Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer's Over / Carlton Melton / New Radio Show in SF / Playlists / Top 10

Well, summer is coming to a close. So the broad or the dude you met this summer is going back to school and you have one more weekend for romance, partying and then SEX. YEAH!! Then you'll be sad for a while. Call each other on a daily basis. Send those funny texts, sexy e-mails and video chat while you're going to bed. Then school starts up and slowly the communication starts to decrease. You or the other person meet someone else and then the summer flame fizzles away. Yep, happens every year huh? HA! I'm glad summer is over because that only means one thing, right? ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL! HA!

I'll be getting back in a couple of weeks to my weekly radio show at KSCU 103.3FM for THE THRASH ATTACK every Thursday 4-7PM (hopefully). I miss doing it! Really, I do! I miss spinning the best of the best of loud, painful and gentle music we all love but I did like the time off though. In the meantime, download or listen to the latest show,
Anyway, THE THRASH ATTACK is coming back.

I'll probably be at some BarBQ's for this holiday weekend and a pretty good show too. Remember ZEN GUERRILLA? Yes, that band! Well, half of the band (Rich, guitar & Andy, sticks) started up a new band called, CARLTON MELTON. CM too me is a Psych Rock 'n' Roll band with the soul of ZG but, without a singer. Oh yeah, their buddy Clint slaps the bass around with them on stage. Clint is in so many bands here in SF and so good on every instrument I've seen him play with. Adding the three veteran musicians together, shake well and pour into a tall glass and you my friend have CARLTON MELTON (and some drunkenness as well. HA!). Come out to The Retox in the Dog Patch District of San Francisco for some jams & fun. See you there!

As you may or may not know, I have a new radio show on a newly community radio station here in San Francisco called, Radio Valencia. YEAH! I'm back on Tuesdays and using the same show as last, Terrible Tuesday w/Naked Rob. So far I've had 2 shows and it's going pretty good. We stream online for now but will be over the airwaves soon. In the meantime, you can listen to my show streaming on the website, or download the podcasts at Either way is a win win for all of us. HA! Thanks!

Thanks everybody for your support and have a great Labor Day Weekend. Drink a beer for me, eat some ribs for me, be safe for me and have fun. CHEERS!

Naked Rob, SFCA

PLAYLIST - August 25, 2010

*(intro)Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*Hero Destroyed / that's an axe / Throes
*Horseback / the invisible mountain / The Invisible Mountain
*Cephalic Carnage / abraxas of filth / Misled By Certainty
*Death Angel / truce / Relentless Retribution
*Decreptic Birth / resonance / Polarity
*Kataklysm / push the venom / Heaven's Venom
*Malevolent Creation / lead spitter / Invidious Dominion
*Fleshwrought / mental illness / Dementia/Dyslexia
*Mendozza / testament of hate / Cabra Noche
*Zoroacaster / ancient ones / Matador
*The Workhorse III / revolution blood machine / Workhorse III
*Christian Mistress / riding on the edges / Agony & Opium
*Coliseum / blind in one eye / House With A Curse
*Early Graves / harm / Goner
*Insidious Disease / rituals of bloodshed / Shadowcast
*Masakari / unknown / The Prophet Feeds
*Witchery / witchkreig / Witchkreig
*Whitechapel / a future corrupt / A New Era of Corruption
*Melvins / electric flower / The Bride Screamed Murder
*Psychosomatic / unrestricted / Another Disease
*The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza / W.A.L.L.S. / Danza III
*La Gritona / victory at sea / Demasiado Tonto Para Los Ninos Listos
*Knut / suckers / Wonder
*Fistula / so far sowell so what / Goat
*Judas Syndrome / death of the soul ' Underneath Blood Skies
*Git Some / lick, lick, lick / Loose Control
*Pathology / abduction / Legacy of the Ancients
*Misery Index / embracing extinction / Heirs To The Thievery
*Kingdom of Sorrow / sleeping beast / Behind The Blackest Tears
*Detente / windows walk / Recognize No Authority
*(Waning) / spectre / Always Ending

