Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hey everybody. This is my last radio show for the rest of 2014 and I'll be back on 1/6/15.
I wanna thank EVERYBODY for the following from 2014:
Bands, promotion companies, record labels, friends or people I've met at a show that sent me music via snail mail or email.
Heard my radio show over the airwaves, heard it on our phone app or streamed it online.
If you downloaded or streamed my podcasts.
To all my fellow DJ's at Radio Valencia and elsewhere.
Lastly, thanks to all my friends & family for supporting what i do and love. 2015 will be kick ass and hopefully a new venture will be happening to me. More to come....
Hope you and your family have a great holiday season and hope Santa is getting what you want. Oh yeah, don't chug all the egg nog please. That's just rude. HA!
HAPPY HOLIDAZE!! CHEERS! ~Naked Rob, San Francisco, California 12/18/2014

DECEMBER 16, 2014

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini

Cowards | Shame Along Shame | Rise To Infamy
Torche | Minions | Minions (Radio Promo)
First Class Elite | Ready For War | Grime! Greed! Gore! Split CD
Movie Star Junkies | A Promise | Evil Moods
Violation Wound | Built To Spill | Grime! Greed! Gore! Split CD
Dirty Mike & The Boys | The Fat Hands Of Axl Rose | Grime! Greed! Gore! Split CD
Call Of The Void | Cold Hands | Cold Hands
Gino and The Goons | Sex, Drugs & Paranoia | Shake It! LP
Rat Trap | Waste | Holy Law
AC/DC | Dogs of War | Rock or Bust
Cripper | Patterns in the Sky Hyëna
Acid Baby Jesus | Omonia | Selected Recordings
The Shrine | Waiting for the War (Instrumental) | Waiting For The War 12”
Sick Thoughts | I Ain't Done With You | Fat Kid with a 10 inch
Unsacred | Plague | False Light
The Monsieurs | Falun Gong | The Monsieurs
Brant Bjork, The Low Desert Punk Band | Ain't No Runnin'  | Black Power Flower
Winds Of Genocide  | Venomous Warfare | Usurping The Throne Of Disease
American Heritage | Obliviocrity | Prolapse
Dirty Dishes | Red Roulette | Guilty
Dimesland | Institutional Gears | Psychogenic Atrophy
Total Abuse | Bootlicker | Looking For Love 7"
Spiders | Lonely Nights | Shake Electric
Bathsheba | The Sleepless Gods | DEMO - MMXIV
Obituary | Inked In Blood | Inked In Blood
Child Bite | Ancestral Ooze | Strange Waste
Gale | burn your person | vol. 1
Brant Bjork, The Low Desert Punk Band | Ain't No Runnin'  | Black Power Flower
Musk | Funny Feelings | Musk
Downfall of Gaia | Of Stillness and Solitude (part II) | Aeon Unveils the Thrones of Decay
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

Robert Gongora
San Francisco, California

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Musk | Grandier | Musk
Rat Trap | Buried In It | Holy Law
AC/DC | Baptism By Fire | Rock or Bust
Acid Baby Jesus | Row By Row | Selected Recordings
Obituary | Violence | Inked In Blood
The Monsieurs | Headbanger | The Monsieurs
Melvins | Piss Pisstopherson | Hold It In
Philm | Luxhaven | Fire From The Evening Sun
Brant Bjork, The Low Desert Punk Band | Boogie Woogie On Your Brain | Black Power Flower
Sick Thoughts | On The Street Where You Live | Fat Kid with a 10 inch
In The Company Of Serpents | Breed, Consume, Die | Merging In Light
Gino and The Goons | Check This Out | Shake It! LP
Child Bite | Sinking in Your Skin | Strange Waste
John Schooley | It's Git Down Time! | The Man Who Rode the Mule Around the World
Usnea | Healing Through Death | Random Cosmic Violence
Spiders | Only Your Skin | Shake Electric
Urban Junior | Manifest | The Truth About Dr. S & Mr. P
Downfall of Gaia | Of Stillness and Solitude | Aeon Unveils the Thrones of Decay
The Shrine | Rare Breed | Waiting For The War 12”
Dimesland | Bound In Stone | Psychogenic Atrophy
Winds Of Genocide | Deathstrike Of The Scythe | Usurping The Throne Of Disease
Unsacred | Idle | False Light
Cancer Bats | Arsenic In The Year Of The Snake | Satellites / Arsenic in the Year of the Snake
American Heritage | Anxious Bedwetter | Prolapse
Cripper | Animated Flesh | Hyëna


Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I'll be co-DJing this Rad Rock show in The Mission this Thursday, December 4th from 7-midnight at the Make-Out Room. Come check it out.

(intro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini
The Shrine | Waiting for the War | Waiting For The War 12”
Winds Of Genocide | The Howling Wolves Of Armageddon | Usurping The Throne Of Disease
American Heritage  | Eastward Cast the Entrails | Prolapse
Unsacred | False Light | False Light
Lord Dying | A Wound Outside of Time (Radio Single)
Cancer Bats | Satellites | Satellites / Arsenic in the Year of the Snake
Cripper | Tourniquet  | Hyëna
Dimesland | Dying Foretold | Psychogenic Atrophy
Spiders | Bleeding Heart | Shake Electric
Total Abuse | Beg | Looking For Love 7"
Downfall of Gaia | Darkness Inflames These Sapphire Eyes (part II) | Aeon Unveils the Thrones of Decay
Broughton's Rules | Shadows and Light | Anechoic Horizon
Child Bite | Garbage Odyssey | Strange Waste
Wizard Rifle | Paul The Sky Tyrant | Here In The Deadlights
Gale | to build a fire | vol. 1
Faith No More | Motherfucker (remix) 7"
Napalm Death | Cesspits | Apex Predator
John Schooley | Cluck Old Hen | The Man Who Rode the Mule Around the World
Brant Bjork, The Low Desert Punk Band | Buddha Time (Everything Fine) | Black Power Flower
Ungeziefer | Left//Right | Dakhma
(A Clockwork Orange Singing In The Rain scene)
The Hares | Ghoul Goes West | Smoking in Bed
Homewrecker | Skin The Pig | Circle of Death
Acid Baby Jesus | I'm Becoming a Man | Selected Recordings
Bad Lieutenant (1992) - I'm Sorry scene)
Melvins | I Get Along (Hollow Moon) | Hold It In
Obituary | Back On Top | Inked In Blood
Lecherous Gaze | Born On The River | On The Skids
Gino and The Goons | I Don't | Shake It! LP
Sick Thoughts | Don't Want You Around | Fat Kid with a 10 inch
The Monsieurs | All We Want | The Monsieurs
(outro Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

