Monday, December 1, 2008

Todd of Razorcake Fanzine on Pirate Cat Radio 12-2-2008

You read the subject correctly. Todd fuckin' Taylor of Razorcake Magazine will be calling in the radio show tomorrow at 4:15PM (PST). Todd is the founder (maybe co-founder) of thee BEST fanzine out there right now. They are also the first and only official non-profit DIY punk rock fanzine in America primarily dedicated to supporting independent music culture. Todd was also editor of FLIPSIDE back in the day. Razorcake is also a record label and has a book publishing company Gorsky Press. All of this by a gang of dedicated, passionate and love for the music hooligans. For more info on RAZORCAKE, check out the website at
Check out the interview tomorrow at 4:15PM (PST) on
Pirate Cat Radio 87.9FM / San Francisco, Los Angeles and 104.8 Berlin, Germany.
Oh yeah, you can hear it on the World Wide Web at
Thanks for your support and check out the interview for tips on writing, marriage and maybe how to start up a fanzine. CHEERS!