Tuesday, January 28, 2014


So this Sunday is the Super Bowl. I mean, Super Bong Bowl because the states of Colorado & Washington, you can light up weed and their teams are playing. How many bong games will there be huh? Every 1st down, bong hit! Every touchdown, bong hit! And so... You get the point. Stoners everywhere will be watching. Also, eating chips and downing soda will be the major sellers this weekend to.
Thanks for listening as always. The podcast of this show will be up soon. Take care and see you back next week. Don't forget, stock up on Doritos. HAHAHAHA!! CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC

PYPY | Pagan Day | Pagan Day
Towers | Hell | II
The Socks | Some Kind of Sorcery | The Socks
Methmouth | Worthless Human | Waste Of Life cassette
The Traps | Boom Pow Awesome Now
Motorhead | Do You Believe | Aftershock
Peace Creep | Control yr Crime | Peace Creep
Bloodlet | Embrace | Embrace 7" - A839 Recordings
Sultan Bathery | Satellite | Sultan Bathery LP
Floor | Scimitar | Floor + Outtakes (reissue)
The Monsters | Blow Um Mau Mau |
Shin To Shin | Shin To Shin | Shin To Shin
Shoes This High | The Nose One | Straight To Hell (reissue)
The Wounded Kings | Consolamentum | Consolamentum
New Coke | I'm Not A Fan Of Your Romance | Duct Tape Your Mouth 7" - Slovenly Records
Melvins | Psychodelic Haze | Tres Cabrones
Down Among the Dead Men | The Doomsday Manuscript | Down Among the Dead Men
Bleeder Resistor | Better Days | The Complete Collection
Obliterations | Pay To Live | The Hole 
Solar Halos | The Vast White Plains | Album
Culted | March Of The Wolves | Oblique to All Paths
In Heat | In My Head | In Heat
Godhunter | Rats in the Walls | City Of Dust
Burning Monk | Whippersnappers | Burning Monk
Billy Joe Winghead | Lana Don't Go | Spanish Asshole Magnet
Occult 45 | Mass Appeal Mediocrity | Occult 45 / Drones For Queens Split - 7-Inch Record
Youth Forgotten | Nobody Cares | Ghost of a Fallen Empire
Iron Reagan | Gave Up on Giving a Fuck | Split 12-Inch
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