Monday, September 30, 2013

New Releases for Terrible Tuesday Thrash Attack for OCT 1, 2013

Here's just a few new releases I'll be playing a track from on my radio show this Tuesday, October 1st. Also, click on the bands link and listen to some new shit while you're here. Fuckin' Metal!

Morne "Shadows" Armageddon Records

Blackout "We Are Here" Independent
Windhand "Soma" Relapse Records

Cleanteeth "Pushing Rope" Dullest Records

East Of The Wall "Redaction Artifacts" Translation Loss Records

IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT "Goliath" Vatican Records

Kill Division "Destructive Force" Metal Blade Records

Ulcerate "Vermis" Relapse Records

Satanic Malfunctions "Them" SELFMADEGOD RECORDS


OBLIVION "Called to Rise" Unique Leader Records