Wednesday, March 30, 2011


When I got back from my Texas trip last week, I felt BBQ sauce & Lone Star Beer going through my veins up until last Sunday. Really! It took me almost a week to shake off almost two weeks of another kick ass SXSW & Texas trip for me. If you're reading this and you've never been to a SXSW, you don't know what you're missing. Imagine seeing bands all day & all night while you're drinking beer, eating BBQ, hot dogs, taco truck treats up until 2AM for five to six days straight. WOW! I'm eating salad since then. HA! Now, bring on the shows and summer fests.

This past Tuesday on my other radio show, I interviewed Chavez of SMOGTOWN. They'll be here in San Francisco this Saturday for their CD release party at The Rockit Room in the Richmond District. I haven't seen them since '05 or '06. It's going to be fun show. Also this weekend on Sunday here in SF is the METALLIANCE TOUR! I'm hoping to interview Kurt of CROWBAR and hang with my buds in RED FANG from Portland. The song 'Wires' from their upcoming new album is incredible. I also don't mind seeing KYLESA again and can't wait too see HOWL because i missed them last time they came around. All in all, good line-up, great people and the future of heavy music all in one building and in one day.

Since some of you are new to radio or social networks and what not, here's my latest radio information and on the social network curcuit. if you have any, send them my way as well. Also, I'm up for in studio or phone interviews on both radio shows. Let me know.

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ADD THIS SHIT, PEOPLE AND SPREAD THE WORD! Thanks everybody for everything and hope too see you at a show or something. Have fun this weekend and take care. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFCA

*(intro)Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*Trap Them / day 44 / Darker Handcraft
*Rotten Sound / self / Cursed
*Noisear / breaking bad at mulberry / Subvert The Dominant Paradigm
*Cavalera Conspiracy / warlord / Blunt Force Trauma
*Goes Cube / thunderheads / In Tides and Drifts
*Kvelertak / ulvetid / Kvelertak
*Beyond Description / recovery / Proof Of The Truth
*Destruction / the price / Day Of Reckoning
*Onslaught / born for war / Sounds Of Violence
*Speed Kill Hate / breeding hate / Out For Blood
*Agnostic Front / more than a memory / My Life My Way
*Defeater / warm blood rush / Empty Days and Sleepless Nights
*The Warriors / seize the Fire / See How You Are
*Gay For Johnny Depp / we are the world? burn it down! / What Doesn't Kill You, Eventually Kills You
*Ken Mode / obeying the iron will / Venerable
*Darkest Hour / savor the kill / The Human Romance
*Korperschwache / there is a certain smell attractive to wolves / Evil Walks
*Red Fang / wires / Murder The Mountains
*Lecherous Gaze / R'n'R lust / Lecherous Gaze
*Rabbits / burn, sun, burn / Lower Forms
*Blood Ceremony / coven tree / Living With The Ancients
*Firebird / ruined / Double Diamond
*Neuraxis / reptile / Asylon
*Abysmal Dawn / in service of time / Leveling The Plane Of Existence
*Crowbar / as i become one / Sever The Wicked Hand
*Kings Destroy / stung / And The Rest Will Surely Perish
*Devildriver / shitlist / Beast
*The Venting Machine / in between days / VI of Cups
*Motorhead / devils in my hand / The World Is Yours
*Atheist / tortoise the titan / Jupiter
*Crucifyre / witch hammer / Infernal Earthly Divine
*Matterhorn / stage four: the south atlantic anomaly / Vol 1: The World Began Without Man
*Most Precious Blood / enthusiastic eugenicist / Do Not Resuscitate
*Total Fucking Destruction / 7 billion imaginary deaths / Haters
*OFF! / poison city / First Four EP's
*First Blood / truth / Silence Is Betrayal
*Kylesa / forsaken / Spiral Shadow
*Queens Of The Stone Age / how to handle a rope / QOTSA
*Hickoids / bennie & the jets & have you seen your mother baby, standing in the shadow / Kicking It with The Twits

KSCU TOP 10 Loud Rocks

1 MATTERHORN Vol. 1: World Begins With Man
2 KYLESA Spiral Shadow Season Of Mist
3 CROWBAR Sever The Wicked Hand E1
4 MOTORHEAD World Is Yours EMI
5 DEVILDRIVER Beast Roadrunner
7 OFF! First 4 EPs Vice
8 FIRST BLOOD Silence Is Betrayal
9 KINGS DESTROY And The Rest Will Surely Perish The Maple Forum
10 ROYAL THUNDER Royal Thunder Relapse

*Deep Sleep / turn me off / Turn Me Off LP
*Swing Ding Amigos / to my niggaz in the south / Kings Of Culo
*OBN III's / got more love / 7" - Super Secret Records
*Fish Karma / fifty caliber christ / The Theory Of Intelligent Design
*Lecherous Gaze / R'n'R lust / EP LP
Chavez of Smogtown
*Smogtown / domestic violence land
*Cheech Marin / born in east L.A. / 7"
*The Come N' Go / golden shower / 2
*Spiders / nothing like you / 7" - King Vally Records
*Josiah / dead forever / Procession
*Che / blue demon / Sounds Of Liberation
*Brant Bjork / the future rock (we got it) / God & Goddesses
*Queens Of The Stone Age / Mexicola / QOTSA
*Orange Goblin / the astral project / Frequencies From Planet Ten
*Mirror Queen / on dark ships / From Earth Below
*Red Fang / wires
*Melvins / shevil / Stoner Witch

Rob Gongora
San Francisco, CA

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