Tuesday, November 18, 2014



(intro) Ennio Morricone | A Few Dollars More (theme)
Spiders | Mad Dog | Shake Electric
Total Abuse | Looking For Love | Looking For Love 7"
John Schooley | Doubleneck Stomp | The Man Who Rode the Mule Around the World
American Heritage | Mask Of Lies | Prolapse
Nots | Decadence | We Are Nots
Downfall of Gaia | Darkness Inflames These Sapphire Eyes | Aeon Unveils the Thrones of Decay
Gino and The Goons | Who Cares? | Shake It! LP
Broughton's Rules | Reversers | Anechoic Horizon
The Hares | She Move On | Smoking in Bed
Usnea | Lying in Ruin Random | Cosmic Violence
Silver Screams | Wash Away | Creep Joint Scratch
Cretin | It | Stranger
Sick Thoughts | I Want To Be Me | Fat Kid with a 10 inch
In The Company Of Serpents | Third Mind | Merging In Light
Child Bite | Still Fucked Up After All These Years | Strange Waste
The Monsieurs | Young Gun | The Monsieurs
Wizard Rifle | Buzzsaw Babes | Here In The Deadlights
Bullet | Hammer Down (single)   
Sleep | The Clarity | 12"
Brant Bjork, The Low Desert Punk Band | We Don't Serve Their Kind | Black Power Flower
Gale | the counseled | vol. 1
Acid Baby Jesus | Trouble Maker | Selected Recordings
Homewrecker | Authority Of The Mind | Circle of Death
Melvins | Nine Yards | Hold It In
Cavalera Conspiracy | I, Barbarian | Pandemonium
Forseen | Market Target | Helsinki Savagery
Godflesh | Curse Us All | A World Lit Only By Fire
Sick/Tired | Absolute Hell | Dissolution
The Cloth | Freak Beach | THE CLOTH 7" EP (KEYSTONE NOISE SERIES #2)
Obituary | Pain Inside | Inked In Blood
Amulet | Wicked 'n Cruel | The First
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


South Lake Tahoe, California

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Gale | To Be Free | Vol. 1
Brant Bjork, The Low Desert Punk Band | Controllers Destroyed | Black Power Flower
Cavalera Conspiracy | Scum | Pandemonium
Exodus | Black 13 | Blood In Blood Out
Iron Reagan | Miserable Failure | The Tyranny of Will
Sick Of It All | Losing War | The Last Act Of Defiance
A-Town Sluts | Steal Your Drugs | Steal Your Drugs
Splintered | Hilt (Pit'sbull/Shock, 1994) | Turned Inside Out (disc 2)
Pharaoh | The Slasher | Negative Everything
Amulet | Heathen Castle | The First
Godflesh | Life Giver Life Taker | A World Lit Only By Fire
Acid Baby Jesus | Vegetable | Selected Recordings
Homewrecker | Illusions Of Peace | Circle of Death
Orange Goblin | The Devil’s Whip | Back From The Abyss
The Hares | Vulture Stew | Smoking in Bed
Melvins | Sesame Street Meat | Hold It In
Forseen | The Prowler | Helsinki Savagery
At The Gates | The Conspiracy of the Blind | At War With Reality
Obituary | Violent By Nature | Inked In Blood
The Monsieurs | Gloria | The Monsieurs
Psychic Teens | All | FACE / ALL 7" (KEYSTONE NOISE SERIES #3)
Sick Thoughts | Cream | Fat Kid with a 10 inch
Sick/Tired | Whirlwind Spirit/Sardonic | Dissolution
Dystopia | Green Destroyed | Human = Garbage (reissue)
Silver Screams | The Evidence | Creep Joint Scratch
Wormwood | Indoctrination | Wormwood
Gino and The Goons | You Can't Get Away With Murder | Shake It! LP
Churchwood | Shake The Vine | 3: Trickgnosis
John Schooley | Boo Hoo | The Man Who Rode the Mule Around the World
The Cloth | Touched | THE CLOTH 7" EP (KEYSTONE NOISE SERIES #2)
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

Tuesday, October 28, 2014



(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Melvins
Homewrecker | Circle Of Death | Circle of Death  
Acid Baby Jesus | Who's First | Selected Recordings  
Sick/Tired | Descent | Dissolution  
Gino and The Goons | Got The Skinny | Shake It!  
Pharaoh | Dusted | Negative Everything   
Sick Thoughts | Frustrated | Fat Kid with a 10 inch
Pig Destroyer | Red Tar | Mass & Volume
The Monsieurs | Dirty Rat | The Monsieurs   
Obituary | Centuries of Lies | Inked In Blood
The Cloth | Skinless | 7" EP (KEYSTONE NOISE SERIES #2)  
Psychic Teens | Face | 7" (KEYSTONE NOISE SERIES #3)
Melvins | Eyes on You | Hold It In   
Atriarch | Bereavement | An Unending Pathway  
Chiefs | Stone Bull | split 7-inch   
Fuzz Evil | Glitterbones | split 7-inch   
Peace Creep | Radio Free Alcatraz | S/T LP
At The Gates | Death and the Labyrinth | At War With Reality  
Silver Screams | Welcome To Utopia | Creep Joint Scratch  
Older Sun | Rock The Nation (Montrose) | Older Sun  
Forseen | Slam Savagery | Helsinki Savagery  
Godflesh | Shut Me Down | A World Lit Only By Fire  
The Hares | Wreck Dat Party Dress | Smoking in Bed  
Dystopia | Slaved Chains | Human = Garbage (reissue)
Iron Reagan | Close to Toast | The Tyranny of Will  
Riwen | Values | Riwen  
A-Town Sluts | Street Sweeper | Steal Your Drugs  
Amulet | Bloody Night | The First  
Churchwood | Chemtrailer Trash | 3: Trickgnosis
Society Sucker | Powerless | Society Sucker  
John Schooley | Poor Boy Got the K.C. Blues | The Man Who Rode the Mule Around the World
Sick Of It All | Get Bronx | The Last Act Of Defiance  
Methmouth | Claimb // Rot | Tragic Film Split
EYEHATEGOD | Parish Motel Sickness | Eyehategod  
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Interview: Dale Crover of the Melvins, the Directors of The Colossus Of Destiny - A Melvins Tale documentary | October 14, 2014

On my radio show, Mr. Dale Crover of (the) Melvins called in. We talked about the new album, their upcoming US tour, the two new members of the band (Paul Leary & JD Pinkus of the Butthole Surfers) and the upcoming documentary, The Colossus Of Destiny - A Melvins Tale (2015).

