Sunday, December 22, 2013


Thanks for a great 2013 everybody! This year in music ruled and can't wait to see what's coming up for next year. Also, I will not be doing my show until near year, January 7th 2014. In the meantime, you can check out my podcast page HERE or on iTunes
Have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you & your families. See ya next year! CHEERS!
Naked Rob
San Francisco

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Akimbo | Equal Opportunity Asshole | Live To Crush
Call Of The Void | Napalm Lungs | Dragged Down A Dead End Path
Jonny Manak and The Depressives  | Ride The Barrel | Primitive Sounds for a Modern World
Against The Grain | Raise Your Glass | Surrounded By Snakes
Gringos | Kings of the Stone Age | Pearly Gates
Shroud Eater | Cannibals | Dead Ends
Retox | Modern Balls | YPLL
Living Eyes | Show Me Blood | Who Will Remain?
Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds | The Rad Lord’s Return | Haunted Head
Oblivians | Call The Police | Desperation
Neo Cons | Neo Cons | Idiot Circus
Tomahawk | South Paw | Oddfellows
Boards of Canada | Gemini | Tomorrow's Harvest
Kylesa | What Does It Take | Ultraviolet
Locrian | Eternal Return | Return to Annhilation
Maximum Rnr | Attack Panther | Rough Side Of The Dial
Ramming Speed | Anticipating Failure | Doomed To Destroy, Destined To Die
Centuries | Caeruleus | Taedium Vitae
Ghoul | Blow Up The Embassy (Fearless Iranians From Hell cover) | Intermediate Level Hard-Core
Fleshtemple | Ancient Leaf | Initiation
Creem | Curator | Curator
Turn Me On Dead Man | Heart Of The Deaf | We Are The Star People
Coliseum | Disappear From Sight | Sister Faith
Queens Of The Stone Age | I Sat By The Ocean | ...Like Clockwork
Black Tusk | A Cold Embrace | Tend No Wounds
True Widow | HW:R | Circumambulation
Lord Dying | Perverse Osmosis | Summon the Faithless
Dead In The Dirt | Suffer | The Blind Hole
Hickoids | Stop It, You're Killing Me | Hairy Chafin' Ape Suit
BL'AST! | Your Eyes | Blood!
Waxeater | One Man And Two Barrells Will Never Be Enough | Baltimore Record
Death Hymn Number 9 | Binary Baby | 3rd Degree Moon Burns
American Sharks | Iron Lungs | American Sharks
Ulcerate | Odium | Vermis
Satanic Malfunctions | No Masters Or Slaves | Them
Like Like The The The Death | Here Comes Irregular | Cave Jenny
Circle Of Rage | Beyond The Barricades | Rage In D-Minor
Rawhide | Cut You Down | Murder One
Red Fang | Voices of the Dead | Whales and Leeches
Cop Problem | Who Really Pays? | Buried Beneath White Noise
Motorhead | Death Machine | Aftershock
Old Lines | Easy Answers | If You See Something, Say Something
Hogbitch | Maindenhead | Hogbitch
Weekend Nachos | Sickened No More | Still

Sunday, December 15, 2013


WOW! Jerry & I had a really great conversation on the show today. We talked about the weather, Portland, SF, Punk Rock, living on the rode, yuppies, hipsters and we could've gone on and on. I knew to end the interview when we were slamming yuppies & hipsters. It could've gotten real ugly. HA! Anyway, Jerry was great and hope to have him on another time. Thanks Jerry. 

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Wartorn | Iconic Nightmare | Iconic Nightmare
Terminate | Numb | Ascending To Red Heavens
Primitive Man | Stretched Thin | Scorn
Baptists | Betterment | Bushcraft
Unburied | Stalked, Fucked, And Buried | Murder 101
Blockheads | Deindividualized | This World Is Dead
OFF! | Jet Black Girls | OFF!
Death Wolf | Sudden Bloodletter | II: Black Armoured Death
Bazooka | Monkey Town  | I Want To Fuck All The Girls In My School EP
Gay Anniversary | American Yard | New In Class 10 inch LP
The Psyched | Good Boy | THE PSYCHED
Jerry of Poison Idea
Poison Idea | Pure Hate
Attitude Adjustment | American Paranoia
Paint Fumes | 999 | Uck Life
Thee Oops | Global Warming | Happy Charlie EP
Suffocation | Purgatorial Punishment | Pinnacle Of Bedlam
Fistula | The Spider | Northern Aggression
White Widows | Ace Rothstien | White Widows
Pissed Jeans | Cat House | Honeys
Buckshot Facelift | Fergus the Engorger | Elder's Rasp
Centuries | Broken Hymns | Patsy O'Hara Split
Blood Tsunami | In the Dungeon of the Rats | For Faen
Clutch | Mr. Freedom | Earth Rocker
HOD | I Am Destroyer | The Uncreated Demo
Nails | In Exodus | Abandon All Life
Old Wounds | Hellbent | From Where We Came is Where We'll Rest
Howl | Attrition | Bloodlines
Iron Reagan | Drop The Gun | Worse Than Dead
Bazooka | Summer Song | Bazooka
Seven Sisters of Sleep | Swamp | Seven Sisters Of Sleep
Culo | Societies Claws | My Life Sucks and I Could Care less
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini

