Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I was so lazy last week from my full week of being back from my 2 week trip that I did not feel like writing my radio update but, I am now. What's up my friends? My trip was a success. Went back to Texas for some family, friends, Tex-Mex food and of course BBQ. YUMMY! Then it was off to New York City for CMJ. I would like to take this time to say THANK YOU to my friends Julie & Tommy for letting me stay in there apartment in Queens. Thank you! Okay now, I had a blast this time. I got to hang with Heavy Hitters at there office and then went on their pub crawl and it was amazing. Hanging out with other DJ's from all over the country and getting silly drunk at five different bars was very fun. Thank you Heavy Hitters (Bino, Alisha & Dave). Skateboard Marketings own Munsey's party of course was pretty wicked as well. Actually, he went along with us on the Heavy Hitters pub crawl and the knowledge he posseses about music in the last 4 decades should be in the Library of Congress. HA! Anyway, great guy and great converstation. I met Bram from The Syndicate and I thought he was going to be a little nerdy music guy. SHIT! I was wrong. He looked like a wrestler in the WWF or something. Put him next to Stone Cold or The Big Show, he'll fit right in. HAHAHAHA!!! He's a great guy! I also got to hang out at two TEE PEE Presents parties. Thanks Steve for everything and hey, leave me on your mailing list. HA! Also, Dave from Relapse is one the coolest label guys out there and to everybody else I forgot, next year we'll do it again. YEAH!!!

The new comunity/pirate station I'm at, RADIO VALENCIA is now on the airwave in San Francisco. 87.9FM is the dial and of course we're streaming online at TERRIBLE TUESDAY w/Naked Rob is every Tuesday 4-6PM (PST) and my show (and others) are always podcasted at Also, add the Facebook group page at THANKS!

And of course my flagship show, THE THRASH ATTACK is still every Thursday 4-7PM (PST) on 103.3FM or streaming online at WWW.KSCU.ORG I also podcast my own show at and The show also has a Facebook group page at and on Twitter @nakedrobsf. Just add all the above. DO IT NOW!

Thanks everybody for making everything happen in this little world of ours. Thanks for sending music, your e-mails and of course your support over the years to the station(s) and to myself. Thank you. Have a kick ass weekend, go out and see a band and support your local music scene. Check you out on the radio. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFCA

*(intro) MELVINS / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*Cough / crippled wizard / Ritual Abuse
*Kill The Client / as roaches / Set For Extinction
*Facebreaker / creeping flesh / Infected
*Evocation / sweet obsession / Apocalyptic
*Neaera / heaven's descent / Forging The Eclipse
*Terror / are your enemies are mine / Keepers Of The Faith
*Unearthly Trance / the horseman arrive at night / V
*Titan / wooden altar beyond the wander / Sweet Dreams
*Crabe / prey alex murphy / Ero Gaki
*Gay For Johnny Depp / belief in god is so adorable / Sex Vid Singles Club EP
*D.I.S. / speak of hate / Critical Failure
*All That Remains / for we are many / For We Are Many
*SardoniS / thor / SardoniS
*Heaven & Hell / mob rules / Neon Nights: Live In Europe
*Burning Love / miserable sound / Songs For Burning Lovers
(L)*Death Angel / river of rapture / Relentless Retribution
*Mendozza / the offering / Cabra Noche
*Malevolent Creation / united hate / Invidious Dominion
*Fleshwrought / state of desolution / Dementia/Dyslexia
*Sweet Cobra / mercy / Mercy
*Torche / out again / Songs For Singles
*The Sword / astraea's dreams / Warp Riders
*Monster Magnet / perish in fire / Mastermind
*Hail Of Bullets /strategy of attrition / On Divine Winds
*Hero Destroyed / you might as well go to plan b / Throes
*The Showdown / blood in the gears / Blood In The Gears
*Bonded By Blood / blood spilled offerings / Exiled To Earth
*Waxeater / old problems, new eyes / Sleeper
*Regulations / different needs / To Be Me
*Red Dons / pariah / Fake Meets Failure
*White Lung / sleep creep / White Lung
*Les Savy Fav / let's get out of here / Root For Ruin
*The Streets On Fire / that's hard to find / This Is Fancy
*Bad Cop / i'm in lust with you / Harvest The Beast
*No Bunny / gone for good / First Blood
*Swans / jim / My Father will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky
*Grinderman / bellringer blues / Grinderman 2


PLAYLIST - November 9, 2010
*Ministry / so what / The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste LP
*Chris & Cosey / fantastique (Carl Craig remix) / Twist
*Bagman / rock n roll / Wrap
*Techno Animal / cruise / The Brotherhood Of The Bomb
*Evil Mothers / you had enough
*KMFDM / Godlike / 12"
*Il Buio / L'idea domintante / 12"
*All Pigs Must Die / hungry wold, easy prey / LP
*Raw Nerves / hello to oblivion / Murders Among Us 7"
*Carlton Melton / call and response / Split 12"
*Who Rides The Tiger / where the sidewalk ends / Transylvania Baby
*The Stooges / t.v. eye / Fun House
*THe Little Killers / she don't love me / A Real Good One
*Jeff the Brotherhood / U got the look / Heavy Days
*Monotonix / flesh & blood / Where Were You When It Happened
*Tenderloin / time bomb / Let It Leak
*Annhilation Time / bald headed woman / Annihilation Time III
*Butthole Surfers / earthquake / Humpty Dumpty LSD
*Warsaw / interzone / Warzone
*The Birthday Party & Lydia Lunch / big jesus trash can / A Social Gathering

KSCU Loud Rock adds November 8/9

1 KYLESA Spiral Shadow Season Of Mist
2 EVOCATION Apocalyptic Metal Blade
3 HEAVEN AND HELL Neon Nights Eagle Rock
4 CRADLE OF FILTH Darkly, Darkly Venus Aversa Nuclear Blast
5 GRAVE Burial Ground

KSCU TOP 10 Loud Rocks

1 DEATH ANGEL Relentless Retribution Nuclear Blast
2 MONSTER MAGNET Mastermind Napalm
3 HERO DESTROYED Throes Relapse
4 HAIL OF BULLETS On Divine Winds Metal Blade
5 TORCHE Songs For Singles Hydra Head
6 SWEET COBRA Mercy Blackmarket
7 BURNING LOVE Songs For Burning Lovers Deranged
8 THE SWORD Warp Riders Kemado
9 SHOWDOWN Blood In The Gears Solid State
10 BONDED BY BLOOD Exiled From Earth Earache

Rob Gongora
KSCU 103.3FM
San Francisco, CA

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