Also on the radio show, both Directors of the documentary, Bob Hannam (in studio) & Ryan Sutherby (phone/Portland OR) . Both directors explained how & why they got into it, where the film is at right now and how much fun it is gathering all the history of a band that started 31 years ago.

It was a fun 2 hour interview and both directors were very candid with their answers, but they didn't leak out any of the good stuff. We just have to wait for when the film comes out. Aw man! HA! Check down below for more information of the Melvins documentary and keep checking them for the upcoming Kickstarter. Oh yeah, the Kickstarter will be bad ass ass! Go and buy the new Melvins record too! Make sure to check out the podcast of the radio show or download it down below. Thanks for listening and for your support as always. Cheers! ~ Naked Rob SFC



(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini

*Bob Hannam (in studio) | co-Director

Melvins | Bride of Crankenstein | Hold It In

Melvins | You Can Make Me Wait | Hold It In

*Ryan Sutherby | co-Director | phone interview

Melvins | Brass Cupcake | Hold It In

*Dale Crover | phone interview


Melvins | Barcelonian Horseshoe Pit | Hold It In

Melvins | Onions Make The Milk Taste Bad | Hold It In

(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

Robert Gongora
San Francisco, California

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


So this week’s radio show I had in studio, AGAINST THE GRAIN from the Motor City of Detroit MI. These guys are straight up Motor City Rock and Roll just like their peers of the past (MC5, The Stooges, Bob Seger, Ted Nugent). I kept bringing up the questions of living in Detroit and they really love their hometown. If you live in a city that is half empty, the cops rarely care about crime, very low income, but the nightlife and the music scene thrives like no other, that is a good reason for staying and helping it move forward. Keeping the music scene alive and use your environment to express that in your music, no bullshit could take that away. I’ve only been to Detroit once, but I felt the energy of all the hard working people in Hockey Town and now I can see how it all paid off with RNR . You can't stop Detroit, but please somebody, save Madonna’s childhood house. We need it! HA!

On next week's radio show, Mr. Dale Crover of the Melvins will be calling in. We'll be talking about the new album (which drops next Tuesday), their upcoming US tour and the two new members of the band, Paul Leary & JD Pinkus of the Butthole Surfers. Since I'm from San Antonio, it's also where Paul & Gibby met to start the Butthole Surfers and it's been sort of my dream to see a collaboration between two of my favorite bands that rarely played together throughout the years (up until a few years ago). Also in studio and joining Dale & I will be Bob Hannam. Bob is co-director of the official MELVINS documentary that will be coming out in 2015. He will explain how & why he got into it, where the film is at right now and all the fun it is gathering all the history of a band that started 31 years ago. He'll have a few good stories for us. I swear. This will be a a huge event for any MELVINS fan.

Thanks everybody for your support and remember to download or stream my podcast down below if you missed my show. Have a great weekend and be cool. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Blackwulf | Acid Reign | split 7"
Dystopia | Ignorance Of Pride | Human = Garbage (reissue)
Chris & Kyle of AGAINST THE GRAIN (Detroit MI)
Against The Grain | Surrounded By Snakes | Surrounded By Snakes
Against The Grain | Get In The Van | Surrounded By Snakes
John Schooley | Clawhammer Banjo Medley | The Man 
Orange Goblin  | Sabbath Hex | Back From The Abyss
Wormwood | Hollow Black Eyes | Wormwood
Godflesh | New Dark Ages | A World Lit Only By Fire
Riwen | Nature Calls Us Back | Riwen
Society Sucker | Repeat Offender | Society Sucker
Electric Wizard | Time To Die | Time To Die
Amulet | Glint of the Knife | The First
The Hares | Song About A Girl | Smoking In Bed 
A-Town Sluts | Fog Of War | Steal Your Drugs
Churchwood | Cain | 3: Trickgnosis
Gust | Crack The Skies | Gust
Torch Runner | Congregation | Endless Nothing
Auslander | Total Fucked Up Mess | Auslander
Crucified | Unworthy | Dead Of Sleep
Hammerhead | Like A Wizard V1 | Global depression
Sick Of It All | Road Less Traveled | The Last Act Of Defiance
Iron Reagan | Eyeball Gore | The Tyranny of Will
Cannibal Corpse | Vector of Cruelty | A Skeletal Domain
Against The Grain | Outta Touch | Surrounded By Snakes
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

Robert Gongora
San Francisco, California

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Howard Stern caller Eric 'The Actor' Lynch dead at 39