KSCU Loud Rock TOP for CMJ

1 COLISEUM House With A Curse Temporary Residence
2 MELVINS The Bride Screamed Murder Ipecac
3 PATHOLOGY Legacy Of The Ancients Victory
4 WITCHERY Witchkrieg Century Media
5 EARLY GRAVES Goner Metal Blade
6 GIT SOME Loose Control Alternative Tentacles
7 MASAKARI The Prophet Feeds Southern Lord
8 LA GRITONA Demasiado Tonto Para Los Niños Listos. Demasiado Listo Para Los Niños Tontos Hydra Head
9 FISTULA Goat Crucial Blast
10 MISERY INDEX Heirs To Thievery Relapse


+++TERRIBLE TUESDAY w/NAKED ROB on Radio Valencia, SF+++

PLAYLIST - August 31, 2010

*Black Elk / pig crazy / Always A Six, Never A Nine
*Akimbo / wizard van wizard / Navigating The Bronze
*Pig Destroyer / thought crime spree / Phantom Limb
*Death Breath / chopping spree / Stinking Up The Night
*Kylesa / identity defined / Time Will Fuse Its Self
*Made Out Of Babies / silverback / Coward
*Municiple Waste / 2mech-cannibal / Massive Aggressive
*Electric Frankenstein / electrify me / 7"
*Antiseen / guns a blazin' / The Boys From Brutalsville
*The Bulemics / if i only had a heart / 7"
*The Grannies / just got paid / Incontinence
*Zeke / mystery train & mainline/ SWxPR 7"
*Rye Coalition / pussyfootin' / Curses
*Smogtown / domesticviolenceland / Domesticviolenceland
*Panthers / Goblin City / Goblin City
*Zen Guerrilla / black-eyed boogie / Trance States In Tongues
*Wretched Ones / dead man working
*Cock Sparrer / spirit of '76 / Here We Stand
*APA / stand alone
*Patriot / we didn't do it / We The People
*The Forgotten / fists up / Veni Vidi Vici
*The Bodies / pack your bags / The Bodies
*The Beltones / fuck you anyway / On Deaf Ears
*The Templars / modern day ripper / Clockwork orange Horrorshow
*The Business / hardcore hooligan / The Truth The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth
*The Ducky Boys / doing time
*Bonecrusher / breakout / 7"
*The Negatives / out in the cold / 7"
*Death From Above 1979 / better off dead / Romance Bloody Romance
*Federale / car crash / Federale
*Glucifer / here come the pigs / Automatic Thrill
*Revolting Cocks / stainless steel providers / Beers, Steers & Queers
*Flaco Jiménez / Ay Te Dojo En San Antonio


*Burning Love / lives of the saints / 7" ~ Deranged Records
*Acephalix / rectal grave / Aporia
*Coliseum / blind in one eye / House With A Curse
*Male Nurses / pull the trigger / 7" ~ Deranged Records
*The Insurgents / destroyed republic / The Insurgents
*Black Breath / razor to oblivion / Razor To Oblivion
*D.I.S. / speak of hate / Critical Failure
*1000 Homo DJ's / supernaut (some old band played this) / 12" ~ Wax Trax Records
*Morne / twilight burns / Untold Wait
*Carlton Melton / when you're in / Pass It On LP
*Mendoza / witch hunt / Cabra Noche
*Brutal Knights / KWC / The Pleasure Is All Thine LP
*Regulations / baghdad beach party / To Be Me LP
*The Infections / zombie / Kill LP
*Hex Dispensers / arsenic milkshake / Hex Dispensers
*White Lung / magazines / 7" ~ Deranged Records
*Pistol Whip / six more inches / Terminal
*Jeff The Brotherhood / U got the look / Heavy Days
*The Kindergarten Circus / twin evils / No More Wizards 7" ~ Chicken Ranch Records
*Pinata Protest / no que si / Plethora
*Molested Youth / it only makes you worse / 7" ~ Deranged Records
*Das Oath / awesome rape / Das Oath
*No Friends / never ending fight / No Freinds LP
*Total Abuse / caligula / Mutt
*Violet Minds / total control / We Are Nothing LP
*Lack Of Interest / 3) every must die 4) useless / Split 7" w/Capitalist Casualties
*Slayer / world painted blood / World Painted Blood
*This Runs On Blood / unknown / 7"
*GZA / 4th chamber / Liquid Swords
*Young Offenders / black hands / Leader of the Followers
*Neurosis / raze the stray / Enemy of the Sun (re-release)


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