Thursday, December 16, 2010

HAPPY HOLIDAZE!!!! Off till next year, Rafa of BLACK COBRA INTERVIEW!, Playlists

Well everybody, that's it for The Thrash Attack until Thursday, January 6, 2011. YES! 2011!! WOW! 2010 went buy too fast and i guess that happens when you're having fun. HA! I'll still be doing Terrible Tuesday at Radio Valencia 87.9FM 4-6PM (pst) though. Listen if you like online at

Also, here's the podcast to the interview i did with Rafa of BLACK COBRA a few days ago. He stayed the whole two-hours and it was fun finding out about touring, living between tours, countries, taking a break and more. Check out the podcasts here;

Next week I have legendary artist, DIRTY DONNY on Terrible Tuesday!
HAPPY HOLIDAZE to you and your family and thanks for everything this past year and i think '11 will be just as good. Trust me! Take care, hope you get what you want from SATAN CLAUS and HAPPY NEW YEARS! CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, San Francisco

***PLAYLIST - DECEMBER 8, 2010***
*(intro) MELVINS / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005

*Electric Wizard / black mass / Black Masses
*Kill The Dream / blam,e the architects / Lucky Me
*Murder Construct / i am that / Murder Construct
*Phobia / rehashed / Unrelenting
*Kylesa / tired climb / Spiral Shadow
*Murder Media / fear revisited / Nothing In This World Was Put Here For You
*Atheist / second to sun / Jupiter
*SardoniS / nero d'Avola / SardoniS
*Neurosis / given to the rising / Live At Roadburn 2007
*Vultures 2012 / killing everything around us / Bare Your Teeth
*The Austerity Program / song 26 / Backsliders and Apostates Will Burn
*Squalora / consistency / Hell Is Other People
*The Body / empty hearth / All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood
*Heaven & Hell / mob rules / Neon Nights: Live In Europe
*Quest For Fire / set out alone / Lights From Paradise
*All Out War / fear those who claim divinity / Into The Killing Fields
*D.I.S. / veil of greed / Critical Failure
*Kill The Client / pandemic / Set For Extinction
*Hail Of Bullets /the mukden incident / On Divine Winds
*Sweet Cobra / wounded parade / Mercy
*Wretched / a still mantra / Beyond The Gate
*Evocation / parasites / Apocalyptic
*Facebreaker / bloodshed / Infected
*Cough / crooked spine / Ritual Abuse
*The Reticents / changing the world / The Sun Rises In The East
*Comeback Kid / g.m. vincent & i / Symptoms + Cures
*Titan / maximum soberdrive / Sweet Dreams
(L)*Jonny Manak and The CDepressives / special purpose / I Am Not A Bum...I'm A Jerk!
(L)*Unko Atama / tonight / Another creature
*The Scarred / medicate me / At Half Mast
*Red Dons / my life in exile / Fake Meets Failure
*Regulations / baghdad beach party / To Be Me
*Fiction Reform / the ravishing / Revelation In The Palms Of The Weak
*Nobunny / gone for good / First Blood
*Greedy Mistress / if you see something, say something / A Compulsive Need Of You
*Black Angels / sunday afternoon / Phosphene Dream
*The Intelligence / males / Male
*Crocodiles / stoned to death / Sleep Forever
*Lower Dens / holy water / Twin-Hand Movement

***INTERVIEW - December 14, 2010***
*Acid King / queens of sickness / Zoroaster
*Cavity / supercollider / Supercollider
*16 / trigger happy / Drop Out
*Black Cobra / one nine / Bestial
*American Heritage / brootal: axxes of evil / Millenarian
*Black Cobra / lightning in his hand / Chronomega
*27 / in a perfect world / Brittle Divinity

Rob Gongora
San Francisco, CA

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