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Electric Wizard | Incense for the Damned | Time To Die   
Blind Shake | Old Lake | Breakfast of Failures
At the Gates | At War with Reality | At War With Reality
Voight Kampff | Last House On the Right | 7" (Deranged Records)
Godflesh | Imperator | A World Lit Only By Fire
SSS | Deadwood | Limp.Gasp.Collapse
Baptists | Calling | Bloodmines
Philm | Fan Boy | Fire From The Evening Sun   
Altamont | Ezy Rider (Jimi Hendrix) | Civil War Fantasy LP (Reissue)
Today Is The Day | Masada | Animal Mother
Amulet | Evil Cathedral | The First   
Sick Thoughts | Try Not To | Fat Kid With A 10 Inch
A-Town Sluts | It All Really Sucks | Steal Your Drugs   
Torch Runner | Bound By Misery | Endless Nothing   
The Stops | Repulsive | The Stops
Beastmilk | Blood Under The Mill | White Stains on Black Wax   
Ides Of Gemini | Fememorde | Old World New Wave
The Monsieurs | We Are Wolves | The Monsieurs
Crucified | Conduit | Dead Of Sleep  
Gino and The Goons | I Like It Like That | Shake It
Hammerhead | Santa Prisca | Global Depression   
Total Abuse | Looking For Love | Looking For Love 7"
Sick Of It All | 2061 | The Last Act Of Defiance   
Cowards | Where Lies The Anchor | Hoarder EP  
Lo-Pan | Colossus | Colossus   
Sorxe | Her Majesty | Surrounded By Shadows  
Hassler | Affluenza | Fed, Worked and Watered
The New Flesh | Insignificance | The Absurd
The Flex | The New Blood | Wild Stabs In The Dark   
Society Sucker | The Hangman | Society Sucker   
Columns | Drifter Aftermath | Please Explode   
Cannibal Corpse | Icepick Lobotomy | A Skeletal Domain   
Iron Reagan | I Won’t Go | The Tyranny of Will
Auslander | Never Give It Up | Auslander   
Gust | Unease | Gust   
Methmouth | Dull//Mind | Tragic Film Split
Sorxe | Her Majesty | Surrounded By Shadows   
Iron Youth | Fifth Column | Iron Youth 7"   
The Phuss | At the Bottom | On the Prowl
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Sorry that my radio update is coming out late, but I totally been focused this week on being thee first one to get the new iPhone 6 Plus. It took a lot of shoving, pushing, cursing and crowd surfing, but I did it. I can't wait to get all my apps, music and contacts in place. The only thing is finding some huge pants to fit it into. Oh well, It was worth the wait. Have a good weekend and hit me up on Fitness Tracker. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
The Asteroid No. 4 | Revolution Prevail | The Asteroid No. 4   
Atriarch | Collapse | An Unending Pathway
Torch Runner | Attrition | Endless Nothing   
Danny and The Darleans | Don't Get In the Car | S/T
Beastmilk | The Wind Blows Through Their Skulls | White Stains on Black Wax
Not Afraid | Locked Out |  Locked Out
Ides Of Gemini | Black Door | Old World New Wave   
Sick/Tired | Dried Up Corpse | Dissolution
My Brother The Wind | Song Of Innocence part 2 | Once There Was A Time When Time And Space Were One   
Homewrecker | Born To Suffer | Circle Of Death
Silver Screams | Infinite Mirror | Creep Joint Scratch
Crucified | Dead of Sleep | Dead Of Sleep   
Hammerhead | Global Depression V2 | Global Depression   
HOD | Den Of Wolves | Book Of The Worm   
Sick Of It All | Sound The Alarm | The Last Act Of Defiance   
Piss Vortex | Of Bodily Waste and Desire | Piss Vortex
Fistula | Harmful Situation | Vermin Prolificus
Cannibal Corpse | Headlong into Carnage | A Skeletal Domain
Iron Reagan | I Won’t Go | The Tyranny of Will
The Phuss | Burn Notice | On the Prowl
Elephant Tree | Attack Of The Altaica | Theia
Lo-Pan | N.P.D. | Colossus   
Gust | Reality Chokes | Gust
Cross Examination | The Dawn of the Dude | Dawn Of The Dude   
Cowards | Fork Out | Hoarder EP   
Iron Youth | Disconnect | Iron Youth 7"   
The Haunted | Trend Killer | Exit Wounds
Auslander | Brats and Beer | Auslander   
Columns | Vicarious Living | Please Explode   
Methmouth   | Spew/Slander | Tragic Film Split  
Rabbits | An Odd Coloration | Untoward   
Dictated | Stonebreakers Rising | The Deceived   
Die Choking | Tonsil | II   
Sterilized | Chemical Dust | Chemical Dust 7"   
Krullur | Designed For Failure | Grounds For Termination   
I am become Death | Stag | I am become Death   
Society Sucker | Burdened | Society Sucker   
The Flex | Bloodsucker | Wild Stabs In The Dark   
John Garcia | All These Walls | John Garcia   
Electric Funeral | You're Next | Total Funeral

Robert Gongora
San Francisco, California

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

PLAYLIST | INTERVIEW w/ Mike Dean of Corrosion of Conformity | SEPTEMBER 9, 2014

Richard Kiel (9/13/39 - 9/10/14) RIP!

The last couple of weeks have been crazy here in the States. Entertainers dropping like flies, suicides, Rollins is crazy, football wife beaters and then the anniversary of 9/11. I’m so glad we all like music to get away from all that shit. I see & live reality every day, but I know how to turn it off with by turning on the stereo. Listening to new albums, reading music news, going to shows, traveling and hanging with the buds is the best get away outside of going out to nature itself. I’m very happy to have all that around me and all of you too. Thanks for being there. Cheers!

During Labor Day weekend back on Thursday, August 28th I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Dean of Corrosion of Conformity (the last 10 minutes of my radio show right here). Before I heard Black Flag, Bad Brain, DK and so on, I heard “EYE FOR AN EYE” first. He didn’t really want to do an extensive interview because he wanted to save his voice, but it was the best 8 minute outdoor interview. Oh, the show was pretty awesome too. I also want to thank Liz at Earsplit PR for hooking that up for me. Thanks Liz!

Thanks for listening and your support everybody. If you missed the show, you can download or stream it by clicking the iTunes box. Also, click on my social networks and add me to yours. We'll have lots of fun. HA! Have a great weekend and live life CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Mastadon feat. Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers | Atlanta | single
Ritual Mess | Actualize The Taste | Vile Art
Methmouth | Pity// Cringe | Tragic Film Split
Primitive Man | Loathe | Loathe
Society Sucker | Sentenced | Society Sucker
Torch Runner | Godless | Endless Nothing
Amulet | Mark of Evil | The First
Baptists | Harm Induction | Bloodmines
Asteroid #4 | Back Of Your Mind | S/T
Godhunter | Pursuit-Predator | Gh/ost:s
Sorxe | Creeper Beast | Surrounded By Shadows
Lo-Pan | Land Of The Blind | Colossus
Cannibal Corpse | Sadistic Embodiment | A Skeletal Domain
Iron Reagan | Tyranny of Will | The Tyranny of Will
Gust | Always The Same | Gust
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats | Runaway Girls | Runaway Girls 7"
Antropomorphia | Temphioth Workings | Rites ov Perversion
Cowards | Smell Of An Addict | Hoarder EP
Auslander | Bombs Away | Auslander
The Haunted | Psychonaut | Exit Wounds
Iron Youth | Elude | Iron Youth 7"
Die Choking | Civilian | II
Krullur | Necromancer Of Death | Grounds For Termination
The Flex | Under The Knife | Wild Stabs In The Dark
Crucifyre | Black Magic Fire | Black Magic Fire
Sterilized | Back To The Grind | Chemical Dust 7"
Rabbits | So Fake It's Real |Untoward
Dictated | The Deceived | The Deceived
Columns | Our Creation | Please Explode
The Phuss | Hammer and Nail | On the Prowl
Cross Examination | The Bluntacolypse | Dawn Of The Dude
I am become Death | Dull Knife | I am become Death
***INTERVIEW*** Mike Dean of Corrosion of Conformity (8/28/2014)
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

