Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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Sorry about not sending out a radio update last week. Sometimes I get sooooo lazy that I don’t want to do anything. Especially when the weather is still in “winter” mode. HA!

Tomorrow on the show, I’ll be having John Petkovic of SWEET APPLE. SWEET APPLE is a new supergroup with DINOSAUR JR’S J.Mascis (drums/guitar/vocals). COBRA VERDE’S Tim Parnin (guitar), John Petkovic (vocals/guitar) and WITCH’S Dave Sweetapple (bass/vocals). They have a new album out on Tee Pee Records and a 7” record on newly VALLEY KING RECORDS out of San Francisco. The band had a great reception at this year’s SXSW and hopefully a full on American tour later this year. Check out the interview at 4:30PM (PST) tomorrow, May 26th only on THE THRASH ATTACK! F*** YEAH!!!

As always, you can hear the show streaming online at WWW.KSCU.ORG every Thursday 4-7PM (PST) or 103.3FM in the South Bay area of San Francisco. If you miss the show, don’t kill yourself yet. You can download the podcast at

I will be heading back to Texas next week so I will not be doing my show on June the 3rd. Thanks everybody for sending music and supporting KSCU 103.3FM & THE THRASH ATTACK. Have a great Memorial Weekend, take care and stay straight. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, San Francisco

PLAYLIST - MAY 20, 2010

*(intro)Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*Exodus / the ballad of leanord and charles / Exhibit B: The Human Condition
*Faceblaster / nowhere to run / Demo
*Howl / gods in the broken men / Full Of Hell
*HOD / ritual of vengeance / Serpent
*Morne / force / Untold Wait
*Warbeast / krush the enemy / Krush The Enemy
***RIP Ronnie James Dio***
*The Spittin' Cobras / long live rock n roll (Rainbow)/ The Year Of The Cobra
*Sweet Apple / do you remember / 7" - Valley King Records
*The Fall / hot cake / Your Future Our Clutter
*Awesome Color / oaxaca / Mass Hypnos
*Titus Andronicus / a pot which to piss in / The Monitor
*Teenage Moods / suagr band / Teenage moods
*Golden Triangle / blood and arrow / Double Jointer
*Drive By Truckers / the wig he made me wear / The Big To-Do
*Roky Erickson feat. Okkervill River/ goodbye sweet dreams / True Love Cast Out All Evil
*Wu-Tang Clan / real nillaz / Return of the Wu and Friends
*Black Breath / virus / Heavy Breathing
*Sick Of It All / a month of sundays / Based On A True Story
*Bison b.c. / melody, this is for you / Dark Ages
*Landmine Marathon / justify the suffering / Sovereign Descent
*Heathen / silent nothingness / The Evolution Of Chaos
*Ambush! / friendship / Fright Night
(L)*Kaos / let god sort them out / The Pits Of Existence
*The Dillinger Escape Plan / room full of eyes / Option Paralysis
*Lair Of The Minotaur / metal titans / Evil Power
*Acrassicauda / the unknown / Only The Dead See The End Of The War
*High On Fire / ghost neck / Snakes For The Divine
*Sleepy Eyes Of Death / data grave / Toward A Damaged Horizon
*Pygmy Shrews / deep xuxa / The Egyptian
*Pinata Protest / no que si / Plethora
(L)*Spawn Atomic / sick sick sex / Power Plant EP
*The Attack / anthem / Of Nostalgia and Rebellion
*Shannon and the Clams / scuffle with the clams / I Wanna Go Home
*Y69 / east coast / We've Got Problems
*The Sick Needs / web of lies / Exit wounds and Plastic Band Aids
*Cute Lepers / dirty baby / Smart Accessories
(L)*Vitamin Party / ghost note / Back On Task
*Child Abuse / opportunity zone / Cut and Run

KSCU TOP 10 Loud Rocks

1 HIGH ON FIRE Snakes For The Divine E1 Music

2 SPITTIN' COBRAS Year Of The Cobra One Eyed

3 EXODUS Exhibit B: The Human Condition Nuclear Blast

4 BLACK BREATH Heavy Breathing Southern Lord

5 SICK OF IT ALL Based On A True Story Century Media

6 DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Option Paralysis Season Of Mist

7 LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR Evil Power Grind House

8 LANDMINE MARATHON Sovereign Descent Prosthetic

9 BISON B.C. Dark Ages Metal Blade

10 CHILD ABUSE Cut And Run Lovepump United

Rob Gongora

KSCU 103.3FM

San Francisco, CA

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