Strangled By Disease | Into The Sinner Circle
Night Birds | Blank Eyes | Mutiny at Muscle Beach
Yautja | Thankful; Appalled | Songs of Lament
Windhand | Hyperion | Grief’s Infernal Flower
Motörhead | Shoot Out All of Your Lights | Bad Magic
Bastard Grave | Stalker | What Lies Beyond
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats | Inside | The Night Creeper
Ramming Speed | The Life We Choose | No Epitaphs
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

Robert Gongora
San Francisco, California