Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Well, Turkey Day has passed us and no more turkey sanwhich's for a while. Hope you all had a good one. I slept for about 15 hours and then got up to grab a burrito in the Mission. Mmmm...Thanksgiving burritooo. Anyway, I will NOT be doing THE THRASH ATTACK on Christmas & New Year's Day. I will be doing my other show on Pirate Cat Radio that Tuesday, December 23rd & 30th though.

Next Tuesday, I'm going to have the one and only, CURSE MACKEY on my radio show. Curse is a producer, performer, DJ, soundtrack composer, art curator, world traveler and general instigator of cultural debauchery. I've known Curse since the San Antonio days when he was in the tribal-industrial group EVIL MOTHERS. He's also been involved with Thrill Kill Kult and now (as of late), lead vocalist of industrial supergroup PIGFACE. He currently did the music for the online roll-playing game, TABULA RASA and also he curated the art exhibit
Six-String Masterpieces: the Dimebag Darrell Art Tribute and took it around the world. The real question here is, what hasn't Curse Mackey done?!?! Well, you'll find out next tuesday at 4PM (PST) on Pirate Cat Radio 87.9FM in San Francisco, L.A. and 104.8 in Berlin, Germany. Oh yeah, you can listen to the interview online as well at WWW.PIRATECATRADIO.COM. Don't miss out on this interview with one of the "Need To Know" people of the music and art world of today.

I'm gonna chill out this weekend and start sending out my yearly Christmas cards to friends of family but, in between all that I'm gonna squeeze in a show. My friend Slick Rick is having his #50 SLICK RICK SLICK BIRTHDAY BASH this Friday, December 5th at Thee Parkside here in San Francisco. This bash has an amzaing line-up: Sean Wheeler of Throw Rag & Zander Schloss of the Circle Jerks,GET DEAD, Sore Thumbs, Johnny Dilks, Druglords of the Aves., The Rhinestone Shelby Cobra! The show is ALL AGES and starts early at 8 o'clock. Slick's shows usually means lots of beer, shots and a two-day hangover. I'm glad it's on a Friday. HA!

Remember, check out my new radio show every Tuesday 4to6PM (PST) at Pirate Cat Radio 87.9FM San Francisco/Los Angeles and 104.8FM in Berlin, Germany. You can check it out online at WWW.PIRATECATRADIO.COM. Oh yeah, the last of my six shows are podcast'd as well. The station is also attached to the PCR Café. If you're in San Francisco, come on down to 21st Street @Florida for a coffee, ice tea, Italian soda, free internet or just hangout. Also, I'm taking band submissions right now to play live in the café/studio. No amps or full drums whatsoever! Let's say like a living room feel to it (minus the bongs, coke mirrors, porn and booze). C'mon, it's a neighborhood café. Anyway, get a hold of me for submissions.

Don't forget to check out THE THRASH ATTACK every Thursday 4to7PM (PST) at WWW.KSCU.ORG or 103.3FM in the South Bay. Spread the word and tell all your friends in bands, labels, promoters, bookers or anybody else that deals with bands. Thanks for all the music some of you send, listen and support college radio. Have a nice weekend and be cool. Cheers!


*request / L-local
*(intro) Melvins / honey bucket / Houdini Live 2005
*Six Feet Under / murder addiction / Death Rituals
*American Speedway / one foot in, one foot out / Ship Of Fools
*Geisha / stop talking, let's fuck / Die Verbrechen der Liebe
*Killing Kalifornia / bones and sand / Bones and Sand
*Black Elk / stab / Always A Six, Never A Nine
*Git Some / fall from grace / Git Some
*Trap Them / day twenty eight: targets / Seizures In Barren Praise
*Vitamin X / time has come / Full Scale Assault
*Voetsek / bully with a badge / Infernal Command
(L)*Pegataur / vision of the falcon priest / Eternal Flight
*Burst / cripple god / Lazarus Bird
*Young Widows / 21st century invention / Old Wounds
*Fucked Up / no epiphany / The Chemistry of Common Life
*Night Horses / worried life blues / The Dark Won't Hide You
*mandatory MELVINS / the bloated pope / Pigs of the Roman Empire
*Misery Index / ghosts of catalonia / Traitors
(L)*Exodus / and then there were none / Let There Be Blood
*Brother Von Doom / echoes of the undead / Relentless
*The Showdown / the hammer of the gods / Backbreaker
*Trenches / calling / The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole
*Amon Amarth / live for the kill / Twilight Of The Thunder God
*Don The Reader / i swallowed new Orleans / Humanesque
*Akimbo / lester still well / Jersey Shores
*ohGr / witness / Devils In My Details
*Past Lives / beyond gone / Strange Symmetry
*Red Eyed Legends / monsters / Wake Up Legend
*Church Of The Red Museum / shotgun blast / Church Of The Red Museum
*Boo and Boo Too / i know nothing's all right / No Tempo
*The Mansfields / shake some action / Cramp Your Style
(L)*The Forgotten / american dreams / The Forgotten
*Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan / who built the road / Sunday At Devil Dirt
*Left Lane Cruiser / wash it / Bring Yo' Ass To The Table
*Marnie Stern / transformer / This Is It. . .
*Grady / ride like hell / Y.U. So Shady
*Hank III / H8 line / Damn Right Rebel Proud
*Subhumans / no productivity / Death Was To Kind
(L)*Jonny Manak and the Depressives / 1.21 jiggawatts / 1.21 Jiggawatts
*The Short Cuts / a banner thursday / The Short Cuts

KSCU TOP 10 Loud Rock

1 FUCKED UP The Chemistry Of Common Life Matador
2 YOUNG WIDOWS Old Wounds Temporary Residence
3 BURST Lazarus Bird Relapse
4 EXODUS Let There Be Blood Zaentz
5 SHOWDOWN Back Breaker Solid State
6 TRENCHES The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole Solid State
7 AKIMBO Jersey Shores Neurot
8 WARSHIP Supply And Depend Vagrant
9 AMON AMARTH Twilight Of The Thunder God Metal Blade
10 MISERY INDEX Traitors Relapse

*Evil Mothers / spider sex and car wrecks / Spider Sex and Car Wrecks
*Ministry / so what / A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste
*Killer Dreamer / gang wars / Killer Dreamer LP
*Killer Dreamer / headache / Killer Dreamer LP
*Killing California / blue heron bridge / Bones & Sand
*Brutal Knights / extreme lifestyle '08 remix / Living By Yourself
*Yuppie Pricks / donkey show / Balls
(L)*Jesus Fucking Christ / cold day in hell / Jesus Fucking Christ
(L)*Cretaceous / torn to pieces / Cretaceous
(L)*Kowloon Walled City / turk, taylor and jones / Turk Street
*Post Disposer / dis-gusting bird holocaust / Waiting To Inhale
*New Order / age of consent / Power, Corruption & Lies

Rob Gongora
KSCU 103.3FM / Santa Clara & San Jose
Pirate Cat Radio / San Francisco, L.A. & Berlin, Germany