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WHAT A HALLOWEEN?! Probably the best Halloween I’ve had in years. I hope you all had a great time and wore some crazy ass costumes as I did (I was bad NYPD cop. HA!). I thought maybe this weekend I’ll chill but, it’s not likely. Saturday here in San Francisco is probably a very low-profile festival that this city has seen but, will be HUGE. FOG RISING FESTIVAL is a first that has mostly Tee Pee Records recording artists and some locals as well. Here’s the official write up;

Secret Serpents and Tee Pee Records present Fog Rising

Sentimental stories continue to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Woodstock in the mainstream media. But the year was a turning point for rock 'n' roll -- when music fragmented into so many styles and scenes.

Prog-rock. Metal. Experimental psych. Kraut-rock. Stoner-rock.

Which is why Secret Serpents and Tee Records present "FOG RISING" -- a celebration of the twisted offspring of that fragmentation.

San Francisco is the home of the club festival concept, not to mention
psychedelia and poster art. It all started here -- long before the masses
passed out and latched onto Woodstock.

Artwork will be displayed by famed poster artists, Alan Forbes, David D’Andrea, Alan Hynes and Marq Spusta.

Among the bands performing are Witch - this will be Witch's only west coast performance of 2009. Saviours, who release their brand new album "Accelerated Living" on October 26th, Ancestors, who have a highly anticipated release of their own coming out October 6th titled "Of Sound Mind", Red Fang and many more.

Advance Tickets are on sale via the Secret Serpents website.

12AM Witch
11PM Saviours
10PM Night Horse
9PM Red Fang
8PM Ancestors
7PM Black Math Horseman
6PM Lecherous Gaze (members of Annihilation Time)
5PM Imaad Wasif with Two Part Beast
4PM Jason Simon (of Dead Meadow)
3PM Citadelle

Alan Forbes
David D’Andrea
Alan Hynes
Marq Spusta


2PM, November 7, 2009

Broadway Studios
435 Broadway
San Francisco, CA

Now tell me this doesn’t sound like a goodtime! Yeah right, it’s going to be a blast! Wherever you are, get on a train, take a flight, steal your mom’s car or whatever, just get your ass to San Francisco and come Rock with us for FOG RISING FESTIVAL! See you there! See ya!

Also, I had Dave of WITCH call in my radio show this past Tuesday straight from the San Diego Zoo along with SECRET SERPENTS, Alan Forbes (yes, that artist guy) and Justin McNeal. Here's the podcast if you missed the show;


*(intro) HALLOWEEN 2 movie theme
*Slayer / snuff / World Painted Blood
*Rise and Fall / souls slayer / Our Circle Is Vicious
*Shrinebuilder / solar benediction / Shrinebuilder
*Pelican / glimmer / What We All Come To Need
*Megadeth / endgame / EndGame
*Doomriders / bloodsuckers / Darkness Comes Alive
*A Storm Of Light / midnight / Forgive Us Our Trespasses
*Baroness / a horse called golgotha / Blue Record
*Dying Fetus / atrocious by nature / Descend Into Depravity
*Skeletonwitch / submit for suffering / Breathing The Fire
*White Mice / onth' ragggnorock / Ganjahovadose
*Hatebreed / no halos for the heartless / Hatebreed
*Revocation / leviathan awaits / Existence Is Futile
*Lewd Acts / rock gut charlie / Black Eyes Blues
*Black Cobra / storm shadow / Chronomega
*Lullabye Arkestra / telepathic president / Threats Worship
*No Friends / set in your ways / No Friends
*Converge / axe to fall / Axe To Fall
*Subarachnoid Space / akathesia / Eight-Bells
*Imaad Wasif / priestess / The Voidest
*Snowbyrd / evening star / Disodado
*The Sons Of Hercules / a different kind of ugly / A Different Kind Of Ugly
*Russian Circles / malko / Geneva
*Ministry / Every Day Halloween / 12"
*CoCoComa / the right side / Things Are Not All Right
*The Big Pink / dominos / A Brief History Of Love
*Soulsavers / death bells / Broken
*The Ettes / red in tooth and claw / Do You Want power
*Eddy Current Suppression Ring / it's all sqaure / Eddy Current Suppression Ring
*Monotonix / as noise / Where Were You When It Happened?
*Turbo Fruits / want some mo' / Echo Kids
*The Fumes / cuddle up the devil / Sundancer
*Mission Of Burma / one day we will live there / The Sound The Speed The Light
*Krum Bums / coliseum / Different Day, Same Old Story
*The Impulse International / jennifer / Point Of Action
*Vitamin Party / pencils down / Back On Task
*The Black Heart Procession / suicide / Six
*Vincent Price's Monster Mash song

KSCU Loud Rock TOP 10

1 BLACK COBRA Chronomega Southern Lord

2 NO FRIENDS No Friends No Idea

3 BARONESS Blue Record Relapse

4 DOOMRIDERS Darkness Come Alive Deathwish

5 HATEBREED Hatebreed E1

6 MEGADETH Endgame Roadrunner

7 A STORM OF LIGHT Forgive Us Our Trespasses Neurot

8 SKELETONWITCH Breathing The Fire Prosthetic

9 SUBARACHNOID SPACE Eight Bells Crucial Blast

10 WHITE MICE Ganjahovahdose 20 Buck Spin




*Red Fang / prehistoric dog / Red Fang
*Saviours / cavern of mind / Into Abaddon
*Black Math Horseman / tyrant / Black Math Horesman
*Ancestors / the ambrose law / Ancestors
*Alan Forbes & Justin McNeal of SECRET SERPENTS
*Witch / sweet sue / Paralyzed
*Saviours / circle of servants bodies / Warships
*Witch / seers / Witch
*Dave of Witch

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