Wednesday, February 9, 2011


*(intro) MELVINS / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005

*Fist Blood / intro & silence / Silence Is Betrayal
*Most Precious Blood / blame it on altered beast / Do Not Resuscitate
*Noisear / waiting to be born / Subvert the Dominant Paradigm
*Motorhead / bye bye bitch bye bye / The World Is Yours
*Crowbar / isolation (desperation) / Sever The Wicked Hand
*DevilDriver / dead to rights / Beast
*Kylesa / crowded road / Spiral Shadow
*Tia Carrera / saturn missile battery / Cosmic Priestess
*Bardo Pond / don't know about you / Bardo Pond
*Korperschwache / there is a certain smell attractive to wolves / Evil Walks
*Crucifyre / born again satanist / Infernal Earthly Divine
*Atheist / fraudulent cloth / Jupiter
*Electric Wizard / black mass / Black Masses
*King Destroy / old yeller / And The Rest Will Surely Perish
*Lesbian / stropharia cubensis (part 1) / Stratospheria Cubensis
*Jesu / / Heart Ache & Dethroned
*Serpent Throne / pagan eclipse / White Summer Black Winter
*Onslaught / born for war / Sounds Of Violence
*As They Sleep / attila / Dynasty
*Murder Construct / destroy babylon / Murder Construct
*Total Fucking Destruction / nekropunk / Haters
*Phobia / revolt your life / Unrelenting
*Gay For Johnny Depp / santa claus, the easter bunny and artistic integrity / What Doesn't Kill You, Eventually Kills You
*Abysmal Dawn / in service of time / Leveling The Plain Of Existence
*Lazarus A.D. / casting Forward / Black River Flow
*Royal Thunder / sleeping witch / Royal Thunder

*Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers / heaven in stereo / Teenage and Torture
*Black Math / suck city / Phantom Power
*27 / tangled in your spokes / Brittle Divinity
*Wanda Jackson / shakin' all over / The Party Ain't Over
*Black Pistol Fire / suffication blues / Black Pistol Fire
*Gang Of Four / you don't have to be mad / Content
*Mogwai / white noise / Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
*THe Posies / license to hide / Blood/Candy
*Brian Eno / emeralnd and lime / Small Craft On A Milk Sea
(L)*Unko Atama / twinkle twinkle UFO / Another World
(L)*Jonny Manak and The Depressives / can't wait to meet you / I Am Not A Bum...I'm A Jerk!

Zombie Flu, SXSW, Playlists, TOP 10, Social Info

Aw man, I got the zombie flu last week and missed work, both my radio shows and a couple of good shows going on here in the city. I'm much better now and being back 100% means a new & fresh start. I know I've been lagging on my updates but man, I've been tired from work, the weather has been so nice that I've been playing outside a lot and I've been listening to shitloads of music as of late. Really! I've been buying vinyl like no tomorrow and all the promos and new music coming in is really getting my ass in gear for SXSW in Austin, TX. YEAH!! Once again, I'll be there for another round of BBQ, Lone Star Beer, live music, friends and lots of partying. If you're going, LET ME KNOW! I want to hook up with just about as much of y'all I can. I know where all the good shows are. I don't stay in one place too long and I just don't see my friends bands either. I see all! HA! So, hit me up with an e-mail, let's exchange digits and have a good time in Austin. Oh yeah, I'll have my list of bands I'll be seeing coming soon too. SEE YOU AT SXSW!!!

This Saturday I'll be seeing CARLTON MELTON (ex-Zen Guerrilla) and the return of DRUNK HORSE at the El Rio. It's 21 & over so minaors, bring your good fake i.d.'s. HA! Oh yeah, I saw FATSO JETSON last week and they blew everybody the fuck out. They were aewsome! That same bill too had Mike & Nick of THE JACK SAINTS playing in their band, HORNSS. Be looking out for them soon. YEAH!!!

Since some of you are new to radio or social networks and what not, here's my latest radio information and on the social network curcuit. Also, if you have any, send them my way as well. Grazie!

