Thursday, March 25, 2010

Post-SXSW, KSCU has moved/still off-the-airwaves, Music Reviews

Hey hey everybody! I'm made it through SXSW and i loved it! I drank so much Lone Star, ate so much BBQ & Tex-Mex, I'm still have grease going through my veins. Some of the most memorable bands I saw were (no particular order); Black Tusk, Kill The Client, Fucked Up, Salome, US Christmas, Spittin' Cobras, Bexar County Bastards, Midnight Bombers, Dark Castle, Hank III, Honky, Hickoids, Sons of Hercules, Snowbyrd, White Mice, Book of Black Earth, ASG, Fruit Fruits, The Howlies, Halo of Flies, Hex Dispenser, Sweet Apple, Danko Jones, The Last Vegas, All Bets On Death and a few more. I can't wait till next year (maybe). Check out my pix on Facebook at

The station is still off-the-airwaves. We're waiting for some new parts and as soon as they are installed, we are back on the airwaves and the WWW. We're shooting for a Monday, April 5th start but, don't quote me on that! I'm hoping to be back on the airwaves next Thursday, April the 8th. The station has moved to the next building over and no need to worry about the mailing address, it's staying the same. I'll be taking pictures of the new station and I'll be putting them up soon. Also, I'm still doing reviews so please don't stop sending music! We will be back on the airwaves shortly.

Since we are all using Facebook & Twitter now, please ADD mine or SEND me yours. I want to add everybody!

Here are some of the bands I've reviewed their new albums for radio airplay in the last week or so.
(no particular order)
*Public Square by This Moment in Black History (Spazz Rock)
*We've Got Problems by Y69 (Punk Rock)
*Evil Power by Lair of the Minotaur (Metal)
*Heavy Breathing by Black Breath (Metal)
*Snakes For the Divine by High On Fire (Metal)
*Cut and Run by Child Abuse (Noise Metal)
*I Wanna Go Home by Shannon and The Clams (Garage/Punk)
*Smart Accessories by Cute Lepers (Punk Rock)
*The Concept of Dreaming by Volumes (Metal)
*The Reign of Darkness by Annotations of An Autopsy (Metal)
*Reflections by Sovereign Strength (Hardcore)
*Those Whom The Gods Detest by Nile (Extreme Death Metal)
*CMXCIX by Survivors Zero (Death Metal)
*Year Of The Dragon by The Spittin' Cobras (ROCK N ROLL)
*When i Grow Up, I Wanna Fuck Like A Girl by All Leather (Electronic Noise Punk Dance)
*Exit Wounds and Plastic Band Aids by The Sick Needs (Punk)

Thanks everybody for your support and I can't wait to get back on the airwaves to turn you on to some new shit. Have a killer weekend and stay straight. CHEERS! ~ Naked Rob, SFCA

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