Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hey hey everybody, what’s up? Just to let you know first, I got a new computer and it’s a MAC. I’ve been PC ever since I bought my first one in 1998. The MAC feels like I took a Viagra and can’t get off of it. Also, I did not call a doctor after 4 hours. HA! Now onto the biz…..

Summer is here and that means for a second time straight, THE THRASH ATTACK Radio Show will be off for the summer. I’m doing some traveling, projects around the house and just kick it too. I’m still the Loud Rock Director at KSCU and continue to chart, adding music, send out these bi-weekly radio updates and covering some slots here and there. I’ll still be doing my other radio show, TERRIBLE TUESDAYS at Radio Valencia87.9FM every Tuesday, 4-6PM Pacific here in San Francisco and online at

In the meantime, you can still download my shows podcasts at the following links;

Okay everybody, hope your summer is going well and damn it, get out and enjoy some fishing, river tubing, boat rides, camping or what the hell, goto a show. HA! Take care and stay in touch with your truly, Naked Rob. CHEERS!


*(intro) Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*The Atomic Bitchwax / the local fuzz / The Local Fuzz
*Ancestors / epilogue / Invisible White
(L)*Hightower / nomadic metal skate gypsies / Tower To the People
(L)*Golden Void / the curve / 7" - Valley King Records
*Midnight Bombers / american sex / Dirty Business
*Police Teeth / send more cops / Awesomer Than the Devil
*Red Fang / wires / Murder The Mountains
*Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School Of Medicine / dot com monte carlo / Enhance Methods of Questioning
*The Gates Of Slumber / day of farewell/ The Wretch
*Pentagram / death in the 1st person / Last Rites
*Indian / banality / Guiltless
*Vomitory / they will burn / Opus Mortis III
*Arsonists Get All The Girls / neck to contrast / Motherland
*Speed Kill hate / written in blood / Out For Blood
*Rotten Sound / declare / Cursed
*Hate Eternal / haunting abound / Phoenix Amongst The Ashes
*Bloodiest / obituary / Descent
*Neuraxis / trauma / Asylon
*Defeater / waves crash, clouds roll / Empty Days & Sleepless Nights
*Victims / death do us part / A Dissident
*Clutch / electric worry / A Weathermaker's Dozen
*Former Thieves / bad friends / The Language That We Speak
*Graveyard / buying truth / Hisingen Blues
*Trap Them / Day 42: damage prose / Darker Handcraft
*Obscura / prismal dawn / Omnivium
*Book Of Black Earth / weight of the world / The Cold Testament
*UNKLE / money and run w/Nick Cave / Only The Lonely
*Young Widows / the muted man / In and Out Of Youth and Lightness
*Hickoids / brontosaurus / Hanging With The Twits

KSCU TOP 10 Loud Rock

1 VICTIMS A Dissident Deathwish

2 RED FANG Murder The Mountains Relapse

3 TRAP THEM Darker Handcraft Prosthetic

4 PENTAGRAM Last Rites Metal Blade

5 INDIAN Guiltless Relapse

6 HATE ETERNAL Phoenix Amongst The Ashes Metal Blade

7 CLUTCH A Weathermaker's Dozen Weathermaker

8 ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS Motherland Century Media

9 DEFEATER Empty Days And Sleepless Nights

10 GRAVEYARD Hisingen Blues Nuclear Blast



| The Lighter Side of Naked Rob |

*New Order / Ceremony / Substance LP
*Thrill Kill Kult / these remains / I See Good spirits and I See Bad Spirits
*Julie Cruise / floating / Floating Into the Night
*Love Spiral Downwards / el pedregal / Ever
*Bowery Electric / freedom fighter / 12"
*Neko Case / no need to cry
*Gillian Anderson / extremis / HAL
*Dead Can Dance / fortune presents gifts not according to the moon / AION
*Chris & Cosey / hypnotika / Rise 12"
*The Creatures / venus sands / Boomerang
*Ministry / angel / Twitch
*Cabaret Voltaire / deep time / Plasticity
*Death From Above 1979 / romantic rites (re-mix) / Romance Bloody Romance
*CSS / let's make love and listen to Death From Above / Cansei De Ser Sexy
*Queens Of The Stone Age / the bronze / Queens Of The Stone Age LP
*Young Widows / 21st century invention / Old Wounds
*Hovercraft / de-orbit burn / Akathasia LP
*Flying Saucer Attack / islands / Mirror LP
*Evil Mothers / i like fur / Spider Sex and Car Wrecks

Rob Gongora

San Francisco CA

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