Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I did not do my radio show this past Tuesday nor am I doing it tomorrow as well. I do though have 2 DJ gigs at a couple of places here in San Francisco this weekend. Thursday night I'm Djing at Thee Parkside for the COCK SPARRER/PIRATE PRESS KICK-OFF PARTY that happening at Great American Music Hall Friday & Saturday. Both shows are sold out and of course COCK SPARRER will be headlining both night. WOW! Friday night I'll be spinning at my neighborhood bar, Argus Lounge. I'm spinning everything; Metal, Rock, Indie, Hip-Hop, Industrial, Pop, Punk, Country, Tejano, etc... I hope i get the chicks dancin. HA! Anyway, I'll be back at both radio shows next week and then I'm taking Thanksgiving week off. Have a good weekend and take care. Au revoir!


*(intro) Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
(new shit!)
*Struck By Lightning / nothing sacred / Serpents
*Javelina / a little paranoia / Beasts Among Sheep
*Fight Amp / bad listener I / Manners And Praise
*Raise The Red Lantern / thick as thieves / Raise The Red Lantern
*Caltrop / the phlogiston command / World Class
*Fancy Frenetix / frenetic / No Need For Therapy
(end of new shit!)
*Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine / panic land / Audacity Of Hype
*Slayer / snuff / World Painted Blood
*Rise and Fall / it's a long way down / Our Circle Is Vicious
*Saviours / we roam / Accelerated Living
*Converge / dark horse / Axe To Fall
*Ramstein / rammlied / Liebe Ist For Alle Da
*A Storm Of Light / across the wilderness / Forgive Us Our Trespasses
*Doomriders / rotter / Darkness Comes Alive

*Baroness / o'er hell and hide / Blue Record
*No Friends / broken windows / No Friends
*Black Cobra / negative reversal / Chronomega
*Revocation / enter the hall / Existence Is Futile
*Megadeth / dialectic chaos / EndGame
*Lewd Acts / my father was a locomotive / Black Eyes Blues
*Hatebreed / become the fuse / Hatebreed
*Dying Fetus / descend into depravity / Descend Into Depravity
*White Mice / ganjahovadose / Ganjahovadose
*Lullabye Arkestra / surviving the year of the wolves
/ Threats Worship
*Cloak Dagger / deathbed rebels / Lost Art
*Andale! / walk away / Andale!
*Snowbyrd / evening star / Disodado
*The Sons Of Hercules / brain dead / A Different Kind Of Ugly
*Imaad Wasif / priestess / The Voidest
*The Flaming Lips / convinced of the hex / Embryonic
*Cougar / thundersnow / Patriot
*Cast Of Thousands / insult injury / Applied Mythology
*Russian Circles / when the mountain comes to muhammad / Geneva
*Mission Of Burma / good cheer / The Sound The Speed The Light
*The Fumes / rogue river women / Sundancer
*The Ettes / so say so / Do You Want power
*The Black Heart Procession / wasteland / Six

KSCU Loud Rock TOP 10
1 BLACK COBRA Chronomega Southern Lord
2 HATEBREED Hatebreed E1
3 A STORM OF LIGHT Forgive Us Our Trespasses Neurot
4 NO FRIENDS No Friends No Idea
5 BARONESS The Blue Record Relapse
6 DOOMRIDERS Darkness Come Alive Deathwish
7 MEGADETH Endgame Roadrunner
8 SKELETONWITCH Breathing The Fire Prosthetic
9 WHITE MICE Ganjahovahdose 20 Buck Spin
10 SUBARACHNOID SPACE Eight Bells Crucial Blast

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