Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I'm being honest when I tell you this: Spinning records is a hard job. HA! I haven't spun nothing but 45s in a while. I was sweating and it was a total workout too. HA! It was fun Rockin' out in the studio and hope you did too. RNR will never die!

The podcast of this show will be up very soon. Thanks again for listening and for you support. To check out my podcast page & more, goto the website at Have a great week and don't forget about Record Store Day this Saturday, April 19th. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL INDI-RECORD STORE! CHEERS! Naked Rob, SFC

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
The Grannies | Teenage Kicks (The Undertones) - Dead Teenager Records
REO Speedealer | Get A Rope - Royalty Records
Jello Biafra & Brown Town West | Jezebel - Alternative Tentacles Records
Cloak Dagger | Surf Song - Jade Tree Records
The Nitwitz | Jackass - Rocket Dog Records
Electric Frankenstein | Nail It Down - Sub Pop Records
Mudhoney | Touch Me I'm Sick - Sub Pop Records
Zen Guerrrilla | Mob Rules (Black Sabbath) - Safety Pin Records
Rye Coalition | ZZ Topless - Tiger Style Records
Supersuckers | Givin It Away - Mid-Fi Recordings
Easy Action | The In Crowd (Billy Page) - Reptilian Records
Fu Manchu | Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy) - Sessions Records
Hookers | Highway Star (Deep Purple) - Sub Pop Records
Adam West | Where Eagle's Dare (Misfists) - Stereodriver Records
Tenderloin | Leave This Town (Thin Lizzy) - Sub Pop Records
Dwarves | Dairy Queen (Live) - Man's Ruin Records
Murder City Devils | Johnny Thunders - Empty Records
Melvins | Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World (Ramones) - Ipecac Recordings
Zeke | Downpayment Blues (AC/DC) - Reptilian Records
Seger Liberation Army | Heavy Music (Bob Seger) - Big Neck Records
The Onyas | No Concessions - Junk Records
Burning Love | Alien vs Predator - Deranged Records
The Moo-Rat Fingers | Du Solftest Schwingen - Big Neck Records
The Nads | Saigon Hooker - Gearhead Records
Hellacopters | Dirty Women (Black Sabbath) - Bang Records
Screwmatics | 12 Sticks of Dynomite - Scooch Pooch Records
Tight Bros From Way Back When | Take You Higher - Ten In One Records
Spitting Cobras | Idle - Wrecked Em Wreckords
Demonics | Girlfriend's Best Friend - Man's Ruin Records
The Pleasure Fuckers | Haven't Gotten the Time (Pagans) - Crypt Records
Electric Frankenstein | Action High - Intensive Scare Records
Churchwood | Metanoia - Saustex Records
Black Radio | Black Radio - Black Radio Records
Iron Maiden | Flight Of Icarus - Capitol Records


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