Robert Gongora
San Francisco, California

Robert Gongora
San Francisco, California

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Altamont | Civil War Fantasy | Civil War Fantasy LP (reissue)
Neighborhood Brats | One Wasted Year | Recovery
The Haunted | Cutting Teeth | Exit Wounds
Institute | Giddy Boys | Giddy Boys 7"
Die Choking | Spent Fuel Pool | II
Clutch | Big Fat Pig | Jam Room LP (reissue) 
Auslander | I Hate Hipsters | Auslander
Fórn | Suffering In The Eternal Void | The Departure of Consciousness
Colored Balls | Just Because | Heavy Metal Kid LP (reissue)
Krullur | Bringer Of Destruction | Grounds For Termination
Angry Gods | The Mass | Pressure Contained//The Mass 7"
Sterilized | Freedom Rides | Chemical Dust 7"
The Flex | Intro/Wild Stabs In The Dark | Wild Stabs In The Dark
Iron Youth | New Skin | Iron Youth 7"
The Phuss | I Don't Feel Good | On the Prowl
Anti Ritual | No Second Earth | Anti Ritual
Dead Fingers Talk | Does She Love Him | Storm The Reality Studios (reissue CD)
Corrosion of Conformity | Denmark Vesey | IX
Fu Manchu | Evolution Machine | Gigantoid LP
Rabbits | Pack Up Your Shit | Untoward
Dictated | Dispossession | The Deceived
Body Futures | Sha Na Na: Clone Project Alpha | Brand New Silhouettes
Pallbearer | Foundations | Foundations Of Burden
No Problem | Help Wanted | We're Already Dead
Crucifyre | Wolf's Hour | Black Magic Fire
Columns | Punching Nancy Grace | Please Explode
I am become Death | White Money | I am become Death
Nachtmystium | On The Other Side | The World We Left Behind
Cross Examination | Subterranean Thrash Assault | Dawn Of The Dude
HOD | I Am Destroyer | Book Of The Worm
John Garcia | Saddleback | John Garcia
Colombian Necktie | These Three Words | Twilight Upon Us
Ultramantis Black | Deepest Ecology | UltraMantis Black
Heavy Hand | I Freed All Four Wizards | Northwoods Knives
Goatwhore | Externalize This Hidden Savagery | Constricting Rage Of The Merciless


Thursday, August 21, 2014


I really have nothing to report this week. I am though pissed that people are wasting precious water, but I digress. I'm glad and waiting for the huge show this Saturday at El Rio here in San Francisco with Black Cobra, The Cutthroats 9 and The Mass. These three San Francisco bands have their own following and we are all coming together for one night. Black Cobra will be banging & heavy riffin' throughout the rest of the night. The Cutthroats 9 will be bringing the Unsane-Noise Rock hammer down as they play.  Then we have The Mass. They haven't played live in years, but they will bring their "A's" Metal game to the show. If you haven't been to a good heavy show in a while, this one will knock you to the ground and hopefully they'll pick you up from the pit if it's stable enough. HA! See you there.

Alcoholocaust Presents
El Rio  /  3158 Mission St.  /  btwn. Cesar Chavez & Valencia  /  San Francisco
BLACK COBRA  (headliner)
THE MASS  (1st show in San Francisco in over 7 years!)
Doors open at 9:00pm  /  Show at 10:00pm
$10.00 Admission  /  21+

By the way, I'm going to interview the legendary, Corrosion of Conformity when they're here for their show next Thursday. More on that next week. Thanks for listening and for your support everybody. If you missed the show, just click the play button right below here and Rock Out. Have a great weekend and stay straight. Yeah right. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Colored Balls | Heavy Metal Kid | Heavy Metal Kid LP (reissue)
Orange Goblin | The Devil's Whip | Back From The Abyss
Rabbits | Ever Mind | Untoward
Fu Manchu | No Warning | Gigantoid LP
Pallbearer | Worlds Apart | Foundations Of Burden
Replica | Nightlife | Beast EP 7"
Electric Wizard | Sadiowitch | Time To Die
Dictated | This Is to All | The Deceived
Earth | Torn by the Fox of the Crescent Moon | Primitive And Deadly
Dead Fingers Talk | Fight Our Way Out Of Here | Storm The Reality Studios (CD reissue)
Die Choking | Die-Yielding | II EP 7"
Corrosion of Conformity | Brand New Sleep | IX
Beige Eagle Boys | Katy Perry | You're Gonna Get Yours
Ultramantis Black | Stockpiling Graves | UltraMantis Black
powertakeOff| Man, It Smells Great In Here… | This Is Late LP
Entombed A.D. | The Underminer | Back To The Front
Disasteratti | Raid | Cerebral Hack Artist LP
The Cutthroats 9 | Speak | Dissent
Black Cobra | Somnae Tenebrae | Invernal
John Garcia | His Bullets' Energy | John Garcia
Animal Lover | Fits Of Protein | Guilt LP
Big Black Cloud | Disappointment| Lessons In Fuck You 2
Davidians | BauhausBeachHaus | Davidians 7"
Cross Examination| Hail to the Jeef | Dawn Of The Dude
Pregnancy Scares | Lobotomy Mind | Control EP 7"
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HOD | When The Ghouls Feed | Book Of The Worm
The Phuss | Golden Overdrive | On the Prowl
Columns| Rattlesnake Steps | Please Explode
BlackWolfGoat | Night Heat | Drone Maintenance
Crucifyre| Through The Darkness| Black Magic Fire
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini 

Rob Gongora

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

REISSUE LP's | Razorcake TOP 5 | Playlist | August 12, 2014

I really like reissue LP’s. Reissues to me brings back a certain record that was part of a generation that either embraced it or was lost during that era. Reissues also brings back that band/sound to the newer generation so they can appreciate what was happening at that time or just its music. I just picked up a few reissue LP’s just this week because (1.) I was not around in the early 70s and (2.) the albums were only CD. I remember when CD’s were at its highest popularity that major labels did not press most releases on wax. We all know that the last 7-10 years, vinyl sales are at its highest and reissues as well. When I’m digging through the new LP sections I see so many reissues from bands I recognize and some I don’t. The bands I don’t know, I go online and hear them (thank you Bandcamp & Youtube) and most of the time I’ll but their reissue LP right there.

