Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hey hey everybody, what's happening? I just got back from a little vacation in Texas. I ate so much Tex-Mex & BBQ and drank shit loads of Lone Star Beer. Now, I'm eating salads and drinking water so far everyday. Well, at least up until this Friday because this weekend is HALLOWEEN!! One of the best parts of the year. Dress up as scary as you like (or slutty) and getting wasted is always a good thing on Halloween. Hope you all have fun and stay safe this weekend. Nothing else is really happening here so I'm cutting this short. Thanks for your support and have a great HALLOWEEN! CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC


(intro) Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005


*Beneath Oblivion / intro / From Man To Dust

*Anthrax / the devil you know / Worship Music

*The Misfits / the black hole / The Devil's Rain

*Mastodon / blasteroid / The Hunter

*MonstrO / stallone / MonstrO

*Seraphim / the dust filled our lungs / The Light In The Distance

*Chimaira / trigger finger / The Age Of Hell

*KMFDM / vive la mort! / WTF?!

*Trigger Effect / 300 hairy bears / Versitis Maximus

*Premonition 13 / clay pigeons / Premonition 13

*Brutal Truth / celebratory gunfire / End Time

*Megadeth / the conjuring / Peace Sells....But Who's Buying


*Rwake / the culling / Rest

*Jasta / mourn the illusion / Jasta

*Morbid Angel / existo vulgore / Illud Divinum Insanus

*Hail!Hornet! / kill the liars / Disperse the Curse

*In Flames / deliver us / Sound Of A Playground

*Unkind / koulutettu / Harhakuvat

*Cerebral Ballzy / you're idle / Cerebral Ballzy

*Prurient / time's arrow (unsolved) / Time's Arrow

*Machine Head / I am hell / Into The Locust

*Fuck The Facts / census blank / Die Miserable


*As You Drown / your loyal betrayer / Rat King

*Landmine Marathon / dead horses / Gallows

*Vader / welcome to the morbid reich / Welcome To the Morbid Reich

*Warbringer / shattered like glass / World Torn Asunder

*Skeletonwitch / of ash and torment / Forever Abomination

*Ceremony / M.C.D.F. / Rohnert Park CD


*Deep Sleep / out of time / Three Things At Once

*Night Birds / demon hainted world / The other Side Of Darkness

*Glambilly / i must be the devil / White BBQ Sauce

*Delaney Davidson / bad luck man / Bad Luck Man

*Mariachi El Bronx / everything dies / Mariachi El Bronx

*David Cloud & The Gospel Power / on the rebound / Practice In The Milky Way

*Warm Ghost / inside and out / Narrows

*Old 97's / brown haired daughter / The Grand Theatre: Volume Two

*Green Pajamas / pass me another whiskey / Green Pajama Country

*The Jim Jones Revue / premeditated / Burning Your House Down

KSCU TOP 10 Loud Rocks

1 MASTODON The Hunter Reprise
2 MACHINE HEAD Unto The Locust Roadrunner
3 BENEATH OBLIVION From Man To Dust Mylene Sheath
4 FUCK THE FACTS Die Miserable Relapse
5 WARBRINGER Worlds Torn Asunder Century Media
6 VADER Welcome To The Morbid Reich Nuclear Blast
7 SERAPHIM The Light In The Distance Chainsaw Safety
8 LANDMINE MARATHON Gallows Prosthetic
9 CEREMONY Rohnert Park Bridge 9
10 AS YOU DROWN Rat King Metal Blade


*P.I.L. / rise / Greatest Hits

*Swarm Of The Lotus / call to abandon / The Sirens Of Silence

*Some Girls / death face / Heaven's Pregnant Teens

*The Sword / lament for the auroch / Age Of Winters

*Gravity Propulsion System / fake skyline / Get Destroy

*Lightning Bolt / megaghost / Hypermagic Mountain

*Veronica Lipgloss & The Evil Eyes / let me see your eyes / The Witch's Dagger

*Sonic Youth / drunken butterfly / Dirty

*L7/ shitlist / Bricks Are Heavy

*Adult / hand to phone (cordless mix) / Resuscitation

*SPK / in flagranto delicto / The Tyranny Of The Beat

*Kelly Rice / thirty-one / Kelly Rice

*Tribes Of Neurot / unknown / Rebegin

*Ministry / dreamsong / The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste

*Trial Of The Bow / the two sacred tapestries of persia / Ornamentation

*Breasts / mole skin / Breasts

*Cable Regime / skin illustrations / Assimilate & Destroy

*October File / under the house / Tribute: To Public Image Limited

Rob Gongora
San Francisco CA