Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So, last December I really wanted to be at the ATP Festival in England too see some of my favorite bands. Well, 10 months later and probably two thousand dollars saved, I’m going too see a couple of them this weekend. This Friday here in San Francisco at The Regency Ballroom, BUTTHOLE SURFERS and MELVINS! WOW! If I only got too see them back in the day together when they were all drugged & boozed-up. Believe me, I’ve seen them back in the day but not together on one stage. Anyway, they’re still bad ass and I’ll still see them because they’ll always be the “Rolling Stones” of Punk. HA! See you there.

The next band for sure has been a favorite of all since they formed and I remember seeing their last show at Emo’s in Austin in the late 90’s and thinking, “I’ll never see them again”. Never say never, right?! JESUS LIZARD live at The Fillmore this Saturday! People have been telling from Rome to London to the US, JL is back in full-form and better than ever. I really don’t see bands that have broken up and then get back together but for JL, I’m making an exception. KILLDOZER and a bad ass band from Portland OR, BLACK ELK are supporting the bill. Also, the crazy mind of Alan Forbes did the show poster and its fuckin remarkable! It’s going to be one crazy weekend here in SF so make sure to bring your aspirins, a blanket and don’t sleep in the parks naked. See ya!

Thanks for ALL your support in sending music, listening to my radio shows or just being a comrade. Have a nice weekend and go out and see a show. CHEERS!


*(intro) Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*Baroness / a horse called golotha / Blue Record
*Job For A Cowboy / psychological immortality / Ruination
*Iron Age / the way is narrow / The Sleeping Eye
*Hail Of Bullets / nachthexen / Warsaw Rising
*Howl / oma / Howl
*Lewd Acts / night-crawlers / Black Eyes Blues
*Lullabye Arkestra / we fuck the night / Threats/Worship
*Megadeth / this day we fight! / EndGame
*Merauder / perdona me / God Is I
*The Accused / scotty came back / The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead
*Skeletonwitch / the despoiler of human life / Breathing The Fire
*August Burns Red / white washed / Constellations
*Black Anvil / dethroned emperor / Time Insults The Mind
*No Friends / broken windows / No Friends
*Dysrhythmia / lifted by skin / Psychic Maps
*Revocation / across forests and fjords / Existence Is Futile
*Doomriders / the equalizer / Darkness Comes Alive
*Awaken Demons / real / The Mirror
*Eagle Twin / carry on, king carrion / The Unkindness Of Crows
*Clutch / sleestak lightning / Strange Cousins From The West
*Assjack / redneck ride / Assjack
*Subarachnoid Space / bird signs / Eight-Bells
*Russian Circles / fathom / Geneva
*The Black Heart Procession / rats / Six
*Mission Of Burma / 1,2,3, Partyy! / The Sound The Speed The Light
*Soulsavers / unbalanced pieces / Broken*
*CoCoComa / you better beware / Things Are Not All Right*
*Monotonix / flesh and blood / Where Were You When It Happened?*
*Box Elders / stay / Alice and Friends
*Hornet Leg / ribbon of fear / Ribbon Of Fear
*Kitty, Daisy & Lewis / going up the country (Canned Heat) / Kitty, Daisy & Lewis*
*Leisure Class / weekend punk / Leisure Class Recordings 1979-1994*
*Reigning Sound / is it true? / Love and Curses*
*Eddy Current Suppression Ring / yo-yo man / Eddy Current Suppression Ring
*The Ettes / no home / Do You Want Power
*The Fumes / python for a pillow / Sundancer
*Krum Bums / dead new world / Different Day, Same Old Story
*The Spits / wouldn't wanna be ya / IV
*The Bomb / haver / Speed Is Everything
*The Impulse International / hey girl / Point Of Action

TOP 10 Loud Rock for KSCU ending Sunday, October 11th

1 DOOMRIDERS Darkness Come Alive Deathwish
2 SKELETONWITCH Breathing The Fire Prosthetic
3 LULLABYE ARKESTRA Threats/Worship Vice
4 IRON AGE The Sleeping Eye Tee Pee
5 REVOCATION Existence Is Futile Relapse
6 MERAUDER God Is I Regain
7 AWAKEN DEMONS The Mirror Trustkill
8 JOB FOR A COWBOY Ruination Metal Blade
9 SUBARACHNOID SPACE Eight Bells Crucial Blast
10 ACCUSED The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead




The Gears / baby runaround / Rockin' At Ground Zero
The D.I.'s / taylor yard blues / Rare Cuts!
Garage Monsters / Powerhouse / Powerhouse 7" (Sympathy)
Blazing Haley / turn to burn (straight to hell) / Split 7" w/Los Creepers (Split 7)
Los Creepers / man gone mad / Split 7" w/Los Creepers (Split 7)
Bonecrusher / struggle / Sights On Today 7" (Hostage Records)
The Bodies / hup two hey / 3brandnewsongs 7" (Hostage)
The Briefs / (i think) my baby is a communist & silver bullet / Split 7" w/The Spits (Dirtnap)
The Teeners / (side A) gold, flappin' gums & human trash / Gold 7" (Super Secret)
Cloak Dagger / consentration camps / Cloak Dagger 7" (Jade Tree)
Jesus Lizard / then come dudley / Goat
Maximum RnR / turmoil / Split 7" w/Electric Frankenstein
Pain Teens / death row eyes / Pain Teens 7" (Sub Pop)
Landed / dirty bomb / Liver & Lungs
This Runs On Blood / one on the map / Split 7" w/Transiet
Triac / feeder, coward in the smoke, shell of a man / Blue Room 7" (Reptilian)
Corn On Macabre / man learn? / Corn On Macabre 7" (The Magic Bullet)
Deadfall / counting, evacuation plan / Keep telling Yourself It's Okay 7" (Tankcrimes)
Acephalix / embodied in skin / Acephalix 7" (Prank)
Needles / filling holes, wish list, their lord and land / Needles 7" (Lengua Armada)
Buckshot Facelift / egg of goat, saint gut free, giving acid to a gorilla who knows sign language / Universal Goat Tilt
Hatebreed / through the thorns / Hatebreed
Chris & Cosey / fantastique / Twist
Hypatia Lake / he could not save her from the cold blade in the pale moonlight / ...And We Shall Call Him...