Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I love Godzilla! I remember as a kid, Saturday mornings cartoons lasted until noon and then I would go play outside. When it was time for my siesta, Godzilla would be on television. I would see it first and then crash. WOW! He destroyed everything and I liked it. Maybe that's why I liked destroying shit and even to this day I love it. HA! I hope the Godzilla is good and much better than the last one we had here in the states. Just destroy shit & kill everything. That's Godzilla! GO GO GODZILLA!

Thanks for listening to the show everybody. The podcast of this show will be up soon at the following link: www.radiovalencia.fm
Have a good week and I may not be here next week because I'll be on vacation. CHEERS!

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Young Widows | Godman | Easy Pain
Under The Church | Denial Of Death | Under The Church
Fucked Up | Disorder (The Ugly) | Year Of The Dragon
Greenleaf  | Our Mother Ash | Trails & Passes
Culture Abuse | My Only sunshine | The Day Dreams Of Nothing
Pins Of Light | Sound & Pressure | II
Stoneburner | You Are The Worst | Life Drawing
Hornss | Red Death | No Blood, No Sympathy
Dwellers | Totem Crawler | Pagan Fruit
Martyr's Tongue | Unholy Communion | split 7"
White Manna | The Sound of One Hand Clapping | Come Down Safari 12" (Valley King Records)
Hobocop | Fair Weather Scum | Half Man Half Cop
Final Conflict | Crucifixion | Ashes To Ashes (reissue) LP
Loop | Straight To Your Heart  | Heaven's End
Carlton Melton | Photos Of Photos  | Photos Of Photos
Enabler | New Life | La Fin Absolue Du Monde
OFF! | Red White and Black | Wasted Years
Black Tar Prophet | Ring of Buzzards | Deafen
Prong | The Barriers | Ruining Lives
S.A. Slayer | Final Holocaust | Go For The Throat
Mount Salem | Good Times | Endless
Stalins Of Sound | Meatbag | Tank Tracks LP
Graves At Sea | Betting On Black | Split EP
Blackw├╝lf | (un)Frozen In Time | Mind Traveler
Catholic Girls | Sorry City | Distant
Summoner | Horns of War | Atlantian
Ghoul | Sidehackers | Hang Ten
Double Ya D | Wolf Fight Tonight | Wolf Party

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