Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Now it feels like the holidaze and winter here in San Francisco. What's up everybody? I'm still alive and doing well. My PC took a dump and I had to do some crap to fix it. So, if you want OFF this mailing list, let me know now. Thanks!

The Holidaze are in full swing. It's raining, chilly, X-mas lights are shining up the city, people walking around like its snowing, the METAL and ROCKNROLL sound better for some reason and booze tastes so much better during the cold time. Nice! By the way, KSCU and the building its in will be closed from Dec 23rd thru the 1st of the New Year so that means NO Thrash Attack for two weeks! On the other hand, my other radio show, Terrible Tuesday at Radio Valencia 87.9FM here in the city will still go on. That I can dig! By the way, I did a Bon Scott, AC/DC tribute on my show yesterday. Check it out!

I have two more radio shows left at KSCU and then that's it until 2011. WOW! 2011? That's funny too say. Anyway, happy shopping this weekend, be safe out there and be a Scrooge. Fuck it! Be a Scrooge. Laters! ~ Naked Rob

*(intro) MELVINS / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005

*Lesbian / poisonous witchball / Stratospheria Cubensis
*The Austerity Program / song 26 / Backsliders and Apostates Will Burn
*Sons Of Tonatiuh / to the throne / Sons Of Tonatiuh
*As they Sleep / to the republic / Dynasty
*Jesu / dethroned / Heart Ache & Dethroned
*Squalora / shooting stars over vsetin / Hell Is Other People
*Neurosis / enemy of the sun / Enemy Of The Sun
*Kylesa / crowded road / Spiral Shadow
*Tombs / fountain of the world 666 / Fear Is The Weapon
*Phobia / rehashed / Unrelenting
*Murder Construct / i am that / Murder Construct
*Hail Of Bullets /unsung heroes / On Divine Winds
*Comeback Kid / do yourself a favor / Symptoms + Cures
*D.I.S. / speak of hate / Critical Failure
*Facebreaker / epidemic / Infected
*Evocation / infamy / Apocalyptic
*Cough / a year in suffering / Ritual Abuse
*Sweet Cobra / reinhold london / Mercy
*Witchsorrow / thou art cursed / Witchsorrow
*All Out War / apathetic genocide / Into The Killing Fields
*Neaera / arise black vengeance / Forging The Eclipse
*Wretched / in the marrow / Beyond The Gate
*Kill The Client / conflict within / Set For Extinction
*Titan / wooded altar beyond the wander / Sweet Dreams
*Monster Magnet / hallucination bomb / Mastermind
*Black Angels / yellow elevator / Phosphene Dream
*Lower Dens / plastic and powder / Twin-Hand Movement
*Swans / no words no thoughts / My Father will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky
*The High Dials / the rich die too... / Anthems For Doomed Youths
*Crocodiles / sleep forever / Sleep Forever
*Sisters / here it comes / Ghost Fits
*The Intelligence / esate sales / Male
*Grinderman / kitchenette / Grinderman 2
*Fiction Reform / mr. eva braun / Revelation In The Palms Of The Weak
*The Reticents / zombies / The Sun Rises In The East
*The Scarred / gonna do / At Half Mast
*Voltaire Twins / light fears / Cabin Fever EP

Bon Scott, AC/DC Tribute
*Little Lover
*Highway To hell
*Sin City
*Problem Child
*Dirty Deeds
*Whole Lotta Rosie
*Kicked In The Teeth
*Shot Down In Flames
*Baby, Please Don't Go
*If You Want Blood you've Got It
*Big Balls
*Bad Boy Boogie (Naked Rob's theme Song)
*Dog Eat Dog
*Girls Got Rhythm
*Touch Too Much
*Little Lover
*Let There Be Rock

Rob Gongora
San Francisco, CA