Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Adios THRASH ATTACK show & Loud Rock Director | Hello Radio Valencia SFC

Hey hey, what's happening? Hope all is well. I have some sad news to tell y'all. After being at KSCU 103.3FM for 13 years, being the Loud Rock Director for eight of those years and having THE THRASH ATTACK radio show for ten years, I am no longer doing the show after this month. I'm also stepping down as the Loud Rock Director too. As of the last 6 months or so I've been lacking on my commitment to KSCU and if you've known me in the past, I like putting 100% of my time into the station. Living and working here in San Francisco and trying to do other projects (going back to Europe, starting a band, doing pirate radio here, gf, etc etc...), I have to drop something and that's my show in the South Bay. It wasn't easy to choose this path and I've been getting a lack of sleep due to it.

I'm hoping to stay on the KSCU sub-list (and the e-mail list) though if possible so I won't be entirely gone from the KSCU family and hope to keep the tradition of spinning HEAVY music going. Turning on NEW music & bands to the listeners and others will always be a part of my life from here on. I will miss all of my favorite DJ's like Nicole (favorite MD EVER!), Mr. Power Pop, Scrawny, Modern Mark, Ash & Wenzdai, EO, Olga, Colin, Joel, DJ Delerium (my show was before hers 3-6AM when i started), Krysti, Kaos, Zergog, Sunday Blues guy Mark, KAYVON (best promotions director EVER) and many more from years past. To all new DJ's and our bad ass General Managers of new & old too, kick ass job.

I will continue being on the airwaves here in San Francisco at Radio Valencia every Tuesday, 4-6PM and will continue spinning the best in Metal, Punk, Rock and everything else underground music on this planet. I'll be going to Europe for over a month pretty soon and when I get back, I already talked to the station heads about getting serious about making the music department come alive. ALIIIIVE!!!!! Until then, I'll continue my email list and keep you up to date with all the going ons in the world of me and the future of THE THRASH ATTACK here in SFC. Check out the website for podcasts and streaming 24/7 at Don't worry, THE THRASH ATTACK will be back, but in a different form and place. Thanks again everybody for everything and keep in touch via social network below. Cheers! ~ Naked Rob, SFC

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