Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Nothin’ much going on with me this weekend. Gonna chill and get ready for Labor Day weekend.

*Don’t forget, my radio show here in San Francisco,TERRIBLE TUESDAYS w/Naked Rob got bumped up 2-4PM (PST) and online at AND of course THE THRASH ATTACK is still every Thursday 4-7PM (PST) at KSCU 103.3FM or online Check it!

*Please continue to update your address book and add my new address for all letters, music packages and so on. I'm still getting packages from the old address. Thanks!

Also, start adding my ass to all you shit social network sites:

Have a nice weekend, be cool and stay straight. Ciao ciao!!

KSCU TOP 10 LOUD ROCK ending Sunday, August 23rd

1 IRON AGE The Sleeping Eye Tee Pee

2 ACCUSED The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead

3 BURNT BY THE SUN Heart Of Darkness Relapse

4 AUGUST BURNS RED Constellations Solid State

5 JOB FOR A COWBOY Ruination Metal Blade

6 HANK 3 AND ASSJACK Hank 3 And Assjack

7 COALESCE Ox Relapse

8 HAIL OF BULLETS Warsaw Rising [EP] Metal Blade

9 OBITUARY Darkest Day Candlelight

10 REIGN SUPREME Testing The Limits Of Infinite Deathwish



*Throw Rag / mission's message / Desert Shores

*Crash and Burn / shut you out / split 7" w/Defcon 4
*Drain The Sky / concrete memories / Haunted By Rivers
*Death Squad / attack and retreat / 7" (Youth Attack Records)
*Archons / smokehorse / Archons
*Reagan SS / if it's war you want..., urban renewal / Hail The New Dawn 7" (Coalition Records)
*The Radishes / good machine / Good Machine
*Model/Actress / sweep the day away / EP
*Mohammed / evil dr. fu manchu / Hyena
*Roky Erickson / two headed dog / The Evil One
*Night Horse / good bye gone / 7" split w/Dirty Sweet (Tee Pee Records)
*New Order / age of consent / Power, Corruption & Lies
*PIL / this is not a love song / This Is What You Want....This Is What You Get
*Mogwai / batcat / The Hawk Is Howling
*2 Live Crew / shake a lil somethin' / Booty Mix Vol 2
*Gucci Crew / sally (that girl) / Everybody Wants Some
*IfIHadAHiFi / the hifi vs. potential energy / No More Music
*Snitches Get Stitches / dible reward for dry pants / Even A Butchered Carcass Can Shine
*Spark / the exterminator does a good job / Time To Take What Is Ours
*Lightning Bolt / magic mountain / Hypermagic Mountain
*Noxagt / histrionix / Noxagt
*The Jesus Lizard / gladiator / Bang
*Butthole Surfers / one million people dead / Humpty Dumpty LSD

Rob Gongora
KSCU 103.3FM / Santa Clara & San Jose
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