Friday, March 6, 2009


After a year and a half, I'm finally going back to my hometown of San Antonio, Texas on Tuesday, March 10th and I'm missing SXSW (Oh well, maybe next year). I'm going too see my family, do some fishing at the coast, bar b q, see some friends and visit some graves. It'll be good to get away. So, I am not doing both of my radio shows until Thursday, March 19th. Then, I leave to Italy on Friday, March 27th and i can't wait for that to happen. YEAH!!!

Before I go back to Texas, I'm seeing one more band, BLACK COBRA! BC just signed with Southern Lord Records and they deserve a great fuckin label like that. They've been putting out great metal for the past couple of years, touring like maniacs and they are one of the hardest working bands out right now. BC is even playing my 40th B-Day Party on May 14th (see attachment). Anyway, along with BC on the bill at Annie's Social Club will be Eternal Elysium, Dusted Angel & Damnweevil. Its an early Sunday show at 5PM so, come on out and see some great Metal!

Ok everyone, have an nice weekend and i'll be back in a couple of weeks. CHEERS!


(R) request (L) local

*(intro) Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*Cough / 288 years of sin / Sigillum Lucifer
*Absu / amy / Absu
*Antigama / city / Warning
*Buried Inside / II / Spoils Of Failure
*The Miles between / northern battersea / Deceiver
*Without End / menacing thunder / Doctrine Of Hate
*Death Thrash / unfinished business / Thrash Beyond Death CD Sampler

*Nashville Pussy / from hell to Texas / From Hell To Texas
*Sepultura / conform / A-Lex
*Harpoon / the midget and the duchess / Double Gnarley/Triple Suicide
(L)*Beerijuana / sex panther / Beerijuana
*16 / what went wrong? / Bridges To Burn
*Viking Skull / double or quits / Doom Gloom Heartache & Whiskey
*Satyricon / last man standing / The Age Of Nero
*Cattle Decapitation / the product alive / The Harvest Floor
*mandatory Melvins / hog leg / Eggnog
*FiftyWattHead / iron clad / Fogcutter
*Stillborn Portrait / for the last time / In The Year of the Moth
*Rabid Rabbit / ephedrine / Rabid Rabbit
*Cannibal Corpse / carnivorous swarm / Evisceration Plague
*Who Rides The Tiger / sunshine / Transylvania Baby
*Kreator / escalation / Hordes Of Chaos
*Tombs / the great silence / Winter Hours
*Seven Dirty Words / let it ride / Hardboiled & Dirty
*D.O.A. / last chance / Northern Avengers
*Monikers / she / Wake Up
*Cyclone 60 / blownout blitz / Instant Classic
*Space Cretins / straight to the edge / Direct From The Superfreak Highway!
*Virgins / WW2nd / Miscarriage
*Marked Men / shaky ground / Ghosts
*Hemmit / SUV / RocketRide
*Sea Monster / livin' inside the head of a monster / Livin' On Love...and Other Notes From The Killing Floor
*Fatal Film / all our cash / Thrill'R
*Made in Mexico / remote control secrets / Guerillaton
*Moon & Moon / into the dust / VII Acts Of An Iron Key
*Hank III / H8 line / Damn Right Rebel Proud
*The Magnificents / how longs gone / Year of Explorers
*Iran / i can see the future / Dissolver
*Wow & Flutter / car crash / Golden Touch
*Volcano Suns / 1999 (Prince)-live / The Bright Orange Years
*These Are Powers / life of birds / All Aboard Future
*From Monument To Masses / an ounce of prevention / On Little Known Frequencies

KSCU Loud Rock TOP 10 ending March 1st

1 WHO RIDES THE TIGER Transylvania Baby Self-Released
2 CANNIBAL CORPSE Evisceration Plague Metal Blade
3 16 Bridges To Burn Relapse
4 RABID RABBIT Rabid Rabbit Interloper
5 SATYRICON The Age Of Nero Koch
6 CATTLE DECAPITATION The Harvest Floor Metal Blade
7 FIFTYWATTHEAD Fogcutter Signed By Force
8 KREATOR Hordes Of Chaos SPV
10 VIKING SKULL Gloom Doom Heartache 'N Whiskey Candlelight-Powerage



*Who Rides The Tiger / geronimo / Transylvania Baby
*Breasts / mole skin / Breasts
*DNA / you & you / DNA ON DNA
*Cock Sparrer / chip on my shoulder 2 / Rarities
*The Bronx / digital leash / The Bronx III
*Hipbone Slim and the Knee Tremblers / the sheik said shake / The Sheik Said Shake
*Lightning Beat Man and His No Talent / I'm gonna kill you tonight / Wrestling Rock 'N' Roll
*King Khan & The Shrines / destroyer / The Supreme Genius Of...
*Chris & Cosey / walking through heaven / Songs Of Love & Lust
*Wet Secret / the chinball wizard / Wet Secret
*Theoretical Girls / computer dating / Theoretical Girls
*New Order / age of consent / Power, Corruption & Lies
*Bass Terror / Bass Terror / Bass Terror
*Techno Animal / excavator / Radio Hades
*Butthole Surfers / human cannonball / Locust Abortion Technician
*Pailhead / man should surrender / Trait
*Skinny Puppy / warlock / Rabies
*Lard / war pimp Renaissance /
*Richard Cheese / war ensemble (SLAYER) / I'd Like A Virgin
*Trap Them / targets / Seizures In Barren Praise
*Corrosion Of Conformity / loss for words / Animosity

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