Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I loved the part in Star Trek's 1986 movie, The Voyage Home. Kirk tells the Punk Rocker to turn off that noise and he shoots the finger at him. Well then, Spock gave him the Vulcan grip and he slept away probably for the remainder of the bus ride. HA! The actor, Kirk Thatcher is also a writer and he wrote the lyrics to the song, 'I Hate You' along with the band, Edge of Etiquette. HA! He now lives in Star Trek infamy. 

Thanks for listening to the radio show as always. The podcast will be up soon at the website, www.radiovalencia.fm. Have a great week and pass the fuckin' word around for me to your friends & family, TERRIBLE TUESDAY w/Naked Rob. CHEERS! 

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Pins Of Light | Lie Detector | split 7" - Scion
God Macabre | Lost | The Winterlong (reissue)
Crobot | Legend of the Spaceborne Killer | Crobot EP
Fucking Invincible | Dead Dogs | It'll Get Worse Before It Gets Better
Wolvhammer | Death Division | Clawing Into Black Sun
Edge Of Etiquette | I Hate You 
Crowbar | Symmetry In White | Symmetry in Black
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Monday, May 26, 2014


WOW! Having 2 huge San Francisco bands on one show was a lot of hard work. Who said DJing is not hard work. HA! I wanna thank Bil of Hornss and Jason & Rafa for coming onto the show and being good sports. It was a funny show too. Thanks guys.

Thanks for listening everybody! The podcast of this show will be up soon at www.radiovalencia.fm. Have a great week and be cool. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC

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Playing Enemy | Jade | I Was Your City (vinyl reissue)
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Torch Runner | Feeding | Committed To The Ground
Brutal Blues | Skjold | Brutal Blues----------------
Hornss | HEIR TO THE PICKLE THRONE | No Blood, No Sympathy
Hornss | TROUBLED ROSE | No Blood, No Sympathy
Rafa & Jason of Black Cobra

Monday, May 19, 2014


On tomorrow's Terrible Tuesday Radio Show w/Naked Rob, San Francisco's own HORNSS will be in studio. We'll be talking about their new record, their upcoming record release party this Saturday, May 24th at @Bender's Bender's Bar and Grill and more.

Also on tomorrow's radio show, Rafa of black cobra will be in studio.
Black Cobra will be sharing the stage along with The Cutthroats 9 this Thursday, May 22nd at Slim's and going on a Northwestern tour right after.
Also, The Cutthroats 9 has a new album coming out on Chris Spencer's record label, Lamb Unlimited and the CD on Reptilian Records.
Check out the radio show tomorrow, 4-6PM PST, May 20th on Radio Valencia in San Francisco, California or listen online at www.radiovalencia.fm. LET'S ROCK!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I love Godzilla! I remember as a kid, Saturday mornings cartoons lasted until noon and then I would go play outside. When it was time for my siesta, Godzilla would be on television. I would see it first and then crash. WOW! He destroyed everything and I liked it. Maybe that's why I liked destroying shit and even to this day I love it. HA! I hope the Godzilla is good and much better than the last one we had here in the states. Just destroy shit & kill everything. That's Godzilla! GO GO GODZILLA!

Thanks for listening to the show everybody. The podcast of this show will be up soon at the following link: www.radiovalencia.fm
Have a good week and I may not be here next week because I'll be on vacation. CHEERS!

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