Monday, December 9, 2013


On tomorrow's The Terrible Tuesday Thrash Attack Radio Show w/Naked Rob, Jerry from Poison Idea will be calling in. They have an upcoming show this Friday the 13th for SLICK BASH #100 at Thee Parkside here in San Francisco. Along with Poison Idea at SLICK BASH, Attitude Adjustment, Moses & I MADMAN. The show is 21+ and will be one the BEST shows to end 2013. Check it out OR DIE!

Also on the show will be my part 1 of 2 - Best Of 2013. It's not a fuckin countdown either. Just songs from the past year that I liked and I don't have a #1. Next week will be part 2 and then I'm taking off until January 7th. So that means only 2 shows left for 2013.

Check out the radio show 4-6PM PST on Radio Valencia 87.9FM in San Francisco or listen online at You have been warned! LISTEN OR GET NO PRESENTS FROM SANTA! MUHAHAHA!!! ~ Naked Rob

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Thanks everybody for listening. The podcast of this show will be up soon. DON'T FORGET!! 
I'm dedicating the whole radio show to my friend & superb San Franciscan artist, Alan Forbes. He got jumped hella hard and the fuckers ran off like cowards. Alan now is in recovery, but with no medical insurance, his bills are rising.

There are going to be 2 benefit shows for him. The first one is this Saturday, December 7th at The Make-Out RoomRoom here in San Francisco. You can help at those benefits OR you can help RIGHT NOW by purchasing his work on the link below. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated and you'll be helping Alan to continue his life's work. Thanks for your time & help. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC

This event will also have a silent auction.

To donate to the silent auctions, please contact

More information on the benefits and silent auctions can be found here:

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

The Make-Out Room
3225 22nd St (at Mission)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 647-2888

Doors: 5:00 PM
First band: 6:00 PM
Ends by 10:00 PM

(intro) Melvins | Honey Bucket | Houdini
Hornss | The Red Death | No Blood No Sympathy
Motorhead | End Of Time | Aftershock
Rawhide | Damage Done | Murder One
Enabler | Sickened By The Wake | Flies
BAT | Bat | Primitive Age
Valdur | Conjuring The Fire Plagues | At War With
Godhunter | Vulture's Wake | Split 7”
Anakim | The Wimper Of Whipped Dogs | Split 7”
Immortal Bird | The Pseudoscientist | Akrasia
Rabbits | Riff Fuck Reap | SOS [Singles, Other Shit]
DOMS | It Figures | DOMS Demo
Integrity | Grace of the Unholy | Systems Overload (reissue)
Cokegoat | Buried in the City | Vessel
Weekend Nachos | Still | Still
Tidal Arms | Mad Glacier | Tidal Arms
Hogbitch | Thrown to the Sky | Hogbitch
Hammer Fight | Foot Chase | Chug Of War
Soul Remnants | Incinerator | Black And Blood 
Skeletonwitch | From A Cloudless Sky | Serpents Unleashed
Toxic Holocaust | Salvation is Waiting | Chemistry of Consciousness
Old Lines  | Still | If You See Something, Say Something 7" 
Centinex | Bells Of Misery | Subconscious Lobotomy (v.II.MCMXCIX)
Mutoid Man| Scrape the Walls | Helium Head
OvO | Pandemonio | Abisso
Obliteration | Sepulchral Rites  | Black Death Horizon
Sepultura | Manipulation Of Tragedy | The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart
Cop Problem | Who Really Pays? | Buried Beneath White Noise
(outro) Melvins | Hag Me | Houdini