Tuesday, March 4, 2014


So the month of March is the beginning of Spring Break here in the States. Every teenager to mid-20s something youngsters will be flocking beaches from Texas all the way to the Jersey Shore. It is time for binge drinking, smoking grass and trying to get laid. Nothing changes, EVER! HA!

Thanks for listening everybody. The podcast of this show will be up soon on the website at www.radiovalencia.fm. Have a great rest of the week and come back next time for 2 hours of THE MELVINS!! FUCK YEAH! Cheers! ~ Naked Rob, SFC

Cryptic Slaughter | Money Talks | Money Talks LP (reissue)
Hirax | Victims of the Dead | Immortal Legacy
Criminal Code | Defective Parts | No Device
Pilgrim | The Paladin | II: Void Worship
Cargo Cult | I Can't See Miles and Miles of Miles Davis | Cargo Cult LP
Lost Society | Lethal Pleasure | Terror Hungry
PyPy | New York | Pagan Day LP
Lord Mantis | Body Choke | Death Mask
The Socks | Next To The Light | The Socks
Sultan Bathery | Satellite | Sultan Bathery LP
Gravewurm | Only Fire Remains | Spawn Of The Sacrilege Split
Fossils | Carnivore Arrest | Flesh Hammer
Offenders | Face Down In The Dirt | We Must Rebel/I Hate Myself/Endless Struggle
Shoes This High | The Nose One | Staight To Hell LP
Prizehog | Irrevelant | Re-Unvent the Whool
Melvins Eye Flys | Gluey Porch Treatments
Bl'ast! | Time To Think | The Expression of Power
Have A Nice Life | Defenestration Song | The Unnatural World LP
Rabbits | Give Me It | split 7"
Far-Out Fangtooth | Bow Your Head | Borrowed Time LP
The Unsemble | Circles | The Unsemble
Epstasise | Candelaria | Light Through Dead Glass
Die Choking | Low Finality | Die Choking
Nothing | Bent Nail | Guilty of Everything (NA Promo)
Cripple Bastards | Regime Artificiale | Nero In Metastasi
Mount Salem | Mescaline II | Endless
Bombs Of Hades | Slaughter The Dead | Through The Dark Past
Morbus Chron | Chains | Sweven
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore | Im Rauch | Piano Nights

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