As of late I’ve been into the band, Colored Balls from Australia. These guys were the best RNR band of their time back in the early 70s (and ahead of their time too), but 95% of the North America (or maybe even the world) didn’t hear them because imports had limited distribution and imagine the cost of it too. That’s also another reason why didn’t have those records nor hear them on the radio. Now, dedicated reissue record labels are bringing us music that was lost to the masses and can hold them now and play them on out record player at home. Now I have both Colored Balls reissue LP’s as well as Clutch’s ‘Jam Room’ LP and my friends at Valley King Records here in San Francisco just reissued both Dale Crover’s side-project, Altamont’s early records. I’m looking forward to more reissues to come, but in the meantime I will always buy new releases as well. Viva Reissues!
(pictured above from L-R): Colored Balls, Clutch, Altamont 2 records on Valley King Records) 

I think I haven't mentioned this in a while, but I have contributed a TOP 5 in Razorcake 'Zine for the last 7 years or so. If you don't know Razorcake, it's a DIY Punk zine that was started by Todd Taylor (old editor of Flipside) back in 2000 (or after Flipside ended its long publication). For more information or you would like to donate to Razorcake, click on picture down below or buy it your local indi record & book stores near you. Here's my TOP 5 in the latest issue of Razorcake. Enjoy!

Thanks for listening and your support everybody. If you missed the show, you can download or stream it by clicking the iTunes box. Also, click on my social networks and add me to yours. We'll have lots of fun. HA! Have a great weekend and stay straight. Yeah right. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC

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YOB | In Our Blood | Clearing The Path To Ascend
Rabbits | Pack Up Your Shit | Untoward
I am become Death | Jumping Out of a Perfectly Good Airplane | I am become Death
Ghetto Ghouls | Plastic Violence 7"
Punch | Worth More Than Your Opinion | The Don't Have To Believe
Obliterations | The One That Got Away | Poison Everything
The Phuss | On the Prowl | On the Prowl
Godhunter | Pursuit-Predator | GH/OST:S
Hang The Bastard | Sex In The Seventh Circle | Sex In the Seventh Circle
Sorxe | Steamroller | Surrounded By Shadows
BlackWolfGoat | Notausgang | Drone Maintenance
Crucifyre | Baphomet's Revenge | Black Magic Fire
Columns | Mudfucker | Please Explode
Nachtmystium | Intrusion | The World We Left Behind
HOD | Death Whores | Book Of The Worm
John Garcia | 5000 Miles | John Garcia
Beige Eagle Boys | Not My Fault | You're Gonna Get Yours
Pord | What Are Tuesdays For? | Wild
Acid Baby Jesus | Brain Damage | Vegetable EP
Cross Examination | Ritual Snackrifice | Dawn Of The Dude
Davidians | BummerTent | Davidians
Entombed A.D. | Pandemic Rage | Back To The Front
No Problem | Deprogram Me | We're Already Dead
Downset | Tu Corazon | One Blood
Pregnancy Scares | Graveyard | Mind Control EP
Goatwhore | Nocturnal Conjuration of the Accursed | Constricting Rage Of The Merciless
Animal Lover | Neighbors | Guilt
Secret Cutter | Craving the Silence | Secret Cutter
Disasteratti | The Exodus Inward | Cerebral Hack Artist
Ultramantis Black | Sentience UltraMantis Black
Madball | True School (f/ Scott Vogel of Terror) | Hardcore Lives
Heavy Hand | Secret of these Wedges | Northwoods Knives
Arnocorps | Collateral Damage | The Greatest Band Of All Time
Corrosion of Conformity | Who You Need to Blame | IX
Mastodon | High Road | Once More 'Round The Sun
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

Robert Gongora
San Francisco, California

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

PLAYLIST | JULY 29, 2014

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
HOD | Den Of Wolves | Book Of The Worm
Pord | Staring Into Space | Wild
Colombian Necktie | Stockholm '73 | Twilight Upon Us
Cross Examination | Opposite Day  | Dawn Of The Dude
Big Black Cloud | Reptile Brain 2 | Lessons In Fuck You 2
Bullet | Storm Of Blades
Acid Baby Jesus | Vegetable | Vegetable EP
Gog | Before you go we'd love to tear you to fucking pieces | S/T
John Garcia | My Mind | John Garcia
Connoisseur | No Dice | Stoner Justice
Fu Manchu | Radio Source Sagittarius | Gigantoid
Body Futures | Phantom Patterns Arson | Brand New Silhouettes
Heavy Hand | Hot With Dads, Tiger Beat Nation | Northwoods Knives
Arnocorps | Commando | The Greatest Band Of All Time
Goatwhore | FBS | Constricting Rage Of The Merciless
Madball | Doc Marten Stomp | Hardcore Lives
Rabbits | Ever Mind | UnForward
Flexx Bronco | Deathbaby | Flexx Bronco
Disasteratti | We Should Do this Again | Cerebral Hack Artist
I Am Become Death | Cattle Keeper
SOS | Disengage | Strength And Conditioning
Secret Cutter | 17.5 Dead Air | S/T
Pregnancy Scares | The Bait | Mind Control EP
Martyrdöd | Victoria | Elddop
Animal Lover | At The Pool With My Boys | Guilt
Wrong Answer | The World Is Empty | Circle Of Blood
Mortals | Epochryphal Gloom | Cursed to See the Future
No Problem | Talking To Myself | We're Already Dead
Ultramantis Black | Oil and Gas | UltraMantis Black
powertakeOff | Firing Squads | This Is Late
Downset | Champion | One Blood
Vice Maker | Fuck You Down | Vice Maker
Entombed A.D. | Waiting For Death | Back To The Front
Davidians | Leather(K)nights | Davidians


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


April 7, 1928 - July 19, 2014

What the hell is going on here? All my favorite 70′s iconic actors/musicians are dying off one by one every week. Last week was Tommy and this week, Mr. James Garner. Man, I am not waiting for who’s coming next. I hope it’s somebody I actually don’t like. JK! I also liked when he played Mel Gibson’s dad in the movie, Maverick. He also played the same character in the TV series back in the day too. Anyway, RIP Jim Rockford and hopefully you have a new answering machine where ever you are. Cheers! ~ Naked Rob, SFC

