Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Last weekend I stayed home and chilled. I had beer, pizza, tweeds and movies. It was nice. This weekend, I'm going out. Friday night is the return of THE CUTTHROATS 9 at Bender's. Of course we all know TC9 features Chris Spencer of Unsane, Will Carroll of Old Grandad and Tony Baumeister of 16. The band that's headlining is THIS RUNS ON BLOOD from AZ. I heard a couple of songs and they sound sick. Next Tuesday, June 2nd at The Knockout is SAVIOURS and it's FREE! YES, FREE!! Its part of the "HARD TIMES" Free Tuesdays double feature at The Knockout and Argus (next door dive bar). With the economy in the shitter, this is such a good idea and great fuckin bands playinf as well; SUICIDE BOMB (members of Born/Dead and Artimus Pyle) and POISON CONTROL (ex-U.S. Kings). Come out out to this FREE SHOW you broke fuckers! HA! Have a nice weekend and be cool. Au revoir!

PLAYLIST - May 21, 2009

(R) request (L) local

*(intro) Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*Minsk / three moons / With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone
*The Chariot / tea / Wars and Rumors Of Wars
*Gray Ghost / siberian / Deep In The Shallow End
*Graves Of Valor / bridles of incitatus / Salarian Gate
*Clutch / 50,000 unstoppable watts / Strange Cousins From The West
*Witch Hunt / blind eyes blind lives / Burning Bridges To Nowhere
*Narrows / i give you six months / New Distances
*Wretched / before the rise / The Exodus Of Autonomy
*Hatebreed / your mistake (Agnostic Front) / For The Lions
*Kylesa / unknown awareness / Static Tentions
*Mumakil / state of war / Behold The Failure
*Hammerlord / the hell with you / Hammerlord
*The Blinding Light / chainsmoker / June Bug
*Isis / hand of the host / Wavering Radiant
*Mastodon / quintessence / Crack The Skye
*Agoraphobic Nosebleed / timelord one / Agorapocalypse
*Gay Witch Abortion / scythian skulls / Maverick
*Pulling Teeth / bloodwolves / Paradise Illusions Paranoid Delusions
*Brutal Truth / on the hunt / Evolution Through Revolution
*Inevitable End / persevering incitement / The Severed Inception
*Dark Castle / a depth returns / Spirited Migration
*Children / advanced mind control / Hard Times Hanging at the End of the World
*Kitten Forever / nightworm / Born Ready
*Phantom Limbs / shut up old man / Accept The Juice
*Maps of Norway / the runout / Die Off Songbird
*Mika Miko / blues not speed / We be Xuxa
*No No Zero / screw / Rough Stuff
*The Weight / talkin' / Are Men
*The Swords Of Fatima / call in the reinforcements / Two Days, Two Swords...Walk Alone At Midnight
*Starvin' Hungry / some kind solution / Cold Burns
*Bionic / learn to love the government / Black Blood
*The Warlocks / slowly disappearing / The Mirror Explodes
*The Spanks / i gotta know / The Spanks
*Wavves / to the dregs / Wavvves
*Songs For Snakes / the time you lost was mine / Songs For Snakes
*New York Dolls / better than you / Cause I Seaz So
*Spindrift / speak to the wind / The Legend of God's Gun
*Screaming Females / treacher collins / Power Move
*Bogart and the Addictives / mocassine yer keister / Bogart and the Addictives

KSCU Loud Rock TOP 10 ending Sunday, May 24th

1 KYLESA Static Tensions Prosthetic
2 NARROWS New Distances Deathwish
3 DARK CASTLE Spirited Migration At A Loss
4 ISIS Wavering Radiant Ipecac
5 AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED Agorapocalypse Relapse
6 BRUTAL TRUTH Evolution Through Revolution Relapse
7 PULLING TEETH Paradise Delusions | Paradise Illusions Deathwish
8 HAMMERLORD Hammerlord Init
9 WRETCHED The Exodus Of Autonomy Victory
10 MASTODON Crack The Skye Reprise


PLAYLIST - MAY 26, 2009

*Brujeria / la migra & consejos narcos / Best Of...
*Kylesa / said and done / Static Tensions LP
*Young Widows / long live the new weight / 7" split series3
*Nigel Peppercock / stoned / The New Way
*Oblivians / milk shake / Popular Favorites
*Zen Guerrilla / mob rules (Black Sabbath) / 7" (Safety Pin Records)
*Lightning Beat-Man & His No-Talents / wild baby wow / Wrestling Rock 'n' Roll
*D.S.-13 / down and out / Vad Vet Vi Om Kriget? LP
*Instant Asshole / totally fucked, fight to fight, d.u.i or die / D.U.I Or Die 7" (Tankcrimes)
*The 4-Skins / 1984 / From Chaos to 1984
*Tyrades / detonation, vicious rumors / 7" (Big Neck)
*The Beatings / feel good ending / If Not Now, Then When EP
*Neon Nights / electrified / Neon Nights
*Black Tusk / beneath / 7" split (No Idea)
*Melvins w/Jello Biafra / Kali-fornia uber alles 21st Century / Sied Howdy!
*Abrupt / surface tension / Abrupt LP
*Ice Cube / today was a good day / The Predator
*The Locust / ,.mxdnfblndfblndlnb.xnb.xb,lc;lvbldbcmlfdnfkjdf / Flight Of The Wounded Locust 7" (GSL)
*Short Fuse / remain steadfast / Short Fuse LP (Assault Records)
*Seger Liberation Army / heavy music / 7" (Big Neck)
*Coconut Coolouts / (please don't break me out of) party music / Party Time Machine
*The Okmonics / teenage timebomb / Party Fever!!!
*Seven Dirty Words / (i'm your) motherfucker / Hardboiled & Dirty
*The Penetrators / gotta have her / Bad Women
*Noxagt / coefficient ascender / Noxagt
*Red Eyed Legends / monsters / Wake Up, Legend
*Death From Above 1979 / little girls / Romance Bloody Romance
*Zen Guerrilla / the trooper (iron Maiden) / 7" (Safety Pin)

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