Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I love my new pad! BBQ coming up soon, more friends coming by to hang out, the HD tv hooked up in the living room and I still haven't cristined my befroom. HA!
Oh yeah, my Pirate Cat Radio show in San Francisco every Tuesday is getting bumped up 2-4PM (PST). No more 4to6. Now I can get off in time for happy hour. HAHA!
Due to construction going on at the university, no radio show until next week. DAMN IT!
OK, please continue to update your address book and add my new address for all letters, music packages and exotic flowers you will be sending. Thanks everybody and have a nice weekend. Au revoir!

PLAYLIST - JULY 23, 2009
(R) request (L) local
*(intro) Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*Incoming Cerebral Overdrive / reflections / Controverso
*Death Before Dishonor / boys in blue / Better Way To Die
*Dysrhythmia / iron cathedral / Psychic Maps
*The Ocean / nazca / Fluxion
*Hail Of Bullets / warsaw rising / Warsaw Rising
*Job For A Cowboy / unfurling A Darkened Gospel / Ruination
*Clutch / Abraham Lincoln / Strange Cousins From The West
*Darkest Hour / devoltion of flesh / The Eternal Return
*Obituary / outside my head / Darkest Day
*Church Of Misery / the gray man / House Of The Unholy
*Reign Supreme / mother superior / Testing The Limits Of Infinity
*Havoc / the disease / Burn
*Neaera / I loathe / Omnicide - Creation Unleash Death
*Eryn Non Dae / blistering hate / Hydra Lernaia
*Sworn Enemy / lies / Total World Domination
*Coalesce / the purveyor of novelty and nonsense / OX
*Devildriver / back with a vengeance / Pray For Villains
*Goatwhore / shadow of a risking knife / Carving Out The Eyes Of God
*Ancestors / mother animal pt.II / Of Sound Mind
*VoiVod / from the cave / Infini
*Black Math Horseman / a barren cause / Wyllt
*Human Eye / fix me first / various - Shiftless Decay: New Sounds Of Detroit
*Frustrations / glowing red pill / Glowing Red Pill
*Vagina Panther / eye of indez / Vagina Panther
*Japandroids / the boys are leaving town / Post-Nothing
*Gay Beast / white exploding knee / Second Wave
*Hitch / the day kid c bit the dust / Clair. Obscur
*UUVVWWZ / green starred sleave / UUVVWWZ
*Pre / the junk / Hope Freaks
*The Crowd / run for the money / Letter Bomb
*Vitamin Party / animal farm / Revenge*
*Cross Stitched Eyes / substance / Coranach
*Brewtal Thirst / drinkin' time / Unquenchable*
*Dave Alvin and The Guilty Women / California's Burning / Dave Alvin and The Guilty Women
*Day Of The Outlaw / the fall / Black Mountain Majesty*
*Pigface / the good the bad the druggly / 6
*Sonic Youth / anti-orgasm / The Eternal
*Boogie Border / USRA / Pizza Hero*
KSCU TOP LOUD ROCK for the week ending Sunday, July 26th
1 REIGN SUPREME Testing The Limits Of Infinite Deathwish
2 CHURCH OF MISERY Houses Of The Unholy Rise Above
3 DARKEST HOUR The Eternal Return Victory
4 HAVOK Burn Candlelight
5 COALESCE Ox Relapse
6 GOATWHORE Carving Out The Eyes Of God Metal Blade
8 SWORN ENEMY Total World Domination Century Media
9 NEBULA Heavy Psych
Tee Pee
10 OBITUARY Darkest Day
PLAYLIST - JULY 28, 2009
*AC/DC / problem child / Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
*Chapstik / captain / Barn Burner
*Deadbird / into the clearing / Twilight Ritual
*The Hidden Hand / Majestic Presence / The Resurrection Of Whiskey Foote
*Infernal Stronghold / taahni / Godless Noise
*New York Dolls / looking for a kiss / Essentials
*Patriot / we didn't do it / We The People
*Siouxie & The Banshees / candyman / Twice Upon The Time
*Mdnight Bombers / satan's children / Evil Streets
*Bone Gnawer / feast of flesh / Feast Of Flesh
*Hypatia Lake / he could not save her / ...And We Shall Call Him
*Private Dancer / I see trouble / Trouble Eyes
*Wu-Tang Clan / triumph / Reunited
*Bauhaus / too much 21st century / Go Away White
*Slayer / hate worldwide / Hate Worldwide
*Young Widows / young and hardheaded / Old Wounds
*Zero Down / good times at the gates of hell / Good Times At The Gates Of Hell
*Electric Frankenstein / EF Theme / EF
*Triac / in the blue room / They'll Stay Buried
*Cherubs / car jack fairy / Cinco Anos
*Ed Hall / white house girls / Motherscratcher
*Butthole Surfers / i hate my job / Humpty Dumpty LSd
*Hickoids / queen of the BBQ / Walk Across Dress Texas
*Blood On The Saddle / true love / The Mud The Blood and The Beer
*Willie Nelson & Johnny Cash / folsom prison blues / Storytellers
Rob Gongora
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