Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Next Thursday, May 14th will be my 40th B-Day party at Thee Parkside here in San Francisco. I got BLACK COBRA (SF), WHO RIDES THE TIGER (L.A.) and PSYCHOLOGY OF GENOCIDE (SF) to play. ALL OF YOU are invited and it will be so nice if you can make it. It's only seven bones and you'll be able to help me leave the thirties and enter the forties in style. I hope you can make and if not, DIE!!!!!!!! JK!!! I'll still love you. HA!

This Saturday, May 9th at Annie's Social Club, Jello Biafra's new band will rock it along with Social Unrest, Ribzy, Fix My Head, The Excuse. The show is 21 & over and its only ten bucks. Jello's new band consists of Billy Gould (Faith No More), Ralph Spight (Victim's Family), Kimo Ball (Carney Ball Johnson) and Jon Weiss (Horsey / Sharkbait). Now that's a fuckin line-up! This will be that last time we'll see Billy Gould in a while before he takes off with some other band on tour (I forgot the band. HA!). The last time i saw Jello was at his 50th B-Day party and he looked like he was 20 years old again. I hope too see that Jello again and you there as well.

Don't forget I'm on the airwaves here in San Francisco & L.A. every Tuesday 4to6PM (PST) @ 87.9fm and Berlin, Germany 104.8. You can check out my show as well streaming online at WWW.PIRATECATRADIO.COM. I do phone/in-studio interviews, live performances (only acoustic or light instruments) and if you have a band coming through San Francisco, let me know and I may put them on my show. THE THRASH ATTACK is still every Thursday 4to7PM (PST) at 103.3FM in the South Bay area of San Francisco or streaming online at WWW.KSCU.ORG. I'll also do some phone interviews so hit me up and we'll see.

Thanks everybody for sending me music, listening to my radio shows, downloading my podcasts, spreading the word, being my friend and supporting the stations I'm at. The stations and I totally appreciate it. Have a nice weekend, stay straight and be cool. DON'T FORGET TO COME TO MY B-DAY PARTY!!!! CHEERS!

(R) request (L) local

*(intro) Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*Brutal Truth / sugardaddy / Evolution Through Revolution
*Mumakil / get wasted or die / Behold The Failure
*Hammerlord / dead city mojo / Hammerlord
*Pulling Teeth / paranoid delusions / Paradise Illusions Paranoid Delusions
*Agoraphobic Nosebleed / timelord zero / Agorapocalypse
*Inevitable End / the severed inception / The severed Inception
*Isis / ghost key / Wavering Radiant
*Dark Castle / into the past / Spirited Migration
*Mastodon / crack the skye / Crack The Skye
*The Human Quena-Orchestra / progress / The Politics of the Irredeemable
*Who Rides The Tiger / geronimo / Transylvania Baby
*Black Cobra / one nine / Bestial
*The Blinding Light / white out / Junebug
*Beerijuana / through the m urk / Beerijuana
*Cough / 288 years of sin / Sigillum Lucifer
*Absu / night fire canonization / Absu
*Satyricon / the wolfpack / The Age Of Nero
*Cannibal Corpse / priests of sodom / Evisicration Plague
*Without End / menacing thunder / Doctrine Of Hate
*Stillborn Portrait / overrun / In The Year Of The Moth
*Tombs / beneath the toxic jungle / Winter Hours
*Arise & Ruin / forever damned / Night Storms Hailfire
*Rabid Rabbit / ephedrine / Rabid Rabbit
*Buried Inside / II / Spoils Of Failure
*The Miles Between / northern battersea / Deceiver
*Gay Witch Abortion / your own militia / Maverick
*Starvin Hungry / ghost witness / Cold Burns
*The Swords Of Fatima / in search / Two Days, Two Swords...Walk Alone At Midnight
*Bionic / freedom now, baby / Black Blood
*The Weight / had it made / Are Men
*Spindraft / preacher's theme / The Legend of God's Gun
*The Warlocks / red camera / The Mirror Explodes
*Neon Nights / electrified / Neon Nights
*Seven Dirty Words / let it ride / Hardboiled & Dirty

KSCU Loud Rock for CMJ ending Sunday, May 3rd

1 ABSU Absu Candlelight
2 TOMBS Winter Hours Relapse
3 SATYRICON The Age Of Nero Koch
4 ARISE AND RUIN Night Storms Hail Fire Victory
5 BEERIJUANA Beerijuana
7 COUGH Sigillum Lucifer Forcefield
8 CANNIBAL CORPSE Evisceration Plague Metal Blade
9 STILLBORN PORTRAIT In The Year Of The Moth Self-Produced
10 WITHOUT END Doctrine Of Hate Self-Produced


PLAYLIST - MAY 5, 2009

*Dom DeLuise tribute / R.I.P.
*Black Cobra / one nine / Bestial
*Who Rides The Tiger / sunshine / Transylvania Baby!
*Psychology Of Genocide / protest and die / POG
*Kylesa / said and done / Static Tensions
*Shannon of SONS OF OSWALD (SF)
*Sons of Oswald / no good emotions & middle class lost / Ascending Mt. Brolympus
*Melvins / amazon/ The Maggot
*Young Widows / 21st century invention / Old Wounds
*Annihilation Time / imaginary mirrors / II

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