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THE THRASH ATTACK IS BACK! | RADIO VALENCIA | iPHONE APP | Social Networking | Playlist | TOP 10

"The Thrash Attack is back? Praise Allah!"

What’s happening everybody? I’m alive and doing well after nearly a four month departure from the airwaves here at KSCU. I hope your summer went as well as mine. I went to tons of shows, downed gallons & gallons of booze, watched baseball & war on the telee, didn’t get to kiss a girl, went to a few BBQ’s, did my other radio show here in San Francisco and yet accomplished nothing. Yep, another typical summer for me. HA!

Starting tomorrow, Thursday the 29th for 8 years and runnin’, THE THRASH ATTACK radio show is back. I’ll still be at my old slot time, 4-7PM (Pacific time) on KSCU 103.3FM and of course streaming online at The show will stick with its same old format of NEW; Metal, Hardcore, Stoner Rock, Sludge, Doom, Death, Grind, Rock, Punk, Garage, Industrial, Post-Everything, Indie, Re-Issues and whatever else I want. I’m still doing my other radio show, TERRIBLE TUESDAYS as well here in San Francisco on RADIO VALENCIA 87.9FM and/or streaming online at RV has been around exactly for a year now and we are making a pretty good impact on the radio scene.

Also, both KSCU & RADIO VALENCIA has their own iPhone app. Really! Download the apps here; & Download ‘em now!

As you know, social networking sucks ass sometimes but it does wonders for our medium. By seeing what bands are coming to our town, what new albums we bought or heard, when our radio shows are happening, new releases and so on and so on. Social networking is just that, networking. I have a few of them and I’m asking nicely that you add all of them to yours, as I will do for you. I have a new one on TUMBLR and of course my podcast pages are there too. Thanks!




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I hope everybody had a great summer as I did and I’m glad football is back too. Thanks for sending me music. Oh yeah! A quick shout out to GRAVE MISTAKE RECORDS & LEARNING CURVE RECORDS for sending some badass music on wax. Thanks guys. Keep sending me music, as I will keep blasting it over the airwaves. Have a kick ass weekend and be cool. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFC


(intro) For A Few Dollars More / Theme by Ennio Morricone
*Lou Reed & Metallica / the view / Lulu
*Government Warning / no moderation / No Moderation LP
*Fuck the Facts / drift / Die Miserable
*Brain F / so dim / So Dim 7”
*Trigger Effect / ghostie de tabarnak / Versitis Maximus
*Coke Bust / side A / Degradation E.P. 7”
*Warbringer / living weapon / Worlds torn Asunder
*The Ergs / i shot the devil’s son / Thrash Compactor 7”
*Wasted Time / withdrawal / Futility LP
*Skeletonwitch / the infernal resurrection / The Infernal Resurrection
*The Shirks / prostitution summer / 7”
*Brutal Truth / end time / End Time
*The Ladies / dismemberabilia / Six More reasons To Hate…7”
*Touche Amore / pathfinder / Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me
*Burning Sons / burnt / Reduced To Equality LP
*Night Fever / wasted / New Blood
*Oathbreaker / origin / Maelstrom
*Glorior Belli / secret ride to rebellion / The Great Southern Darkness
*Deep Sleep / turn me off / Turn Me Off
*Grown Ass Men / welcome to my world / Too Old To Die Young
*MonstrO / fantasma / MonstrO
*Night Birds / demon haunted world / The Other Side Of Darkness
*Follow By Static / trash 2011 / Bacon Bear EP
*The Blind Shake / hurracan / Seriousness LP
*Hard Skin / romford / Fucking Skins Fucking Punks
*Wet Secrets / easy prey vs sex maniacs / Rock Fantasy
*The Holy Ghostriders / betting at the race track / Fast Track Heart Attack
*Quicksand / baphomet / Slip
*Diasasteratti / the veteran / Transmissionary LP
*Beergut 100 / fist full of copper / Fist Full Of Copper
*The Birthday Suits / this is a song / The Minnesota: Mouth To Mouth LP
*The Flamin; Hellcats / 78 / Speedfreak
*Private Dancer / weekend / Alive In High Five LP
*D.R.I. / runnin’ around
*Sektor 304 / gravity factor / Soul Cleaning

KSCU TOP 10 CMJ Loud Rocks

1         EXHUMED         All Guts, No Glory         Relapse                                                   

2         EXECUTIONER         The Anthology         Patac                                                        

3         ALL SHALL PERISH         This Is Where It Ends         Nuclear Blast                                   

4         DECAPITATED         Carnival Is Forever         Nuclear Blast                                                              5         MEGADETH         Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?         EMI-Capitol                                              

6         IRON LAMB         The Original Sin         Pulverised                                                  

7         MOCKINGBIRDS         MOCKINGBIRDS         Not Lame                                        

8         400 BLOWS         Sickness And Health         ORG                                                       

9         JASTA         Jasta         eOne                                                                                        

10         PESTILENCE         Doctrine         Mascot

Rob Gongora                                                                                                                

San Francisco, California

Monday, September 12, 2011


Just got it in the mail today. Can't wait to spin them on tomorrow's radio show. I love vinyl. Thanks A389 Recordings. YEAH!!