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Well, another new year is upon and it looks good....for me though! Yes, this year I'm turning the BIG 40! WOW! 40 fuckin years and I though I wasn't going to make it past 30 but, I'm here and having a great time. This year I'm going on a bunch of trips. I'm headin back to my hometown of San Antonio and then SXSW. The month of April I'll be in Italy for practically the whole month. May is my B-Day and I'm throwing a party. The summer I'll be heading around the US for some music festivals. Back again to Bumbershoot in Seattle, CMJ NYC and so on. So, 2009 is looking fine and I feel fine and it's time to ROCK!
This Friday I'll be heading to my friends Poster show. I thinks its the first show back in San Francisco since they moved to the East Bay earlier last year. Anyway, here are the details and this should be a good one.

Signs of Change

Chuck Sperry and Ron Donovan
of the Firehouse Kustom Rockart Company

Will be presenting very limited art editions
on canvas, steel, wood and paper

Originals in mixed media
& installation pieces

Debut showing of entire
Firehouse Goldenvoice series #1 through #25
(Rock Art posters produced by The Firehouse
for The Warfield Theatre and Regency Grand Ballroom
from September through December 2008)

Opening Party:
Friday, January 16th 2009
7pm - 10pm

Varnish Fine Art
77 Natoma Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
Varnish Fine Art

So come on by, bring the kids, wife, hubby, yer checkbook and your drink on and enjoy the art and some laughs will Chuck & Ron. See you there...

This Sunday I'll be getting my drink and Punk on at Thee Parkside for Le Hatepinks! These kids from France took me on a fuckin stereo ride when i first heard them a couple of years ago. They play the dirty Punk Rock that I like and they can play along the side of anybody that is put up right next to them in this punk world. I'm glad too see them finally in the states, I'm glad that TKO Records stepped up to put out their shit here in the states and its all going to be worth it this Sunday the 18th. Supporting acts are NERVOUS TICS and THE LUXURY SWEETS. All this at Thee Parkside and for you minors, the show starts at 8 o'clock so you don't get in trouble with grandma, mommy or daddy. See ya...

I'm still doing radio at PIRATE CAT RADIO here in the Mission District of San Francisco. This year, i'm going to try to get more interviews and bands to play live in the cafe. Oh yeah, the station is also a cafe. While you're sipping on your Italian soda, coffee, hot tea, enjoying FREE internet or whatever, you can see me, the interviewers, the interviewees, the bands and the other DJ's doing what we do best... and that's spinning records and talking shit. Woooooo!!!! My show is still every Tuesday 4to6PM (PST). We broadcast at 87.9FM in San Francisco, Los Angeles and 104.8 in Berlin, Germany. We also stream online at WWW.PIRATECATRADIO.COM. You can even listen to six weeks worth of podcasts at Let me know if you have bands coming through and I'll see about putting them on.

And of course, THE THRASH ATTACK is still every Thursday 4to7PM (PST) at KSCU 103.3FM in the South Bay or streaming online at WWW.KSCU.ORG. I still spin the BEST in: METAL, HARDCORE, THRASH, GRIND, DEATH, STONER, DOOM, SLUDGE, PUNK, ROCKNROLL, GARAGE, NOISE ROCK, POST-WHATEVER, COUNTRY, INDUSTRIAL, ELECTRONIC and whatever else i want. As of now, I don't have any podcasts but, I'm learning to record my show on Mac and hopefully I'll have some soon.

Thanks everybody that made 2008 a blast. Keep sending me new music and keep spreading the word about KSCU, PCR and me, naked rob to your friends, family, promoters, bookers and the rest of the world. Take care, have a good weekend HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! CHEERS!

*request / L-local
*(intro) Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*16 / throw in the towel / Bridges To Burn
*Kreator / amok run / Hordes Of Chaos
*Maegashira / caribou crossing / The Stark Arctic
*Bible of the Devil / womanize / Freedom Metal
*Vitamin X / slam dunk / Full Scale Assault
*Git Some / fabric eyes / Git Some
*Akimbo / jersey shores / Jersey Shores
*The Showdown / the fires of deliverance / Backbreaker
*Total Abuse / electrical tape / Total Abuse
(L)*Pegataur / human appetite / Eternal Flight
(L)*Pegataur / sorry for us / Eternal Flight
*mandatory Melvins / the bit / stag
*Geisha / sportsfister pt. 2 / Die Verbrechen der Liebe
*Six Feet Under / seed of filth / Death Rituals
*Avskum / befria dom rika / UpPror Underifran
*World Burns To Death / the same old lies / Graveyard Of Utopia
*Architect / casus belli / Ghost of the Saltwater Machines
*Megazilla / shanghaied / Please, Please, Sorry, Thank You
*Black Elk / she pulled machete / Always A Six, Never A Nine

*Voetsek / blueprint for the perfect circle pit / Infernal Command
*Young Widows / feelers / Old Wounds
(L)*Exodus / piranha / Let There Be Blood
*Brother Von Doom / blood of the betrayer / Relentless
*Virgins / another's gun / Miscarriage
*Monikers / 80 proof / Wake Up
*Who Rides The Tiger / hollywood hates you / Transylvania Baby
*The Insurgence / wasted future / Never Surrender
*Moon & Moon / into the dust / VII Acts Of An Iron King
*Sujo / olekranon / Blood Saints
*Red Eyed Legends / bloody birds / Wake Up, Legend
*Church Of The Red Museum / after all / Church Of The Red Museum
*Eagles of Death Metal / how can a man with so many friends feel so all alone / Heart On
*The Lords Of Altamont / no love lost / The Altamont Sin
*Church Of The Red Museum / durham R.I.P. / Church Of The Red Museum
*The Mansfields / tattoos & memories / Cramp Your Style
*Dillinger Four / minimum is a gateway drug / Civil War
*Private Dancer / ain't leavin' no more / Trouble Eyes

KSCU TOP 10 LOUD ROCKS ending Sunday, Januray 11th

1 PEGATAUR Eternal Flight Self-Released
2 VITAMIN X Full Scale Assault
3 GIT SOME Git Some
4 BIBLE OF THE DEVIL Freedom Metal
5 TOTAL ABUSE Total Abuse Deranged
6 BLACK ELK Always A Six, Never A Nine
7 MEGAZILLA Please, Please, Sorry, Thank You!
8 ARCHITECT Ghost Of The Salt Machines BMA
9 AVSKUM Uppror Underefrayn Prank
10 SIX FEET UNDER Death Rituals Metal Blade


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