Wednesday, March 2, 2011


YES! Another SXSW coming our way two weeks from today. Actually, it's the 25th Anniversary of SXSW. Being from San Antonio, we always looked forward going to Austin for SXSW too see bands and let me tell you, things were different back then. Yeah, I went to the 3rd one and the wristband was $5 i believe. Now, $150 or something like that. YIKES! The acts at SXSW were mainly local and then out-of-towners started to come in and here we are now. SXSW is the biggest and first music gathering of each year in the land of Lone Star Beer, BBQ and all night partying (if you're not careful. HA!).

I'll be in Texas a week earlier to visit family & friends so NO THRASH ATTACK or TERRIBLE TUESDAY until the week of March 21st. Also, the TOP 10 will stay the same until i get back and no ADDS as well. So, hit me up with your digits, an e-mail, follow me on FB or Twitter and lets see some fuckin bands, ROCK OUT, get our drink on and wake up every morning with a Texas hangover. YEEEEE HAAAAA!!!!! See you there! ~ Naked Rob

*(intro) MELVINS / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005

*The Warriors / seize the Fire / See How You Are
*Rabbits / burn, sun, burn / Lower Forms
*Noisear / breaking bad at mulberry / Subvert The Dominant Paradigm
*Orange Goblin / the ballad of solomon eagle / Healing Through Fire
*Onslaught / born for war / Sounds Of Violence
*Abysmal Dawn / in service of time / Leveling The Plane Of Existence
*Darkest Hour / savor the kill / The Human Romance
*20 Bulls Each / breakthrough / The Incompetence To Follow
*Gay For Johnny Depp / santa claus, the easter bunny and artistic integrity / What Doesn't Kill You, Eventually Kills You
*Korperschwache / there is a certain smell attractive to wolves / Evil Walks
*Kylesa / drop out / Spiral Shadow
*Motorhead / i know how to die / The World Is Yours
*OFF! / i don't belong / First Four EP's
*Most Precious Blood / stuart is a dead man walking / Do Not Resuscitate
*Matterhorn / stage three: the currents / Vol 1: The World Began Without Man
*As They Sleep / god of war / Dynasty
*Phobia / killing time / Unrelenting
*Fist Blood / enemy / Silence Is Betrayal
*Crucifyre / hellish sacrifice / Infernal Earthly Divine
*Devildriver / bring the fight / Beast
*Murder Construct / submission / Murder Construct
*Crowbar / liquid sky and cold black earth / Sever The Wicked Hand
*Kings Destroy / the whittler / And The Rest Will Surely Perish
*Total Fucking Destruction / hate mongering pig / Haters
*Serpent Throne / last spark of the sun / White Summer Black Winter
*Electric Wizard / night child / Black Masses
*Jesu /i can only disappoint you / Heart Ache & Dethroned
*Lesbian / poisonous witchball / Stratospheria Cubensis
*Royal Thunder / hotel bend / Royal Thunder
*27 / on the lookout / Brittle Divinity
*Black Math / commando of love (The Anals) / Phantom Power
*Black Pistol Fire / jezebel stomp / Black Pistol Fire
*Gang Of Four / i can't forget your lonely face / Content

KSCU TOP 10 Loud RockS for CMJ

1 CROWBAR Sever The Wicked Hand E1
2 KYLESA Spiral Shadow Season Of Mist
3 MOTORHEAD World Is Yours EMI
4 OFF! First 4 EPs Vice
5 MATTERHORN Vol 1: The World Began Without Man Thinker Thought
6 FIRST BLOOD Silence Is Betrayal Bullet Tooth
7 CRUCIFYRE Infernal Earthly Divine Pulverised
8 KINGS DESTROY And The Rest Will Surely Perish The Maple Forum
10 MURDER CONSTRUCT Murder Construct Relapse


PLAYLIST - March 1, 2011
***Tribute to Phil Vane of Extreme Noise Terror
*ENT / various songs / Peel Session 1987 LP
*Disrupt / noxious emmisions / Disrupt LP
*Wolfbrigade / nogrundens kant / In Darkeness You Feel No Regrets LP
*Cryptic Slaughter / money talks / Money Talks
*Culo / side A / Toxic Vision E.P. 7" - Deranged Records
*Big Business / as the day was dawning / Invaders
*Call The Police / 1984 / 1984 in 2003 LP
*Population Reduction / ebola attack / At the Throats Of Man Forever LP
*Dystopia / now and forever / Dystopia
*Ghengis Tron / the folding road / Dead Mountain Mouth
*The Neighbors / lack of compassion / Negative Attraction LP
*Some Girls / religion II / Heaven's Pregnant Teens
*Dead and Gone / fresh cut lips / The Beautician
*Career Suicide / brought to the brink & out of hope, out of rope and out of time / career Suicide LP
*Cherubs / carjack fairy / Cinco Anos
*Charles Bronson / various songs / Disc 1: Good Luck Getting Through This Mess
*Macgrudergrind / various songs / Shitstorm LP
*Born Dead / repetition / Endless War-Repetition
*Terminal State / four walls / Your Rules LP
*An Albatross / Lysergically Yours, My Psychedelic Bride / Blessphemy (of the Peace-Beast Feastgiver and the Bear Warp Kumite)
*Hickoids / Bennie & The Jets / Hanging With The Twits
*QOTSA / the bronze / Split w/Beaver

Rob Gongora
San Francisco, CA

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