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
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Fu Manchu | Anxiety Reducer | Gigantoid LP
No Problem | The Controller | We’re Already Dead LP
Downset | One Blood | One Blood
The Number Ones | Heartsmash | The Number Ones
Henry Blacker | Crab House | Hungry Dogs Will Eat Dirty Puddings LP
Pregnancy Scares | Master Race | Mind Control EP 7″
HOD | Through The Gates (They Come For Me) | Book Of The Worm
Animal Lover | Lucky Pastures | Guilt LP
Ultramantis Black | Prescription Culture | UltraMantis Black
Davidians | Born2Chewz | Davidians 7″
Mortals | View From a Tower | Cursed to See the Future
Disasteratti | Convict | Cerebral Hack Artist LP
powertakeOff | Kansas 2 – Electric Boogaloo | This Is Late LP
Electric Funeral | F.O.A.D | Total Funeral
The Grasshopper Lies Heavy | Marathon II | All Sadness, Grinning Into Flow
Flexx Bronco | Filthy’s Lullabye | Flexx Bronco
Martyrdöd | Mer skada Ñn nytta | Elddop
Replica | Imagine Sisphus | Beast EP 7″
EYEHATEGOD | Robitussin and Rejection | Eyehategod
Mastodon | Feast Your Eyes | Once More ‘Round The Sun
The Glorious Rebellion | Thanks to AA, I’m the DD | The Glorious Rebellion
Secret Cutter | Mirror Mirror | Self Titled
Blackwülf | (un)Frozen In Time | Mind Traveler
Corrosion of Conformity | The Hanged Man | IX
Vice Maker | Tiger Bomb | Vice Maker
Madball | The Balance | Hardcore Lives
Body Futures | Is The Skeleton A Weapon | Brand New Silhouettes
Arnocorps | Total Recall | The Greatest Band Of All Time
Beige Eagle Boys | Burning Cantina | You’re Gonna Get Yours
Goatwhore | Heaven’s Crumbling Walls of Pity | Constricting Rage Of The Merciless
Heavy Hand | Milwaukee Cum Dumpster | Northwoods Knives
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

Robert Gongora
San Francisco, California

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

So we lost the last remaining original Ramone this past weekend, Tommy. If you’re around my age (45) you remember the Ramones back in the 70s and into the 80s very well. They were on top of the world; movies, TV, magazines and of course touring like mother fuckers. We still have members of The Beatles & The Stones that are still fuckin’ alive, but the original members of the Ramones have all passed. Tommy was the last one to see and experience how the Ramones have integrated into pop culture musical icons around the world. From Metalheads to Goth to Indi Rockers and everyone else loving the Ramones, they are a house hold name. Hell, I even saw CNN & FOX News reporting on Tommy’s death. WOW! If they’re reporting it, it must be a household name. Rest In Peace Tommy, Johnny, Dee Dee & Joey. You guys made me into a Punker and I’m still snotty & dirty as ever. “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” LOS RAMONES PARA LA VIDA! CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Secret Cutter | Deformed Eye | Self Titled
The Grasshopper Lies Heavy | Medicine Eyes | All Sadness, Grinning Into Flow LP
Tomahawk | M.E.A.T. | 7"
Ultramantis Black | Biomonster DNA | UltraMantis Black
Animal Lover | Please Me | Guilt LP
Electric Funeral | I Am the Dead | Total Funeral
Martyrdöd | En Jobbigt JÑvel | Elddop
Entombed A.D. | Vulture and the Traitor | Back To The Front
PowerTakeOff | Plowshare - Redux | This Is Late LP
SOS | Let Them Come | Strength And Conditioning
Vice Maker | C.B.T. | Vice Maker
Iron Reagan | Miserable Failure | The Tyranny Of Will
Gust | Humility In Disguise | Self Titled
Palm | Filth | The Unusual
Madball | Hardcore Lives | Hardcore Lives
Replica | Crust | Beast EP 7"
Cannibal Corpse | Sadistic Embodiment | Sadistic Embodiment
Electric Wizard | I Am Nothing | Time To Die
The Glorious Rebellion | My Resume is a Suicide Note | The Glorious Rebellion
The Swan King | Returning To Haunt | Last So Long
EYEHATEGOD | Agitation! Propaganda! | Eyehategod
Useless Eaters | I Think She Wants To Find Out | Desperate Living EP
Goatwhore | Reanimated Sacrifice | Constricting Rage Of The Merciless
Frantix | Tomorrow (Demo) | My Dad's A Fuckin' Alcoholic
Arnocorps | True Lies | The Greatest Band Of All Time
Heavy Hand | Winner Winner (Beer for Dinner) | Northwoods Knives
Body Futures | That's So Church | Brand New Silhouettes
Corrosion of Conformity | On Your Way | IX
Beige Eagle Boys | You Ruined Everything | You're Gonna Get Yours
Mastodon | Once More 'Round The Sun | Once More 'Round The Sun
Connoisseur | The Camper | Stoner Justice
Trap Them | Sanitations | Blissfucker
We Are Hex | W.D.M.R.S. | W.D.M.R.S./Tongues 7"
Flexx Bronco | Nightmare | Flexx Bronco
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

Robert Gongora
San Francisco, California

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Hell yeah! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! Don't forget to remember why we're drinking, gorging & blowing shit up, people. Have a Happy 4th of July and don't blow your hand up too. HA! Cheers! ~ Naked Rob


Arnocorps | Predator | The Greatest Band Of All Time
Revolting Cocks | Beers, Steers & Queers | Beers, Steers & Queers LP reissue
Columns | Punching Nancy Grace | Please Explode
Drunk Dad | Life's Work | Ripper Killer
Overkill | Amorist | White Devil Armory
The Grasshopper Lies Heavy | Hearts of Fire | All Sadness, Grinning Into Flow
Goatwhore | Unraveling Paradise | Constricting Rage Of The Merciless
Hornss | Heir To The Pickle Throne | No Blood, No Sympathy LP
Animal Lover | Lucky Pastures | Guilt
Black Tusk | Vulture's Eye | 7"
Heavy Hand | David Bowie Wants To Steal Your Baby | Northwoods Knives
Mastodon | The Motherload | Once More 'Round The Sun
Power Take Off | Kansas 2 - Electric Boogaloo | This Is Late
Fucking Invisible | The World Keeps Turning | It'll Get Worse Before It Gets Better
Body Futures | Hooks & Eyes | Brand New Silhouettes
Abolition A.D | Ouroboros | After Death Before Chaos
Disasteratti | Rolling Blackouts | Cerebral Hack Artist
Sumerian Fleet | On To You | Just Pressure LP
Connoisseur | Pot Hole | Stoner Justice
We Are Hex | Tongues | W.D.M.R.S./Tongues 7"
Corrosion of Conformity | The Nectar | IX
We Invented Tornadoes | Flight of the Dodo Bird | PTII | We Invented Tornadoes
Bastard Of The Skies | Wounder | Limited Edition Split
Steve Adymk Band | Forced Fed | Dial Tone
Wo Fat | Beggar's Bargain | The Conjuring
Sonic Avenues | Waiting For Change | Mistakes
Trap Them | Organic Infernal | Blissfucker
Beige Eagle Boys | I Do Not Belong Here | You're Gonna Get Yours
Run With The Hunted | Red Queen | The Sieve And The Sand
Crowbar | Ageless Decay | Symmetry in Black
EYEHATEGOD    Framed To The Wall    Eyehategod
Flexx Bronco | Kavorka | Flexx Bronco
Tombs | Portraits | Savage Gold

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Eli Wallach (1915-2014) R.I.P.

