Wednesday, August 19, 2009


You know, I am no good at putting things together. I can build shit but when it comes to electronics and shit, I SUCK! I just connected my stereo system (cassette, turntable, receiver) to my computer. Works fuckin great, right? WRONG! Now I can't hear anything on my iTunes. One thing works fine while the other doesn't. Story of my life.

Anyway, I'm chillin' this weekend except for Friday night. What's going on Friday night you ask? Well, SLICK RICK BASH #53 of course. He's back from the desert and his second presents is happening at Thee Parkside this Friday, Agust 21st. ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT (Bay Area), BEOWULF (Venice, CA), DEFACE (SF), KILLING CALIFORNIA (San Clemente), and SUPER BUICK (Philly) will be performing. Normally a Slick Rick Bash consists of Punk bands but this one is going to be a little LOUDER and PAINFUL (meaning my hangover will be in over-drive). Come on out to Thee Parkside for some fun and take home a scar and say you were there. Oh yeah, its an ALL AGES show so kids, steal your mommies purse and tell dad you are using the car (without his permission of course).

Oh yeah, my radio show here in San Francisco, TERRIBLE TUESDAYS w/Naked Rob got bumped up 2-4PM (PST) and online at AND of course THE THRASH ATTACK is still every Thursday 4-7PM (PST) at KSCU 103.3FM or online Check it!

Please continue to update your address book and add my new address for all letters, music packages and exotic flowers you will be sending. Also, start adding my ass to all you shit social network sites:

Have a nice weekend, be cool and stay straight. Ciao ciao!!

(R) request (L) local
*(intro) Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*The Accused / by the hook / The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead
*Municipal Waste / wrong answer / Massive Agressive
*Merauder / gangsta / God Is I
*Burnt By The Sun / f-unit / Heart Of Darkness
*Landmine Marathon / certain death / Rusted Eyes Awake
*August Burns Red / rationalist / Constellations
*Elder / white walls / Elder
*Ocean Chief / den forste / Den Forste
*Black Pyramid / visions of gehenna / Black Pyramid
*Power Pellut / black molly / Power Pellut
*Black Skies / smoke and mirrors / Hexagon
*Tournament / walking negative man / Years Old
*Iron Age / sleeping eye of the watcher / The Sleeping Eye
*Howl / kings that steal / Howl
*Coalesce / new voids in one's resolve / OX
*Havoc / identity theft / Burn
*Church Of Misery / master heartache / House Of The Unholy
*Obituary / see me now / Darkest Day

*Ancestors / bounty of age pt II / Of Sound Mind
*Reign Supreme / apostle / Testing The Limits Of Infinity
*Black Math Horseman / torment of the metals / Wyllt
*Darkest Hour / blessed infection / The Eternal Return
*All Leather / ???? / All Leather
*Vagina Panther / eye of inez / Vagina Panther
*Gay Beast / beach / Second Wave
*Pre / not necessary / Hope Freaks
*UUVVWWZ / hum jam / UUVVWWZ
*Hitch / we were all wrong / Clair. Obscur
*The Sick Needs / no place to call home / The Sick Needs
*High-Watt Crucifixers / easy action / High-Fix Crucifixers
*Frustrations / glowing red pill / Glowing Red Pill
*The Ax / sharp teeth / Our Queen Of Dirt*
*Virgin Whores / love and hate / Public Nuisance
*Plastiscines / barcelona / About Love*
*Vitamin Party / animal farm / Revenge*

*Dear Landlord / lake ontario / Dream Homes

KSCU Loud Rock for CMJ ending Sunday, August 16th

1 COALESCE Ox Relapse
2 CHURCH OF MISERY Houses Of The Unholy Rise Above
3 HAVOK Burn Candlelight
4 OBITUARY Darkest Day Candlelight
5 REIGN SUPREME Testing The Limits Of Infinite Deathwish
6 DARKEST HOUR The Eternal Return Victory
7 SWORN ENEMY Total World Domination Century Media
8 ANCESTORS Of Sound Mind Tee Pee
10 DEVILDRIVER Pray For Villains Roadrunner


*Today Is The Day / the man who loves to hurt himself / Temple Of The Morning Star
*Danny from KILLING CALIFORNIA (San Clemente)
*Abrupt / mass sterilization / Abrupt
*Full Blown Aids / c-section-8 / Beso Me Mucho
*Cretaceous / torn to pieces / Cretaceous
*Prizehog / ram song / Prizehog
*Thrips / no white magick / Season Of The Thrips
*The Young / get out of my face / 7" (Super Secret Records)
*Death From Above / better off dead (La Peste) / Romance Bloody Romance /
*Ashers / destitution / Cold Dark Place
*Left Alone / it's too late / 7"
*Gluecifer / here come the pigs / Automatic Thrill
*Hellacopters / gotta get some action now / Supershitty To The Max
*Mondo Generator / basket case / Dead Planet
*Public Enemy / kill em live / Bulworth
*Johnny Z / shake shake / 12" Remix
*The Stooges / t.v. eye / Fun House

Rob Gongora
San Francisco, CA


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