Thursday, September 19, 2013


Today's show had Parker of Windhand calling in from the road. The new album, SOMA is out now on Relapse Records and they'll be here in San Francisco this Friday, September 20th at the Hemlock Tavern. Also, I'll like to thank Subliminal SF for letting me giveaway a pair of tickets to the show. Let Doom take over our city!
Thanks for listening to the show and the podcast of it will be up soon. Until next time, be cool and be METAL! Cheers!
~ Naked Rob, SFC

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
The Man Eaters of Tsavo | Upon Reaching the Sun | The Man Eaters of Tsavo
Hornss | The Maker of Moons | HORNSS
Pig Destroyer | The Octagonal Stairway | Adult Swim Singles Program 2013
Toxic Holocaust | Out Of The Fire | Chemistry Of Consciousness
Carcass | Thrasher's Abattoir | Surgical Steel
Ulcerate | Vermis | Vermis
Ministry | PermaWar | From Beer to Eternity
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Parker of WINDHAND
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Bl'ast! | Tomorrow | Blood!
Transient | Sustain the Yoke | Transient
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Hyaena Rabid | Freak Mafia | Homo... Homini... Hyaena!
American Sharks | Satans Overture Pt. 1 | American Sharks
Melvins | Night Goat | Houdini ---- Happy 20th Anniversary of its release!