Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Well, we made it through another year of radio. Thanks everybody for making 2008 pretty cool and I can't wait too see what's in store for 2009. A friend of mine that works for The Fillmore is letting me pass out a couple ticets to the BUTTHOLE SURFERS show December 30th and New Years Eve. If you live in the San Francsico Bay Area, be sure to tune in or listen online tomorrow (KSCU) and next Tuesday (PIRATE CAT RADIO) to win a pair of tix. WOW! I would've never thought I'll be seeing the 'Surfers on New Years Eve. I'm going to have a hangover all fuckin day on the 1st. Also, check out my BEST OF 2008 show tomorrow on the THRASH ATTACK! Sorry If I missed any band. Oh yeah, no THRASH ATTACK after tomorrow until next year, Januray the 8th. I'll still be at PCR though. Anyway, have a nice Holiday with your friends & family, HAPPY NEW YEARS and try to make it back next year. Be cool, be safe and CHEERS!


(no particular order)


*Disfear / Live the Storm

*Saviours / Into Abaddon

*Arson Anthem / Arson Anthem

*Iron Lung / Sexless/No sex

*Born/Dead / The Final Collapse

*Fight Amp / Hungry For Nothing

*Paint It Black / New Lexicon

*Deadsea / Deadsea

*The Sword / Gods Of the Earth

*Blacklisted / Heavier than Heaven, Lonelier Than God

*Zero Down / Good Times At the Gates of Hell

*Torche / Meanderthal

*The Secret / Disintoxication

*Javelina / Javelina

*Sirhan Sirhan / Blood

*Racebannon / Acid or blood

*Romans / All those Wrists

*Sweet Cobra / Forever

*Made Out Of babies / The Ruiner

*Toxic Holocaust / An Overdose of Death

*Metallica / Death Magnetic

*Bison B.C. / Quiet Earth

*Fucked Up / The Chemistry of Common Life

*Young Widows / Old Wounds

*Akimbo / Jersey Shores

*Vitamin X / Full Scale Assault

*Trap them / Seizures In barren Praise

*Black Elk / Always A Six, Never A Nine

*Total Abuse / Total Abuse

*Architect / Ghosts of the Saltwater Machines

*Megazilla / Please, Please, Sorry, Thank You


(no particular order)


*Coconut Coolouts / Party Time machine

*The Blind Shake / Carmel

*Pending Disappointment / New York Penn, NY

*The Grannies / Incontinence

*The Okmoniks / Party Fever!!

*Brutal Knights / Living By Yourself 12”

*The Heavy Hearts / A Killer Of Snakes

*The Forgotten / The Forgotten

*Federale / Federale

*Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!

*Black Earth / That’s Right, We’re Goin’ Ballz Deep

*Wet Secret / Rock Fantasy

*CPC Gangbangs / Mutilation Nation

*Jeff Wagner’s Tunnel Of Love / An Eternity Of Blood

*Kung Fu Killers / Fists Of Fury

*Breasts / Breasts

*Off With Their Heads / From The Bottom

*Lightning Beat Man & His No Talents / Wrestling Rock ‘n’ Roll

*Baby Guts / The Kissing Disease

*Hank Williams III / Damn Right, Rebel Proud

*Lords Of Altamont / The Altamont Sin

*Church Of the Red Museum / Church Of the Red Museum

*Red Eyed Legends / Wake Up, Legend

*Killer Dreamer / Killer Dreamer 12"

Rob Gongora
KSCU 103.3FM / Santa Clara & San Jose
Pirate Cat Radio / San Francisco, L.A. & Berlin, Germany