Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nothing really going on this week for me. I'm just gonna chill, watch some movies, b-ball, football, hockey and do some drinking. How boring huh? HAHAHA!!! Whatever! The podcast from last weeks show is ready to go at

As a reminder......
The new comunity/pirate station I'm at, RADIO VALENCIA is now on the airwave in San Francisco. 87.9FM is the dial and of course we're streaming online at TERRIBLE TUESDAY w/Naked Rob is every Tuesday 4-6PM (PST) and my show (and others) are always podcasted at Also, add the Facebook group page at THANKS!

And of course my flagship show, THE THRASH ATTACK is still every Thursday 4-7PM (PST) on 103.3FM or streaming online at WWW.KSCU.ORG I also podcast my own show at and The show also has a Facebook group page at and on Twitter @nakedrobsf. Just add all the above. DO IT NOW!

Thanks everybody for everything and have a nice weekend. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFCA

*(intro) MELVINS / june bug / Stoner Witch
*Squalora / of this earth / Hell Is Other People
*The Body / a body / All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood
*D.I.S. / marked to the vein / Critical Failure
*All Out War / defiance through fear / Into The Killing Fields
*Comeback Kid / crooked floors / Symptoms + Cures
*Wretched / birthing sloth / Beyond The Gate
*Gnaw Their Tongues / L'Arrivee / L'Arrivee De Le Terne Mort Triomphante
*Cough / crippled wizard / Ritual Abuse
*Quest For Fire / set out alone / Lights From Paradise
*Night Horse / confess to me / Perdition Hymns
*Monster Magnet / bored with sorcery / Mastermind
*The Sword / night city / Warp Riders
*Torche / u.f.o. / Songs For Singles
*Hail Of Bullets /guadalcanal / On Divine Winds
*Fleshwrought / self-destructive loathing / Dementia/Dyslexia
*Witchsorrow / the agony / Witchsorrow
*Malevolent Creation / compulsive face breaker / Invidious Dominion
*Mendozza / wolf of the plains / Cabra Noche
(L)*Death Angel / i chose the sky / Relentless Retribution
*Sweet Cobra / silvered / Mercy
*Hero Destroyed / don wampus / Throes
*Burning Love / alien vs. creditor / Songs For Burning Lovers
*Bonded By Blood / exiled to earth / Exiled To Earth
*The Workhorse III / die tonight / Workhorse III
*Waxeater / mistakes were made / Sleeper
*The Reticents / last goodbye / The Sun Rises In The East
*Fiction Reform / small silhouette / Revelation In The Palms Of The Weak
*The Scarred / 21st century girl / At Half Mast
*Regulations / problem solved / To Be Me
*Red Dons / secret agent / Fake Meets Failure
*No Bunny / live it up / First Blood
*Les Savy Fav / sleepless in silver lake / Root For Ruin
*Grinderman / worm tamer / Grinderman 2
*Swans / you fucking people make me sick / My Father will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky
*Masters Of Reality / king richard tlh / Pine/Cross Dover*
*Greedy Mistress / raping sonata / A Compulsive Of You
*The Intelligence / white corvette / Male*
*Lower Dens / holy water / Twin-Hand Movement*
*The Rakehells / mode of the moment / Please Yourself Or The Devi In The Flesh*
*Blonde Redhead / not getting there / Penny Sparkle*
*Clinic / i'm aware / Bubblegum
*Crocodiles / mirrors / Sleep Forever*

KSCU Loud Rock ending Sunday, Nov. 14th

Rank Artist Recording Label
1 COUGH Ritual Abuse Relapse
2 COMEBACK KID Symptoms + Cures Victory
3 WRETCHED Beyond The Gate Victory
4 SWEET COBRA Mercy Blackmarket
5 D.I.S. Critical Failure Six Weeks
6 HAIL OF BULLETS On Divine Winds Metal Blade
7 ALL OUT WAR Into The Killing Fields Victory
8 WAXEATER Sleeper Latest Flame
9 WITCHSORROW Witchsorrow Metal Blade
10 RETICENTS The Sun Rises In The East Basement

*Unashamed / ?
*Agnostic Front / blind justice / Live At CBGB
*Hatebreed / Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire
*Warzone / free at last
*Paint It Black / the ledge / New Lexicon
*Born/Dead / eulogy / The Final Collapse
*Toxic Holocaust / wild dogs / An Overdose of Death
*Downset / empower / Do We Speak A Dead Language
*C.O.C. / broken will / Eye For An Eye
*Vitamin X / you suck / Full Scale Assault
*World Burns To Death / the red locusts / Graveyard Of Utopia
*Old Man Gloom / rotten primate / Meditations In B
*Armatron / fuck the pigs / The Science Of Crisis
*Cattle Decapitation / tripas de pepe, vino los sanguifero
*Omegaman vs. Pigface / religion / TRIBUTE: A Tribute To P.I.L.
*Throbbing Gristle / hit by a rock / D.O.A. The Third and Final Report Of....
*Doubting Thomas / father don't cry / Remix
*Godflesh / frail (now broken) / Love and Hate In Dub
*cEvin Key / blotter / Music For Cats
*Chris & Cosey / stolen kisses / Reflection
*The Damage Manual / stateless (delusional mix) / The Damage Manual
*Death From Above 1979 / romantix rights / Romance Bloody Romance
*The Bronx / knifeman / The Bronx III
*Boxcar Satan / devil times five / Days Before The Flood
*Chapstik / captain / Barnburner
*Coconut Coolouts / (please don't break me out of) party jail / Party Time Machine
*IfIHadAHiFi / potential energy / No More Music
*Manic Hispanic / mommy's little cholo / Going After Pussy
*Supersuckers / coattail rider / Best of
*Dwarves / anybody out there / Sugarfix
*Swing Ding Amigos / "R" is for nightrain / Kings Of Culo
*Turbonegro / all my friends are dead

Rob Gongora
KSCU 103.3FM
San Francisco, CA

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