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A hoy hoy! Sorry about no update last week. Work was tough and had some personal shit to take care of. I do want too say though CONGRATS to Razorcake's 50th issue! I remember going to the book store and seeing issue #1 and I was thinking that it reminded me of Flifpside a little bit. Lo and behold it was the ex-editor of Flipside, Todd Taylor. Him and his partner in crime Sean Carswell started Razorcake and now, they have a staff and Razorcake is a bi-monthly publication. CONGRATS RAZORCAKE for a great magazine and making every issue a gem. Hope too see you up here in San Francisco/Bay Area for another book tour (they also have a publishing company). I say when you're at a bookstore or wherever you grab you Barely Legal porn rag, look through Razorcake first and i guratee you'll love it and buy it (or steal it like you do anyway with BL. HA!). I can't wait for #100 in about 5 years (my math may be off a bit).

This Saturday, June 13th @Bender's in the Mission District of San Francisco, come check out what the very busy Alan Forbes has been up to. There will be some never before seen rarities available at the show. BLACK COBRA will be playing their final show before hitting the studio to record their first album for Southern Lord. This show also marks the return of the mighty ACID KING. This will be their first show in San Francisco in a few years. Come check them out before they leave for Europe! This show will be packed with the best art, the best music, and a lot more surprises… Bender's Bar, 806 S. Van ness, 21&Over.
Forbes2.jpg picture by teflonrobg
PLAYLIST - MAY 28, 2009
(R) request (L) local

*(intro) Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*Blood Tsunami / castle of skulls / Grand Feast For Vultures
*Gallows / london is the reason / Grey Britain
*Dirtfedd / trained to kill / The American Nightmare
*Nebula / the dagger / Heavy Psych
*Mastodon / divinations / Crack The Skye
*Wretched / a preservation of immortality / The Exodus Of Autonomy
*Isis / stone to wake a serpent / Wavering Radiant
*Brutal Truth / evolution through revolution / Evolution Through Revolution
*Hatebreed / its the limit (Cro-Mags) / For The Lions
*Narrows / changing clothes / New Distances
*Dark Castle / awake in sleep / Spirited Migration
*Kylesa / running red / Static Tentions

*Inevitable End / dreamsight synopsis / The Severed Inception
*Pulling Teeth / paranoid illusions / Paradise Illusions Paranoid Delusions
*Gay Witch Abortion / church buffet / Maverick
*Agoraphobic Nosebleed / hung from the rising sun / Agorapocalypse
*The Blinding Light / white flag / June Bug
*Hammerlord / lordess / Hammerlord
*Mumakil / without grief / Behold The Failure
*Cross Stitched Eyes / age of consumption / Coranach
*Middle Class Rut / 25 years / 25 Years
(L)(R)*Curbside / get up / Velvet Touch
*North Lincoln / spy / Midwestern Blood

(L)*Sugar Knives / who's to blame / Sugar Knives
*Magic Wands / black magic / Magic Love & Dreams EP
*Maps of Norway / webs / Die Off Songbird
*The Legends / seconds away / Over and Over
*The Peaches / i feel cream / I feel Cream
*Sonic Youth / sacred trickster / The Eternal
*Mika Miko / i got a lot / We be Xuxa

*Kitten Forever / destructive insides / Born Ready
*Screaming Females / starving dog / Power Move
*The Pillowfights / buzz buzz / Round 1
*Starvin' Hungry / pink/black / Cold Burns
(L)*Phantom Limbs / 122 hours of fear / Accept The Juice
*The Warlocks / there is a formula to your despair / The Mirror Explodes
*New York Dolls / temptation to exist / Cause I Sez So
*No No Zero / she jerks / Rough Stuff
*The Swords Of Fatima / descent across the mountains / Two Days, Two Swords...Walk Alone At Midnight
*Bionic / sister nightmare / Black Blood
*The Weight / man alone / Are Men
*Spindrift / organ fugue in dm op. 42 / The Legend of God's Gun

KSCU TOP 10 Loud Rocks ending Sunday, June 7th

1 ISIS Wavering Radiant Ipecac
2 DARK CASTLE Spirited Migration At A Loss
3 NARROWS New Distances Deathwish
4 KYLESA Static Tensions Prosthetic
5 HATEBREED For The Lions E1
6 HAMMERLORD Hammerlord Init
7 AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED Agorapocalypse Relapse
8 GAY WITCH ABORTION Maverick Learning Curve
9 MASTODON Crack The Skye Reprise
10 WRETCHED The Exodus Of Autonomy Victory



*Wire / reuters / Pink Flag
*P.I.L. / annalisa / Public Image
*Euroboys / party animal / 1999 Man
*Test Icicles / boa vs. python / For Screening Purposes Only
*Zodiac Killers / UFO invasion / Radiation Beach
*The Briefs / ouch. ouch. ouch. / The Briefs
*Black Elk / pig crazy / Always A Six, Never A Nine
*Iron Monkey / kiss of death / split CD w/Church of Misery (Man's Ruin Rec's)
*Hickoids / queen of the bar-b-q / Waltz-A-Cross-Dress-Texas
*Butthole Surfers / i hate my job / Humpty Dumpty LSD
*Grinderman / no pussy blues / Grinderman
*Rye Coalition / pussyfootin' / Curses
*Throw Rag / the promise / 13ft. and Rising
*Consolidated / btutal equation / Friendly Fascism
*Wu-Tang Clang / 4th Chamber / Wu-Chronicles
*Shy-D / work it out / 12" single
*The Bronx / knifeman / The Bronx III
*The Hookers / rocknroll motherfucker / split w/Electric Frankenstein
*Electric Frankenstein / listen up / split w/The Hookers
*Boxcar Satan / talk dirty / varoius - A Town South of Austin Vol. 2 (SausTex Rec's)
*Snobyrd / valancha! / various - The Spring Thang 2009 (SausTex Rec's)
*Cock Sparrer / runnin riot / Rumours Carry More Weight Than Fact
*The Jesus Lizard / chrome / Bang
*Melvins / joan of arc / Houdini Live 2005
*Red Eye Legends / monsters / Wake Up, Legend
*Smogtown / domesticviolenceland / Domesticviolenceland
Rob Gongora
KSCU 103.3FM / Santa Clara & San Jose
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