Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gig Posters book signing/Terrible Tuesdays/Playlists/Top 10

I'm writing this late in the evening of Wednesday night because i took a little siesta and woke up late. DAMN! Anyway, I'm pretty much chillin out this weekend. I'm moving in three weeks so I gotta start packing shit up soon. Enough of that, here's what what I have going on this weekend...

My friends at Secret Serpents and Varnish is hosting the official book signing for the newly released Gig Posters Volume 1 book this Friday, June 19th at 7PM until whenever. GP (as some of us calls it) is thee bible of poster art from all over the world. The website ( has so much art and info on it that you'll be surfing on it for hours because you can search for a poster under the artist name, the band, the club, the city and even do a search option. GP also has a forum that you can chat in, find infoprmation on purchasing a poster or just talk shit to everybody. Artists present will include: Alan Forbes (Secret Serpents), Chuck Sperry (Firehouse), Lil Tuffy, Jason Munn (Small Stakes), Gregg Gordon (Gigart), Steve Walters (Screwball Press), Dan Stiles, Scrojo, Mike King and more!
Artists will have a limited number of posters for sale. The books will be available for sale at the show. All books purchased that night will come with a silkscreened art print set only available at this show, so don’t miss out!

77 Natoma Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Oh yeah, I finally have a name for my radio show at Pirate Cat Radio. I call it now, TERRIBLE TUESDAYS with Naked Rob! So, check it out every Tuesday 4to6PM (PST) on the airwaves 87.9FM here in San Francisco & L.A. or 104.8 in Berlin, Germany and of course we stream online all the time at Check it sometime! AND DON'T FORGET about THE THRASH ATTACK every Thursday 4to7PM over at KSCU 103.3FM in the South Bay area of San Francisco or hear it online at Thanks everybody and have a great weekend. Grazie ciao!

PLAYLIST - JUNE 11, 2009

(R) request (L) local
*(intro) Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*Goatwhore / apocalyptic habit / Carving Out The Eyes Of God
*Coalesce / the plot against my love / OX
*Black Math Horseman / tyrant / Wyllt
*Eryn Non Dae / through dark skies / Hydra Lernaia
*Neaera / caesura / Omnicide - Creation Unleash Death
*Sworn Enemy / aftermath / Total World Domination
*The Blinding Light / crippler / June Bug
*Pulling Teeth / ritual / Paradise Illusions Paranoid Delusions
*Agoraphobic Nosebleed / timelord two / Agorapocalypse
*Brutal Truth / get a therapist.​.​.​spare the world / Evolution Through Revolution
*Mastodon / quintessence / Crack The Skye
*Hatebreed / supertouch (Bad Brains) / For The Lions
*Kylesa / almost lost / Static Tentions
*Wretched / fetal consumption / The Exodus Of Autonomy
*Dark Castle / growing slow / Spirited Migration
*Isis / 20 minutes/40 years / Wavering Radiant
*Blood Tsunami / nothing but contempt / Grand Feast For Vultures
*Graves Of Valor / salarian gate / Salarian Gate
*Nebula / pulse / Heavy Psych
*Gallows / leeches / Grey Britain
*Hammerlord / metalization / Hammerlord
*The Chariot / evolve / War and Rumors Of War
*Narrows / i give you six months / New Distances
*Gay Witch Abortion / wavey graves / Maverick
*Witch Hunt / septa death / Burning Bridges to Nowhere
*The Children / nuclear bummer / Hard Times Hanging At The End Of The World
*Hickoids / brand new way / Waltz-​A-​Cross-​Dress-​Texas
*Dave Alvin and The Guilty Women / marie marie / Dave Alvin and The Guilty Women
*The Grannies / gay horn / Hot Flashes
*Hitch / art nouveau! / Clair. Obscure
*The Warlocks / standing between the lovers of hell / The Mirror Explodes
*Starvin' Hungry / chicken fly / Cold Burns
*North Lincoln / seasons / Midwestern Blood
(L)*Phantom Limbs / girl on a trapeez / Accept The Juice

KSCU TOP 10 Loud Rock ending Sunday, June 14th

1 ISIS Wavering Radiant Ipecac
2 DARK CASTLE Spirited Migration At A Loss
3 NARROWS New Distances Deathwish
4 KYLESA Static Tensions Prosthetic
5 HATEBREED For The Lions E1
6 HAMMERLORD Hammerlord Init
7 AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED Agorapocalypse Relapse
8 GAY WITCH ABORTION Maverick Learning Curve
9 MASTODON Crack The Skye Reprise
10 WRETCHED The Exodus Of Autonomy Victory

PLAYLIST - JUNE 16, 2009

*Nick Cave &The Bad Seeds / the carny / Your Funeral... My Trial
*Clutch / i have the body of John Wilkes Booth / Clutch
*The Grannies / gay horn / Hot Flashes
*The Children / power spirit / Hard Times At The End Of The World
*Acephalix / nothing / 7" (Prank Records)
*Wolves In The Throne Room / wanderer above the sea of fog / Black Cascade
*The Hellacopters / bore me / Supershitty To The Max!
*Hickoids / brand new way / Waltz-A-Cross-Dress-Texas
*Supersuckers / supersucker drive-by blues / Greatest Hits
*Neko Case / hold on, hold on / Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
*Flaco Jimenez / Ay Te Dojo En San Antonio / Pinche San Antonio Vatos!
*Annihilation Time / imaginary mirrors / II
*Black Skies / smoke & mirrors / Hexagon
*Monster Magnet / wall of fire / 4-Way Diablo
*Cursed / antihero resuscitator / Three
*Brujeria / La migra / Best Of
*Lords / waist deep in shit / Fuck All Y'all Motherfuckers
*RZA / the chase / Bulworth
*Cock Sparrer / England belongs to me / Rumours Carry more Weight Than Fact
*Imbroglio / suicide pact / The Oncoming Swarm
*Sworn Enemy / aftermath / Total World Domination
*Ministry / breathe / The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste
*Sun O))) / aghartha / Monoliths & Dimensions
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