Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The whole month of January was pretty much wet and i've been really lazy. I went to a couple a shows, had a DJ gig and went out a couple of times but besides that i just stayed home and chilled. The next couple of weeks and months look to be pretty good for shows and I'll be in Austin for SXSW next month. Start letting me know what's going on so i can start making plans already.

So remember, I'm on Facebook, THRASH ATTACK Facebook fanpage, PODCAST'S and so much more. Here's my links to the other social networks so, start hitting them up now. THE THRASH ATTACK is on every Thursday 4-7PM (PST) KSCU 103.3FM or listen online at CHEERS!

*(intro) Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*Germ Bomb / wasted years / Germ Bomb
*Six Feet Under / at dawn they sleep (Slayer) / Graveyard Classics 3
*Freya / iron locust / All Hail The End
*Capitalist Casualties / drainage ditch / split LP w/Hellnation (R.I.P. Sound Pollution Records)
*Rob Zombie / what? / Hellbilly Deluxe 2
*Laudanum / invoke / The Coronation LP (Life Is Abuse Records)
*Ihsahn / a grave inversed / After
*The Venting Machine / the big nothing / A Death To Your Scene
*Shining / the madness and the damage done / Blackjazz
*A-Frames/Climax Golden Twins / black mark / AFCGT
*The Red Chord / mouthful of precious stones / Fed Through The Teeth Machine
*Slayer / unit 731 / World Painted Blood
*Struck By Lightning / tightening the noose / Serpents
*Megasus / red lottery / Megasus
*Municipal Waste / meth-cannibal / Massive Aggressive
*Converge / dark horse / Axe To Fall
(L)*Saviours / slave to the hex / Accelerated Living
*Noriega / ballacaust / Desolo
*Face Value / you claim / Rode Hard, Put Away Wet: Clevo HC '89-'93
*Rise and Fall / soul slayer / Our Circle Is Vicious
*Fight Amp / school / Manners and Praise
*Droids Attack / the crisis in the city (it's increasing) / Must Destroy
*Black Breath / beneath the crust / Razor To Oblivion
*Gaza / how it is. how it's going to be. / He Is Never Coming Back
*Harvey Milk / dating pressures / Harvey Milk
*Shrinebuilder / science of anger / Shrinebuilder
*Javelina / a little paranoia / Beasts Among Sheep
*Cave In / retina sees rewind / Planets of Old
*Scrabble Robot / jumping on my nerve / Demo
*The Sons Of Hercules / too much fun / A Different Kind Of Ugly
*Hickoids / the best liquor store / Hairy Chafin' EP
*Fancy Frenetix / simply fighting / No Need For Therapy
(L)*Stout City Rockers / gravity / Stout City Rockers
(L)*Tulsa / creation myth / Sour Digs
(L)*Psychology of Genocide / ride on / Apostasy
*Pistol Whip / big boy / Terminal (reissue)*
*Youth Gone Mad / i gotta right to love her / Youth Gone Mad
*Easter Monkeys / my baby loves graves / Splendor of Sorrow*
*Ox Bow / bull's eye / Fuckfest (reissue)
*Snack Truck / gravi-thorn / Spacial Findings 1-7

KSCU Loud Rock Charts

1 FIGHT AMP Manners And Praise Translation Loss
2 DROIDS ATTACK Must Destroy Crustacean
4 CONVERGE Axe To Fall Epitaph
5 BLACK BREATH Razor To Oblivion [EP] Hot Mass
6 RED CHORD Fed Through The Teeth Machine Metal Blade
7 NORIEGA Desolo Viable
8 SAVIOURS Accelerated Living Kemado
9 CAVE IN Planets Of Old [EP] Hydrahead
10 SHRINEBUILDER Shrinebuilder Neurot

Rob Gongora
San Francisco, CA

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