Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The Thrash Attack is back on Thursdays 4TO7PM (PST) at KSCU 103.3FM and online WWW.KSCU.ORG
Also, my show at Pirate Cat Radio here in San Francisco is back as well on Tuesdays 4TO6PM (PST) at 87.9FM in SF & L.A. or online at WWW.PIRATECATRADIO.COM
Ok, have a nice weekend and pass the word that I'm alive and well.

PLAYLIST - September 9, 2008

*Raw Power / don't let me see it / Screams From the Gutter LP
*Electric Frankenstein / teenage shutdown / I Was A Teenage Shutdown! LP
*Poison Idea / legalize freedom / Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes EP LP
*The Bronx / history's stranglers / Bronx II
*Virgin Mega Whore / night at the movies / VMW LP
*Death From Above / better off dead (La Peste) / Romance Bloody Romance
*Sunny Day Real Estate / the ocean / The Rising Tide
*Bowery Electric / Freedom Fighter / 12" Remix
*Revolting Cocks / attack ships on fire / You God Damn Son Of A Bitch LP
*Frontline Assembly / Provision / 12" Remix WaxTrax
*Revolting Cocks / no devotion / You God Damn Son Of A Bitch LP
*Doubting Thomas / father don't cry / Father Don't Cry 12" Wax Trax LP
*Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force / planet rock
*N.W.A. / dopeman / Remix
*Nashville Pussy / go motherfucker go / Let Them Eat Pussy LP
*DRI / karma & nursing home blues/ Dealing With It LP
*Exciter / cry of the banshee / Heavy Metal Maniac LP
*Saviours / narcotic sea / Into Abaddon
*The Quadrajets / punkinheaded motherfucker / Pay The Deuce LP
*The Real Losers / high school rock 'n' roll / Time To Lose LP
*The Rip Offs / shadow / Got A Record LP
*P/ the deal / P LP