Monday, March 17, 2014


Tomorrow, Tuesday the 18th is another TERRIBLE TUESDAY RADIO SHOW, 4-6PM PST on Radio Valencia here in San Francisco, California. I got some new albums & reissues on wax from the following:
Ritual Control 7" (SF Hardcore)
KMFDM 'A Drug Against War' 12" (reissue)
Bent Wind LP (Canadian Classic RNR reissue)
Crash Course in Science (Classic Synth-Punk reissue) Skeptics LP (Noise Post-Punk from New Zealand reissue)
S.A. Slayer (Classic Texas Metal CD reissue)
WOLF PARTY New Zealand comp CD from Voodoo Rhythm Records (official)
OFFENDERS (Austin TX Hardcore 2xLPs reissue)
and a whole lot more.
Check it out tomorrow online too at Cheers! ~ Naked Rob