Streaming online at

TERRIBLE TUESDAY, Radio Valencia 87.9FM, 4-6PM (PST)
Streaming online at


ADD THIS SHIT, PEOPLE AND SPREAD THE WORD! LOL! Thanks everybody for everything and hope too see you at a show or something. Have fun this weekend and take care. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFCA


*(intro) MELVINS / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005

*King Destroy / old yeller / And The Rest Will Surely Perish
*Onslaught / born for war / Sounds Of Violence
*Abysmal Dawn / in service of time / Leveling The Plain Of Existence
*Total Fucking Destruction / nekropunk / Haters
*OFF! / black thoughts / First Four EP's
*Carlton Melton / handling snakes / 7" - King Valley Records
*Serpent Throne / march of the druids / White Summer Black Winter
*Electric Wizard / turn off your mind / Black Masses
*Lesbian / raging arcania / Stratospheria Cubensis
*Phobia / sign of times / Unrelenting
*All Out War / defiance through fear / Into The Killing Fields
*As They Sleep / the offering / Dynasty
*Evocation / we are unified insane / Apocalyptic
*D.I.S. / marked to the vein / Critical Failure
*Wretched / the guardians of uraitahn / Beyond The Gate
*Kill The Client / as roaches / Set For Extinction
*Jesu / ruined / Heart Ache & Dethroned
*Royal Thunder / deacon / Royal Thunder
*Cough / ritual abuse / Ritual Abuse
*Kylesa / spiral shadow / Spiral Shadow
*Atheist / fraudulent cloth / Jupiter
*Squalora / of this earth / Hell Is Other People
*Vultures 2012 / everyone's a stepping stone / Bare Your Teeth
*Sons Of Tonatiuh / adam & evil / Sons of Tonatiuh
*Black Math / suck city / Phantom Power
*Revolting Cocks / let's get physical / Beers, Steers & Queers



*Carlton Melton / handling snakes / 7" - Valley King Records
*Drunk Horse / reformed asshole
*Quest For Fire / set out alone & strange vacation / Lights From Paradise
*Night Horse / goodbye gone / Perdition Hymns
*Tia Carrera / slave 1
*Queens Of The Stone Age / little sister / Lullabies
*Akimbo / wizard van wizard / Navigating The Bronze LP
*Melvins / hooch
*KYLESA / testing the good of man / Kylesa LP
*Mogwai / batcat / The Hawk Is Howling
*Steel Pole Bath Tub / pseudoephedrine hydrochloride / The Miracle Sound Of Motion
*Butthole surfers / hurdy gurdy man
*Gay Sportscasters / tailgate party / 7" - Only Boy Records
*Annihilation Time / bald headed women / III
*Smart Cops / a quattro zampe / Cominciare A Vivere 7"
*Talk Is Poison / rage to infinity / TIP 01 - 7"
*Brutal Knights / too many tattoos & sky mall/ Blown 2 Completion LP
*Kvoteringen / spelet ar slut & att offra nagot levande/ Samhallets Forradare LP
*Fight Amp / bad listener I / Manners and Praise LP
*D.I.S. / speak of hate / Critical Failure LP
*Voetsek / bully with a badge & aggro fueled/ Infernal Command
*Weekend Nachos / various songs / This Comp Kills Fascists Volume 1
*Cop On Fire / zero positive / 7"
*B.U.S.H. / let's kill some iraqi's / 7"
*Midnite Snake / nitro-turbo-overdrive / Midnite Snake


*Voetsek / stigmata
*Coke Bust / Time Theft
*Larm / hippies
*Seein Red / riot
*Gride / posledni minuta - kolaps
*Conquest For Death / short, fat & loud
*Catheter / death merchant
*Superbad / counter offer
*Noisear / fragile existence 2
*Extortion / decompose
*Brutal Truth / what you want
*Lack Of Interest / on the edge of clarity
*Enemies Of Inertia / deals gone bad
*Laher / greece
*Torture Unit / blinders
*Pretty Little Flowers / obliteration horizon
*Slight Slappers / stupid is as stupid does
*Brodys Militia / drone mob II
*Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation / Wallow
*Wasteoid / ballade of a real son of a bitch/multiple personalities/short but sweet
*Street Pizza / fuck you pay me!
*Despise You / repeat until you fail-all the regimes you hold most dear
*Triac / pledge of vice/seed power/the reaping
*Phobia / rehashed / Unrelenting
*Raw Nerve / hemlock / Raw Nerve
*Total Abuse / eunuch / Mutt
*Das Oath / the kult starts here / Das Oath LP
*Failures / friends / Failure LP
*Morne / twilight burns / Untold Wait
*Hookers / the mugger / Horror Rises From The Tombs 7"
*Monotonix / set me free / Where Were You When It Happen
*Carlton Melton / handling snakes / 7" - Valley King Records
*Melvins / interstellar overdrive (Pink Floyd) / 10"
*Black Math / a distant glowing tower / 7"
*Horseback / the invisible mountain / The Invisible Mountain
*Conan / krull / Horseback Battle Hammer
*Quest For Fire / confusion's home / Lights From Paradise
*Night Horse / hard to bear / Perdition Hymns

Rob Gongora
San Francisco, CA