Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So yeah, I resigned as a DJ at Pirate Cat Radio here in San Francisco. It's just one of those things that they were going one-way and I wanted to go another. That's it! I had fun and will miss a lot of people there. Thanks PCR for the memories and good luck. So KSCU 103.3FM will be station for me now. They rule! Well, Turkey Day is here and hope all of you have a great holiday and please wear baggy jeans so your stomach don't hang over. HA! GOBBLE GOBBLE!
*(intro) Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*Municiple Waste / masked by delirium / Massive Aggressive
*Struck By Lightning / the watchful eye / Serpents
*Evile / infected nation / Infected nations
*Fight Amp / elbows off / Manners and Praise
*Walken / nadir / Walken
*Slayer / psychopathy red / World Painted Blood
*The Red Chord / hour of rats / Fed Through The Teeth Machine
*Black Breath / fatal error / Razor To Oblivion
*Rise and Fall / het oog van de storm / Our Circle Is Vicious
*Black Cobra / machine / Chronomega
*Hatebreed / not my master / Hatebreed
*Fu Manchu / steel beast defeated / Signs Of Infinite Power
*Revocation / the brain scramblers / Existence Is Futile
*Pelican / an inch above sand / What We All Come To Need
*No Friends / black hearse / No Friends
*Converge / reap what you sow / Axe To Fall
*The Destro / face down in regret / Harmony Of Discord
*A Storm Of Light / omega / Forgive Us Our Trespasses
*Skeletonwitch / blinding black rage / Breathing Fire
*Saviours / slave to the hex / Accelerated Living
*White Mice / the hard on of edam / Ganjahovadose
*Baroness / war, wisdom and rhyme / Blue Record
*Dying Fetus / at what expense? / Descend Into Depravity
*Lewd Acts / wide black eyes / Black Eyes Blues
*Raise The Red Lantern / awaken / Raise The Red Lantern
*Doomriders / heavy lies the crown / Darkness Comes Alive
*Shrinebuilder / the architect / Shrinebuilder
*Brian of The Shitkickers

KSCU Loud Rock TOP 10 ending Sunday, November 22nd

1 SLAYER World Painted Blood Columbia
2 SAVIOURS Accelerated Living Kemado
3 CONVERGE Axe To Fall Epitaph
4 RED CHORD Fed Through The Teeth Machine Metal Blade
5 BLACK COBRA Chronomega Southern Lord
6 HATEBREED Hatebreed E1
7 BLACK BREATH Razor To Oblivion [EP] Hot Mass
8 NO FRIENDS No Friends No Idea
9 BARONESS The Blue Record Relapse
10 SHRINEBUILDER Shrinebuilder Neurot
Rob Gongora
San Francisco, CA