   I remember seeing the movie, The Good The Bad & The Ugly at one of my hometowns drive-ins (remember those?) back in Texas during the late 70s. At the time, I was 9 or 10 years old and really liked Westerns. Well, Westerns were all over the place at that time and especially on the telly. I had the fake gun, the cowboy shirt, the holster, the boots and even the cowboy hat. Hell, we even went to school dressed like that at times. TGTBTU had a huge impression on me growing up. 
   As I got older, Westerns became fixture on television during the Western time slots in the afternoon. Then all of a sudden in 1988, a band called MINISTRY came out with the album, The Land Of Rape & Honey on cassette. I heard it and it changed the way I heard music. It was heavy, dark, subliminal and had fuckin' movie samples. I heard shit from movies I liked and it got me HARD! Especially when I heard the track, "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE?" My jaw dropped and I yelled out to my friend, THAT'S TUCO! TUCO! My friend gave me a look like i just took a huge hit of PCP or something. Anyway, when I heard the actor Eli Wallach (The Ugly) has passed on, those memories came back in a flash. I love that movie and in his honor, I will see it this weekend and play Ministry's song as well. R.I.P. Tuco! 

   Thanks for listening and your support everybody. If you missed the show, you can download or stream it on iTunes or the radio stations logo down below. Also, click on my social networks and add me to yours. We'll have lots of fun. HA! Have a great weekend and be cool out there. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC

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Thee MVP'S | Amok Time | Oh Sally EP
Puff | Diese Stadt Ist Viel Zu Dreckig Fur Mein Baby Baby Baby Baby | Identitatsverlust EP
Connoisseur | Circle of Heads | Stoner Justice
Frantix | We Noticed (Live) | My Dad's A Fuckin' Alcoholic
Beige Eagle Boys | Nothing's Ever Good Enough - Scrambler | You're Gonna Get Yours
Young Widows | Bird Feeder | Easy Pain
Greenleaf | Depth Of The Sun | Trails & Passes
EYEHATEGOD | Worthless Rescue | Eyehategod
The Anomalys | No More! | Deadline Blues EP
Wo Fat | Pale Rider from the Ice | The Conjuring
Flexx Bronco | Blondetourage | Fkexx Bronco
Torch Runner | Committed to the Ground | Committed To The Ground
Abdullah | Black Helicopters | Graveyard Poetry
Useless Eaters | Dungeon | Desperate Living EP
Crowbar | Reflection of Deceit | Symmetry in Black
Tombs | Severed Lives | Savage Gold
Trap Them | Lungrunners | Blissfucker
Roy and the Devil's Motorcycle | Frozen Angel | Tino Frozen Angel
Brimstone Coven | The Grave | S/T
Run With The Hunted | Line of Dissent | The Sieve And The Sand
The Swan King | The Same Result | Last So Long
Corrosion of Conformity | Elphyn | IX
Young Widows | King Sol | Easy Pain

Robert Gongora
San Francisco, California

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Here's my new TOP 5 in the latest issue of Razorcake Magazine #80. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


So my hometown basketball team, the San Antonio Spurs beat the Heat in 5 games (almost a sweep) and now are the Champs of the world. What does this have to do about my radio show or music? Absolutely nothing. HA! I'm just proud of the team and my city for being classy mofo's. The SA fans didn't burn shit down, destroy property or caused any kind of a ruckus. They just cruised around downtown, honked their horns and yelled out "GO SPURS!" to celebrate the win. They had the river parade for them yesterday too. WOW! Wish i was there, but I'm glad for the internet because I got to see most of the celebration by thousands of fans. Congrats Spurs and SATX! Salud!

Thanks for listening everybody. If you missed the show, you can download or stream this show on iTunes down below. Have a great week and support your local music scene. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Wo Fat | Read the Omens | The Conjuring
Dark Blue | Just Another Night With The Boys | 7" Jade Tree Records
Beige Eagle Boys | You Can Make The Beat Go Boom Baby | You're Gonna Get Yours
Gust | Humility In Disguise | S/T
Corrosion of Conformity | Denmark Vesey | IX
Thee MVP'S | Oh Sally | Oh Sally EP
Goatwhore | Schadenfreude | Constricting Rage of the Merciless
Bowl Ethereal | Twenty Three Exciter Dreams | Bowl Ethereal
Anti Ritual | Slave Dogmatics | S/T
Blackwülf | (un)Frozen In Time | Mind Traveler
Arnocorps | Total Recall | The Greatest Band Ever
Puff | Identitatsverlust | Identitatsverlust EP
Abolition A.D | Enchanted Land | After Death Before Chaos
The Anomalys | Deadline Blues | Deadline Blues EP
Bastard Of The Skies | Yarn | Limited Edition Split
Peelander-Z | Go! Rio! | P-TV-Z
Earth Girls | Drag It Out | Wrong Side of History EP
Skemata | Warhead | Demo
Narcoman | Casualty | Demo
Roy and the Devil's Motorcycle | You Better Run | Tino Frozen Angel
Useless Eaters | Desperate Living | Desperate Living EP
Tombs | Thanatos | Savage Gold
Frantix | You're Ill | My Dad's A Fuckin' Alcoholic
The Swan King | Closer To The Source | Last So Long
Young Widows | Gift of Failure | Easy Pain
Summoner | Into The abyss | Atlantian LP
Run With The Hunted | Over the Footbridge | The Sieve And The Sand
Trap Them | Gift and Gift Unsteady | Blissfucker
Stalins Of Sound | Tank Tracks | Tank Tracks
Crowbar | Shaman Of Belief | Symmetry in Black
Hobocop | Stench of Death | Half Man Half Cop
Torch Runner | Current | Committed To The Ground
EYEHATEGOD | Nobody Told Me | Eyehategod
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini